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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bites: Kanta Japanese @ Langford

Just got off the phone too long ago and it's been a really busy day! Starting from a 9-5 class before setting off to dinner at Kanta.  It is almost two weeks that I've been craving for  delicious Japanese food and yea man!!! I've had it now! Really really nice place (I can say this a million times).  I was really tired though, so I did not have much appetite as I usually do.  Nonetheless I still had avocado rolls as well as grilled tentacles and several other appetizers before settling for a tasty main.



Kanta only has one chef but the menu lies three folds long.


The first (not to mention free) appetizer which is a standard for all customers. Its a savoury glass noodles mixture with pickles and carrots! I'd supposed it is Japanese.



Next was the dish I recommended everyone who came to Kanta for the first time! The grilled squid tentacles .  It comes with a pool of mayonnaise! WAHAHHAHAA damn nice when you dip the squid into the mayo!  This squid tentacles are really the best because the chef grills it to perfection almost every time I go there



Next is not something I would have every time I go to Kanta but today I had it.  Raw beef was totally kick ass when it melts in your mouth :)



Next up is the skewered chicken giblet!  With a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of chili powder!! OMG!!! It really tasted fantastic!  Trust me in this because I NEVER eat other chicken giblets besides this one!




And then there was my "healthy"  Taiwanese carbonated Yogurt drink ahah


The chinese writing at the bottom right says it is ZERO FAT :)


FINALLY my Kamo Steak arrived after like hmmm 1 hour 30 minutes?? Oh well it was worth the wait.  This is not beef by the way! Its duck steak.



Last but not the least... my fatty sister had to have her ice cream =.=



After that we left to my sister's new place not too far away.  There I helped her fix several of her furnitures with the help of Yi Heng a.k.a fish as well as Eric.. and tadaaaa I'm home. Aaaaaaa an insanely week is about to continue!! I'll be shifting out soon!! So bye bye Unit 1,16-18 Monash Avenue Nedlands!






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