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Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey Yo, Let's Go: celebración para España y misma and work!

A celebration for Spain and I:


Exams are finally over!! Well, actually it was over 3 days ago but I was sooo sooo busy working my ass off. Finally got to come online and spend some quality blogging time even though all I want to do now is snooze! Though I can't for some bizarre reason. But I'm sure I will :P After exams on Tuesday, we headed over to North Bridge to hang out! Must chill right? Exams are over muahahaha!



Just a random picture after Jia Hui parked outside the RGIS house



We had our meal at a place called Tak Chee house. It serves Malaysian gourmet ranging from Penang Fried Kuey Teow to Bak Kut Teh and even the famous Penang Asam Laksa.  I had my bet on the Roasted Hainanese Chicken rice which was awesome except for the part that the chicken is not hot like the super yummy one in S.E.A Park back home! Later in the night, we went to the movies where I watched Indian Jones while the rest of the peeps watched Don't Mess with Zohan. Didn't join them since I've already watched it the week before :P



Looks gooooood ey' ?? Told ya so :P Like William said to me as well, this is one of the very few places that actually serves the proper kind of chicken flavored rice for the meal!! The soup that came with it made it very M'sia too if u'd asked me.


My working schedule has been pretty packed.  On Wednesday I did IGA Crawley and came back at 4 a.m after having supper.  On Thursday I worked at Donnybrook, a shire down South beyond  Capel on the Perth Coastal Grid (a.k.a PCG 94) aahaha. The Donnybrook job finished about 12 am, but the 3 hours drive back to Perth only allowed me to sleep after 3.30! N guess what? I had another job that requires me to be at Fremantle @ 7.30 a.m. so hell yea! I only had two hours of sleep before setting on my journey to Fremantle to catch a ferry to Rottness Island!! And finally I'm home :D





A couple of weeks ago, I discovered  a certain beauty in the University of Western Australia.  I realised how reflective the pond in front of Winthrop Hall actually is!  From the picture above, you can already see how miraculous the Reflection Pond is.  But that did not satisfy me from getting closer and taking another shot.  It was simply satisfying, breathtaking and what not only after downloading the picture to my computer ahah. If you look at it with your bare eyes maybe a lil boring!  But honestly, the reflection is superbly clear. I zoomed in and still details of the walls were all over.




What amazed me even more is that, this is no modern creation of any sort. It's a building that is almost 100 years old perhaps yet it's beauty so preserved and so untouched in many ways.  It's still the same old hall that stood decades ago. And is still doing it proudly!


Finally for this post is about Espanyol kicking Russia's noobish arse!  Yea, woke up this morning to know Russia lost 3 - 0 to Spain was such a satisfaction.  Never liked Russia anyways :P Now go on Spain, cheering for you to teach Germany a lesson!!




Cheering for Spain all the way!!! Now I need to get some rest and dinner later!!!




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