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Friday, November 6, 2009

Finished and Gone: 1 month of being M.I.A

After tonnes and loads of assignment I’m glad everything is finally finished!  My week was like hell!  Averaging 4 – 5 hours of sleep for the past two weeks. Ok not just me I guess, everyone has probably been as busy as I am.  I think this semester was the craziest shit.  Tonnes of rubbish from the modelling unit as well as the concrete project which was due on my law exam day.  Insane!!! 


During my one month of absence from blogging there was actually plenty of things to talk about.  I washed my jeans. lulz! 440+ days without washing I guess it was dying for a wash. And then there was these two shirts that I bought @ the start of the year but did not wear it till the weather became a bitch.




(Taken by Polly)

I attended both spring feasts @ Curtin and UWA. Loved the one @ Curtin whereas the one in UWA was OK but just too many satay stalls!  The Nasi Lemak @ Curtin was really delicious!! mmm!!!  There was this satay stall by Love & Care cafe which had me waiting for an hour. But when I think over it was nothing to shout about.



After that there was Polly’s birthday where I magnificently pulled off an act which caught her by surprise! Really sweet.  Had dinner for Pauline with the homies and my sister @ Fuji.  Then we chatted in my room till Wilson called then I lied to her that Wesley was here to discuss some assignment.  Who knows she really believed me ohoho! So she went back to her room while before I let her 20-30 plus friends burst into her room with a BANG!


Pauline all grown up already!  BIG BIG 21, Happy Birthday again little girl!


And before that I also celebrated a good friend’s birthday! And his name is Yobi! hehe.  We went to Hog’s Breath where he intro-ed me to many girls most of which had boyfriends.  And the one that was left did not know how to put make up supposedly :S Wtf yobi?


Yobi’s sweetheart Kai says: it's like :D and :|!

WenY says: I can’t agree more!



The steak which cost them all a lot of money! Oops?  Bad suggestion ahah. Paiseh!



Oooh not to forget Pauline’s birthday dinner @ Fuji!  The food there is “OK”.  But it seems like the quality of their udon has gone down quite a fair bit.  Or maybe I’m all of a sudden a Ramen boy.  But I’d doubt so.  Coz even my sister said the quality has dropped!


Fishman’s Mabo Don



Agedashi Tofu



My sister and I had Chiige Udon



Pauline’s Nabeyaki Udon!




And another picture

Sister and Polly Polly!


That seems to be all the photos I can get from friends and my camera! But I believe my month was definitely more than that! 



On a side note, looking back at how my 11 months went by, I feel that there is still something I need to do before I finish this year hmmm.  Wonder why is that? :S




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