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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bites: Nao Ramen @ Perth CBD.

Quality ramen is my once a month treat when I am back home in Perth. A distinctive broth filled with springy noodles and topped with melt in your mouth Chashu slices, this is simply carbohydrate heaven. Along side Perth favourite Dosukoi Ramen, Nao is a ramen shop to be reckoned with. Its reputation has long been instilled into the taste buds of Perth residents. Any single day Nao is open, expect to see a long queue at peak hours. But with their speedy service and the typically quick ramen eating culture, the wait is often fairly bearable (approx 30 minutes).

My choice for today was the delicious Spicy Miso Ramen with Extra Chasu ($14.50). Melt in your mouth Chashu? Checked. Perfectly cooked noodles? Checked. Superb broth? Not so check. Unfortunately a lardy soup is sometimes not up to scratch. In this instance, I felt that the ramen at Nao was a fair bit oilier than usual. Its flavours though, was still every bit tasty and the taste of the miso stood out despite the presence of the chilli.  I was a little bumped about the oily base but this was not enough to displace my trust in this little establishment.  Additionally prices here can be  a little steep compared to other ramen places but considering its easy to reach location, most will find it very well worth it.

Is Nao one of my favourite ramen places in town?  Definitely so.  But to blog about this is like stating the obvious.  Nao Ramen is no hidden secret by any means.  It is clearly a Perth favourite. 


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