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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bites: the Il Capo @ Lalla Rookh Bar & Eating House, Perth.

December babies are a cheat when it comes to their age.  And I’m one of them.  I turned 28 in 2016 but I know that for the rest of 2017, I will still be telling people that I am 28 :P!  My birthday venue was at Lalla Rookh and if you are looking for a place for drinks with great food, look no further. Famed for its good food in the CBD, I think it can now add “service” to its title as the waitress who served us that night did a stellar job.  

That we ordered the Il Capo or Chef’s Menu, which gives diners a chance to taste the dishes that makes Lalla Rookh the establishment it is today.

We had an array of dishes spanning 6 courses long.  First up were three credible starters:

The tartare was first up.  Super stylish, tasty and the textures on the plate was sensational. Crisps topped with tartare that was so finely balanced was amazing. They also had this cheesy sauce that the dish sat on that made the whole thing even better!

The quail was a table favourite! Shame the meat did not fall off the bone as easily as I had expected it to!  Other than that, it was perfect.

The burrata paired with a grilled stone fruit salad.  I cannot remember what it was now but to me this was a decadent appetiser!  A little rich for those who are not into cheeses but I liked it!  The creaminess of the burrata on point.  Pair it with the grilled fruit salsa for added flavour bomb.

After the appetisers, a dish of pasta ensued.  The pasta tossed in braised tender beef was super hearty but for those who prefer tomato based pasta, this felt a little too heavy!  But who have time to worry about that when the mains came almost immediately after.

Alright guys I love my pork.  So when this bad boy hit the table with some grilled leeks, I was salivating.  Unfortunately the looks did not match my expectations with the meat let down by the mediocre crackling which was more chewy than crunchy!!  This is normally the best part of a classic pork roast! Perhaps they should have crisped it up separately while resting the meat? The good part?  Pork was still super tender and the veges were caramelised sensationally!

To finish was a dessert that was pretty much any Nutella fan’s dream come true.  It was ice cream, berries, crushed nuts and generous amounts of Nutella! All I can is that I loved it.  Its rare that I enjoy something so sweet but this time I did.  The berries, the nuts, the Nutella and the ice cream all did its job in keeping us eating it despite being filled to the brim.  Lalla Rookh was really enjoyable that evening.  Paired with the service, impeccable.  Food wise, the Il Capo was good though I reckon due to several seafood allergies around the table, they did not bring out the staples like Lalla Rookh's popular grilled squid and crab pasta.  Definitely one of the things I wanted to try!  One thing for sure, is that I will be coming back to give those a try :P!

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