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Friday, October 5, 2007

No. 26: Spring Fest @ UWA

It has been a very tiring day for me considering I only had 2hours and 45 minutes of sleep yesterday thanks to the water sustainability project from IPE. Nonetheless, my attendance at the UWA Spring Fest was a great experience. It was my first time being involved in selling food. At first when Jia Hui asked me to start this thing with his housemates, I was rather hesitant but still joined them after some persuasion.

After weeks of preparation, we finally decided to sell grass jelly soy milk, fried wantons and HK curry fishballs and meatballs! We were rather pessimistic about our success considering how inexperienced we were. However, it was amazing to see how quickly our combination of almost 2000 balls were gone so very quickly... *poof*

We started about 6.30 p.m. and we were actually about 40 minutes late. I was actually shocked to see how many other stalls have already started selling their things whereas we were only carrying the things from the car -.-

Quickly, we fitted the gas stove and put the deep fryer into place. It was a matter of minutes that we had the balls boiling in curry and wantons frying. The event was very particular on hygiene. So I sported a hair cap with a red and white stripe apron =.=.


The apron and the hair cap lol! Looked like a clown

Business did not start until about 7 o'clock for us as it took quite long for the fish balls to absorb the curry sauce and be bloated.. Not to mention, the wantons took quite some time to cook as well. However, once business started picking up pace.... time was like passing so fast I tell you... there was so many people ordering in an unordered manner. Fortunately for me, I did not really forget to serve anyone!!


Toh setting the wantons


I solo-ing the frontline


Working my ass off


Ben the soy milk man!


Queue up PEOPLE!!! N wait!@#!

Once people started buying our balls, it never stopped. Both Asians and Australians alike provided very good business to our stall. Some even came back for second and third serves! It was really a great pleasure to see your food being enjoyed by others.


They had about 36 wantons!


She says two sticks but she actually already had 3 :)

At about 8.30p.m. we sold out last two sticks of HK fish ball to an ang moh girl. I would say she was very friendly, looked fairly pretty and definitely looked very delighted to eat our HK fish balls :)


Thanks for finishing it! You look good haha

After that... we were DONE no balls left!! YEAAAAAAAAA!!!! We were surprisingly the first stall to clear all our stocks. Although we had some soy milk left :P So we had the boss count the money and finalized the sum which is 600+ AUD. Not to bad if you ask me haha!


Glory glory ballz united!


The bosses counting the money!




Posing by the board that took Jhui, YiHeng and I, an hour to make


More posing


No. 26!! A very enjoyable moment! THX :)

Counting counting counting!!! Once finalised, we had a group picture :) And even though we were the first to sell out.... we only made 64 cents profit per person lOl. Nonetheless I enjoyed myself and it was great fun to communicate with so many people and see quite a lot of chicks! haha

Time to get a good sleep now :)


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WenY's here

First Blog :)

Its finally here, I started one amazingly. Never thought I would create a blog. But it seems pretty fun to start blogging. So many people has blogs.. zs has one, yobi has one, ea has one N now I have one too. hehe

Well more updates to come soon I'd guess.