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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bites: Il Ciao @ Applecross

My sister has been craving for shanks for over a fortnight now.  And to no avail she’s been deprived of it at every western meal we have.   The one at Christina’s and now at this other restaurant Il Ciao @ Applecross.  Nonetheless, it was she missed the shank as I managed to have a good tryout at a new restaurant.  My meal at Christina’s was quite a disaster with the grilled chicken and pasta being the worst combination ever.  But at Il Ciao, it was no where near as bad as the one at Christina’s. 
While the grilled chicken was not a tender boast, the flavoursome marinade on the grilled chicken skin was deliciously spiced with chilli flakes and with the additional acidity from the lemon, gawd!  But the highlight was the additional 3 dollars I paid for the Bolognaise.  Definitely the best bolognaise in Perth.  Or at least my sister, Xin Ling and I enjoyed it to bits!  So much that I tried replicating my childhood Bolognaise that  my maid used to make.  The guys thought the pasta came out quite OK.  I even topped it with a large piece of crumbled chicken! MAN!!! It was ok only though =.=!  Oh and the funny thing about the Bolognaise at Il Ciao is that you can only have it as an addition to the mains but not as a main by itself.  Saddening :( boooo!

Other than the grilled chicken, the three of us shared another steak dish which was funnily small =X!
The steak looks delicious doesn’t it?  It was just that I felt the sides were a bit disappointing.  Boiled potatoes and grilled vegetables were not the things to go with a juicy side of steak.  I would prefer something like the normal mash or perhaps something more kid-like such as chips ahah.

Funny thing about the three of us is how little we eat for the main but have similarly as much for dessert.  After sharing the two mains, we shared two cakes that were huge ass!  Butterscotch cheese cake for the win and the orange teacake taste every bit like mom’s orange butter cake but my mom does it better  :D!!

By the end of the meal, all three of us were super full as how I would describe myself at the end of the meals I have.  Il Ciao next to Terrazza is similarly as good in different dishes.  I would go to Terrazza for the Ala Vodka pasta and the lamb shank or if I’m in Il Ciao, the grilled chicken is something I liked quite a fair bit.  The Bolognaise, needless to mention was nice.  Maybe I was a bit crazy that day although there was no reason to be so.  But it was good!!!  Recommended!!


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Monday, August 30, 2010

Late night tales.

Just going to get my weekly dose of  movie before I switch the lights off.  But before I go, a little drink I had and thought was delicious. 

Walking on a dream, the Man on the Moon
Back Camera
Neil Armstrong lost.

Strawberries, Pineapple, and some other fruits blended with yoghurt and ice cream to make  it as good as a fruit smoothie gets.  Had this at the Moon Cafe next to Dominos in Northbridge sometime back.  This place is the place to be all week long if you get bored of all the Asian grease in China Town. The wedges is godly, and the calamari is just splendid in serve.  The BLT gets the job done too!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bites: Greco’s @ Broadway.

It seems so short yet it has already been an eventful 8 months of the year.  Not sure how much I have achieved yet there seems to be a certain satisfaction just being where I am at the moment.  Hoho, last week I made merry of a certain day with the little darling Ms XL.  Haha my sister say I’m too lame to suggest the celebration of a month-nniversary but why not right?  We should have more reasons to celebrate while we can right? ahah.  For the night, we decided to go to Greco’s just down Broadway.  It has been a place that I’ve been wanting to go to ever since I found out they made Crème Brule.  We had a late dinner because lunch pretty late, so when we reached at a quarter to nine, the environment was just perfect for a quiet date.   No busy crowd, noisy cheers or whatsoever.  Just a relaxed environment amidst the Mediterranean setup.


Xl was had problem deciding what she would have liked to order for her main when she saw the dessert menu.  She almost thought of having 2 desserts for her main and perhaps 1 more for her dessert.  Dessert person down to the core!!!  Later on, we finally decided to perhaps got for 2 mains and share a dessert which in the end turned out to be 2 =.=”.


The Piri Piri chicken was one of the specialties suggested and it was delicious.  Not quite like the one served at Spaghi’s @ South Perth but this one had its own distinctive flavour which was very yummy!  Best of all, for the lazy people that hates deboning a chicken, Greco’s served their Piri piri boneless for all.



Darling ordered the lamb shank which was nice on the outside but the meat was not tender to the bone!. Terrazza  @ Applecross for the win :D!  The sauce on the other hand was delish and the mash was no different.  Eventually, to the dislike of my other half, she ended up with my Piri piri chicken while I had hers. 


With the mains now residing in my overloaded tummy, darling eyes were set on the dessert menu.  Unable to decide what she would have liked, cheekily she pointed at the one I wanted =.=”!!!!!  But that’s alright because Crème Brule is awesome!


Mmmmm a thin layer of burnt caramel served with a side of passionfruit sorbet and fresh strawberries and top by a thin layer of pastry. Yummyyy!!!  Soft and smooth yet still able to retain its form when scooped!  Delicious, aromatic. Oh my GAWD. Love this dessert.  Will learn to make it when I get an oven!!


The end of the night was coupled with two faces that were happy for certain things happened that very one day a couple of months back.  Greco’s @ Broadway just seemed like the correct way to have it celebrated :D!  Good atmosphere when quiet, friendly staff and a delicious spread of delights individually finished by the yours truly, chef Jorge Lopez.


Now time to move along and keep the priorities at bay ticked off, one by one.



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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Weekends: Breakfast people!

As usual, the weekends passes by in a fly.  Regardless of the time you push yourself to wake up to and start doing work, it always goes.   Nonetheless, there are always a few good ways to have a good start to the weekend.  This in particular if you’re a Malaysian who missed the last flight home in Winter :D!  Time to be mesmerised by the good Malaysian breakfast Perth has to offer!

The mornings of my recent two weekends have been fed by two familiar food found in Malaysia.  I’ve officially declared them, the loves of my morning hunger since young. Mom knows it better than ever and I’ve always had these for brekkie in the mornings ahah.
Mamak styled Nasi Lemak @ Gopi’s.  Actual picture shown here hoho!
Where to get them?
Gopi Curry leaf house @ Willeton
Shop 4, Rostrata Shopping Centre, corner of Rostrata and Glenmoy Ave
Willetton WA 6155
Saturday and Sunday breakfast special
7:30am -2:00pm
Check the FoodPornographer’s blog for more coverage although I’d personally not recommend Gopis Roti Canai/Prata.

Next up is the best Roti Canai/Prata I have ever tasted in Australia.  Seriously!!
photo (1)
The Roti in Jewel of the Park is the best I’ve ever tasted.  It feels like the real one although it actually is considering how the good lads at the restaurant has a Sri Lankan whom work experience hails from the Mamak stalls in Malaysia.  Definitely a blast for the hungry people.  Malaysians looking for cheap and good deals would love this to bits.  Get 2 LARGE Pieces and a small cup of teh tarik for $5.90.  Deal done!  The curry only gets a credit though.  The sambal and dhal gets my marks. 

Jewel of the Park Indian Restaurant.
765 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park, Perth. 6101
Sat - Sun Breakfast - 8am to 10.30am

;-)! Yes and breakfast is important.   With these two in work for morning sessions, Makan Makan on Victoria Park is a disguised victor looming about in failure.  On the other hand, in the night, its super sweet and cheap teh tarik might help it gain its lost recognition.

On a side note: Great meet up yesterday as I have not seen Yvonne for like a gazillion years.  Korean barbecue at Tong 86 FTW.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Melbourne: Streething.

IMG_7252“This post is definitely not the Streething you would probably have instilled into your brains if you are a sneakerhead or just a casual nut.”
5 weeks or so since my trip to Melbourne and my only non-Melbourne post so far was the new Iphone4 which I’ve just got from my telco recently.  Sorry bout the abandonment of this bloggy for the past few days because really, it’s been such busy period considering the experiments that needs to be done and sort for the bloody thesis.  Sorry that the little darling is a bit neglected too!  Insane it is.  This weeks has been about me and the high speed camera playing hide and seek like Tom and Jerry.  Me being the bigger size one probably fits in as Tom.  Luckily enough, I managed to get a replacement camera and yeah man!   This thing shoots like hell!  Hopefully the post analysis gives me the results I want!! I had sometime for myself recently and after playing some StarCraft, I realise that there were pictures of Melbourne which I have failed to post up.  These pics were taken along Hoosier Lane, a street famous for its street art.

The start of a journey clasped between the mind work of street rebels.

Staircase.  Enough said =D!

XL praying, 1 way to describe it: hard to believe. ahaha

Dear Leonardo Da Vinci,

Mona Lisa was perfect.  Her eyes, her hair, her lips.  But she’s so yesterday.  There you go, the modern reinterpretation.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

IPhone4: The free gift from my telco.

Jeng jeng jeng, I posted on my Facebook not too long ago that I was hopeful to get my  iphone4 not too long after the Friday launch day in Australia.  I was promised a delivery on the morning of the launch only to be disappointed by the lack of knowledge by the call centre.  But that was really not a biggie because after a couple of phone calls, the phone arrived just three days later.  And here we have the two iphone in the house ahah.  When Vanessa comes then we will have three hoho!

The best thing about the phone is its looks.  Not the facetime bullshit that does not even work with 3G.  It only works with wifi.  Gawd that is saddening!  Not to mention, transferring the contacts are a pain in the ass unless you are the most organised computer expert who keeps all the details in MS Outlook.  I believe not even 1% of the population does so =.=!

But enough rants, this shit is a beauty. The retina display is not joke.  Just like how HD on my new Fujitsu brings the Book of Eli to a new level compared to the aging Toshiba one.  The screen is clear and games look crisp.  Ok, a bit of exaggeration here considering the only games I’ve played is Angry Bird and Fruit Ninja ahah.
His and Hers.  slurrpsss.  In Malaysia I hear they sell for over 3000 ringgit each =X.  $$$!!

Ok some emergency calls for me!!!  Got to go! Light speed ahead gooooooooooooooo!!