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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bites: Greco’s @ Broadway.

It seems so short yet it has already been an eventful 8 months of the year.  Not sure how much I have achieved yet there seems to be a certain satisfaction just being where I am at the moment.  Hoho, last week I made merry of a certain day with the little darling Ms XL.  Haha my sister say I’m too lame to suggest the celebration of a month-nniversary but why not right?  We should have more reasons to celebrate while we can right? ahah.  For the night, we decided to go to Greco’s just down Broadway.  It has been a place that I’ve been wanting to go to ever since I found out they made Crème Brule.  We had a late dinner because lunch pretty late, so when we reached at a quarter to nine, the environment was just perfect for a quiet date.   No busy crowd, noisy cheers or whatsoever.  Just a relaxed environment amidst the Mediterranean setup.


Xl was had problem deciding what she would have liked to order for her main when she saw the dessert menu.  She almost thought of having 2 desserts for her main and perhaps 1 more for her dessert.  Dessert person down to the core!!!  Later on, we finally decided to perhaps got for 2 mains and share a dessert which in the end turned out to be 2 =.=”.


The Piri Piri chicken was one of the specialties suggested and it was delicious.  Not quite like the one served at Spaghi’s @ South Perth but this one had its own distinctive flavour which was very yummy!  Best of all, for the lazy people that hates deboning a chicken, Greco’s served their Piri piri boneless for all.



Darling ordered the lamb shank which was nice on the outside but the meat was not tender to the bone!. Terrazza  @ Applecross for the win :D!  The sauce on the other hand was delish and the mash was no different.  Eventually, to the dislike of my other half, she ended up with my Piri piri chicken while I had hers. 


With the mains now residing in my overloaded tummy, darling eyes were set on the dessert menu.  Unable to decide what she would have liked, cheekily she pointed at the one I wanted =.=”!!!!!  But that’s alright because Crème Brule is awesome!


Mmmmm a thin layer of burnt caramel served with a side of passionfruit sorbet and fresh strawberries and top by a thin layer of pastry. Yummyyy!!!  Soft and smooth yet still able to retain its form when scooped!  Delicious, aromatic. Oh my GAWD. Love this dessert.  Will learn to make it when I get an oven!!


The end of the night was coupled with two faces that were happy for certain things happened that very one day a couple of months back.  Greco’s @ Broadway just seemed like the correct way to have it celebrated :D!  Good atmosphere when quiet, friendly staff and a delicious spread of delights individually finished by the yours truly, chef Jorge Lopez.


Now time to move along and keep the priorities at bay ticked off, one by one.



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