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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Weekends: Breakfast people!

As usual, the weekends passes by in a fly.  Regardless of the time you push yourself to wake up to and start doing work, it always goes.   Nonetheless, there are always a few good ways to have a good start to the weekend.  This in particular if you’re a Malaysian who missed the last flight home in Winter :D!  Time to be mesmerised by the good Malaysian breakfast Perth has to offer!

The mornings of my recent two weekends have been fed by two familiar food found in Malaysia.  I’ve officially declared them, the loves of my morning hunger since young. Mom knows it better than ever and I’ve always had these for brekkie in the mornings ahah.
Mamak styled Nasi Lemak @ Gopi’s.  Actual picture shown here hoho!
Where to get them?
Gopi Curry leaf house @ Willeton
Shop 4, Rostrata Shopping Centre, corner of Rostrata and Glenmoy Ave
Willetton WA 6155
Saturday and Sunday breakfast special
7:30am -2:00pm
Check the FoodPornographer’s blog for more coverage although I’d personally not recommend Gopis Roti Canai/Prata.

Next up is the best Roti Canai/Prata I have ever tasted in Australia.  Seriously!!
photo (1)
The Roti in Jewel of the Park is the best I’ve ever tasted.  It feels like the real one although it actually is considering how the good lads at the restaurant has a Sri Lankan whom work experience hails from the Mamak stalls in Malaysia.  Definitely a blast for the hungry people.  Malaysians looking for cheap and good deals would love this to bits.  Get 2 LARGE Pieces and a small cup of teh tarik for $5.90.  Deal done!  The curry only gets a credit though.  The sambal and dhal gets my marks. 

Jewel of the Park Indian Restaurant.
765 Albany Highway
East Victoria Park, Perth. 6101
Sat - Sun Breakfast - 8am to 10.30am

;-)! Yes and breakfast is important.   With these two in work for morning sessions, Makan Makan on Victoria Park is a disguised victor looming about in failure.  On the other hand, in the night, its super sweet and cheap teh tarik might help it gain its lost recognition.

On a side note: Great meet up yesterday as I have not seen Yvonne for like a gazillion years.  Korean barbecue at Tong 86 FTW.