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Thursday, February 18, 2010

When You Were Young: Home Cooked Food.

What were the little things in life that you actually liked best When You Were Young?  Was it the food mom and dad cooked?  The brainless friends you were with?  Or perhaps the pets you used to have for company everyday before school and after school?  How about every single thing I’ve just mentioned above?  Weird thing for me to bring this up.  But I realised after the meal yesterday, it really is quite something to have it all together.

My mom and the dinner spread of Nasi Lemak.  One of my usual breakfast food every Saturday when I’m in Malaysia!

I asked my mom to cook up something for my friends since Jim’s mom called us over a few times already.  My mom was keen, and I knew she would somewhat be keen considering how boring Perth is.

The best part would be the chicken sambal!  It doesn’t taste like the tomato-ish Malay kind but I just like it.  Something I’ve been luvin since I was young ahah.  Of course there were other dishes as well such as the petai beans with anchovies, boiled eggs etc.

My sister’s new pup! Cookie hoho! A retarded little fella this one is.  Super hyper and loves to stick that tongue out keeping it ready for a good lick.
I used to have like 100000000 dogs when I was young.  Only 1 died.  A few had to be given to the pound because people kept leaving their dogs outside my gate and another two got stolen.  Dang I love dogs!

And now where are the pictures of Yobi, Vil, Jim and CR? Hmmmm I guess I didn’t need to take any because they’re all in my head. 

After that was late night movie @ Carousel.  Manage to get 8.50 tickets for the Wolfman despite them putting a notice that Wolfman is not entitled to free or discounted tickets ahah


Monday, February 15, 2010

Bites: Bilby’s Burgers @ Claremont

On the eve’s of the Chinese New Year, the dinner is smokin’.  You get chicken, duck, pork, beef, prawns, squid and blah blah blah I think you get my drift.  It’s a supreme feast of meat for kings.  And then on the NEXT day which is the the first day of New Year, my family has this weird tradition to go vegetarian for the whole day @.@! Oh my god!  I’m forced to wake up early to have a good vegetarian breakfast, followed by a vegetarian lunch before ending the day with another vegetarian meal.  I dread the first day of CNY despite being able to collect a good sum of red packets! Constantly craving for those greasy wicked wings from KFC served piping hot with chips.

And on the night of CNY, Yobi stayed over and mannn.  My mom made for him curry noodles with MEAT. Wtf? Noooooooooooooo!  But it doesn’t matter because I was about to indulge in another one of my meaty adventures the following day.  It wasn’t really planned but Vil told me about it on CNY and yeah, it just happened. 

The following day, Vil picked Yobi and I from my place before driving to the showground to find the hidden gem of Claremont.  Didn’t take us long.  Vil just popped a few words into the Iphone and viola~!  We were there within minutes.
Bilby’s~!!  Not your everyday side stall.  This place even has its own website

This is Vil.

This is Yobi.  And he is a terrorist.  But don’t worry he can’t shoot you because his hands are fixed to his mouth.

My order of chips and aioli was out first.  I think they mixed both the cold and hot chips together @@! But it was still nice.  But onion rings @ Jus Burger ftw.

Soon after the chips were served, the burgers were out too!
Three burgerteers.  One for all, all for one.

Vil’s steak burger. Red Eye its called.  Scotch fillet steak with mushrooms and cheese all freshened by crisp lettuce and finished with aioli!

Yobi and I ordered the same burger! He’s a copy cat hohohoo!
Ours was called the King Pin.  The name speaks for itself.  Bacon, beef patty, egg, cheese and salad.  And oh, they didn’t use ketchup.  I think they used pasta sauce! My 10cm tower. By the end of the meal.  I was exploding.  Not sure why in the world is my capacity so small.  But by the look on Yobi’s face.  This burger was nothing. @.@! Oh godd! 

My verdict?  The burger was yums.  Liked the sauce but I would have liked a firmer piece of beef patty.   Yobi thought that perhaps the bacon saved the day.  But he has a funny food chain which only consists of pigs and him.  Vil on the other hand was in love with his burger.  Sounds superbly delicious truth to be said. Scotch fillet steak @.@!!   Another crazy thing about Bilby’s is its price.  Super cheap.  The people @ SixThousand says Bilby’s has the best bang per buck in the North of Perth,  while Alfred’s the godfather of the South.  Another noticeable thing about Bilby’s is its setting.  I thought I was in Busselton for a moment.  Loved it. Will be back for other choices next time!


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Festivity: Chinese New Year in Perth

IMG_5967 It is that time of the year again where I would have a reunion dinner with my family members. While the celebration did not have the Chinese New Year atmosphere, that familiar semblance of festivity is all around me.   The usual food, people and chatters.  Pretty much nothing was missing besides two more families.  But being in Perth, I’m grateful to even have a reunion dinner with both my family and my extended one hoho!  One funny thing I felt today is that I am the youngest among everyone @@! That rarely ever happens.  Maybe my cousins will get married and have kids soon HAhaha.

Today’s reunion dinner was at my uncle’s place!
The setup!

This was meant to be the adults table.  Until dinner, I was pretty much hiding inside the house listening to my cousins talk while I watch Malcom in the Middle.  Super multitasking.  Taking picture, watching comedy & listening to conversations xD!!  It was quite cold actually.  My cousin told me the beach was 300 metres away or something.  Or was it 3kms? hmmm

Family talk all over.  Inside outside backside !!

Uncle’s wife in action.  Cooking cooking cooking! Yummmss!

After watching Malcom in the Middle, there was a “kids” table laid out with additional bowls for that certain activity before dinner? Want to guess what that “activity” is?  I’ll give you a picture’s worth of time to think about it!
Flying table cloth lol.  My uncle’s place is super windy at time. Oh and I had no idea where that “picture’s worth” of time came up from.  But anyways, it’s the “loh sang” thingy that the Chinese do during most dinners during the Chinese New Year period which spans for a ridiculous 14 days.

Aunty’s super modern “loh sang”  With Salmon slices > than anything else, this is a “wow” factor for sashimi lovers.  DEFINITELY.  But I’m not the biggest fan out there.  I recall my first time having sashimi in Malaysia...  it was followed by horrible diarrhoea.

Plan view. xD!!

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh –sang!

The Lee’s in their tossing action.  Longevity, wealth, errr kids>?, good education and everything else you would want.

Dinner spread and after that I got to lazy to take pictures of anything that came after!  Too busy feasting :)!!

Happy CNY everyone!  Hope everyone makes their wishes and at the same time pray for the wellbeing of others!!  Oh, do not forget to collect all those fat red packets!!  Good luck to all the house visitors in their collection :)!!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bites: La Porchetta @ Fremantle

IT’s another Friday and the week has simply gone by just like that again.  The week has been quite good for me now that my parents are here.  They’ve been doing all the dinners and lunches for me! Mmmm Malaysian food.  But they just don’t seem to want to go out for a meal.  Only brought them for a meal of dim sum @ Golden Century and burgers @ Jus Burger.  Hope they liked it!  Other than that, we’ve been going grocery almost every single day @.@! They’ve been here for 6 days and we went grocery 5 times.

Other than that the guys and I went to Freo in the evening.  But before that we pretty much spent the whole afternoon in the city just walking around drinking and talking rubbish.  The cafe along Kings Street is really quite a pleasant place for a drink.  After that we adjourned to ENEX 100 for teatime.  Had sushi! Rwarrr!! Weather was being a bitch yesterday.  Kept feeling thirsty!

Oh and I drove to Freo yesterday lol. 
@ Car park.  Vil and Cr

We had our meal here.  La Porchetta.  The food here is simple and cheap.  No particle physics in taste or Michelangelo’s artistic food arrangement.  Simply good on the pocket, filling for the tummy.

Complementary rolls with butter.  Vil hates it ahah.  But o well. It’s free :)!

We’ve been here a few times, each time trying different pastas.  This time we decided to go for something not Marinara or Cream based so we opted for the more common Bolognese.
Definitely not your typical meaty bolognaise.  I’m actually quite confused.  Is bolognaise even supposed to be meaty or not?  I look back on my adolescence days where I would eat most of my bolognaise in a super meaty tomato paste.  Yummmm followed by a good licking to cleanup the sauce left on the plate! *Slurps*!  The bolognaise here is ok-ok only.  Definitely need lots of Parmesan to make it taste yummy.  Oh and Vil thought it tasted a bit sour-ish.  Probably because of a tomato overload!!

Fried Calamari with chips! A favourite of mine.  Especially the lightly fried ones in Bella Roma just up the street!  These were delicious too.  Or perhaps the calamari is just something that cannot go wrong? Tartar sauce with chips are yums too!!

Chicken Pizza!  This feels like the Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza Hut in Malaysia.  Just that in Malaysia, it is tomato based compared to the barbecue sauced one.  This chicken pizza tastes nothing like the ones I’ve eaten.  Felt somewhat weird ahah.  But it was decent. Just that I hate the pizza crust when it is dry.  Maybe pure Italian authenticity don’t go too well with me.  

After the dinner, we were all topped up.  Full tank but not satisfied I would say.  So naturally, the guys and I would go on and have a drink aahah.  Our choice of drink?  The over mentioned San Churros!
Classic Spanish.  Super thick, super chocolaty and super fattening.  But its ok.  Chocolates are cancer killers hoho!

After our drink of chocolate and nibbles of Spanish Churros we headed over to Hoyts to watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  It was a fast paced 2 hour action movie.  Found it quite nice but definitely not as good as the Road.  WTF reality movie.  Super nice.


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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bites: Bintang Cafe @ Victoria Park

IMG_5929This little Indonesian diner located in a small square in Victoria Park along Albany highway just a kilometre or two from the Cannington side entrance has been one of my usual in my 3rd year.  Even then, it was until today that I decided to give it a modest thought.   No camera no thoughts, so yeah I definitely remembered to bring my trusty companion of 2 years with me!

From what I recall, they used to occupy two shop lots but today I see a different place altogether.  It seems like they’ve reduced their restaurant by at least half! Aikzz!  Next to it is some burger cafe called V burger.

Bintang revamped its interior but its nothing shout about really.  Still reeks of a bad odour from god knows what.  But fortunately, they have a few decent seats outside the cafe.  My staple diet here was the Nasi Goreng Special Extra Spicy.

Priced at $8.80 its a pretty cheap eat.  It has quite a fair bit of food that comes with the fried rice!
Looks pretty good doesn’t it ahah.  Most of the time, all would good except that I hated green peas as my tummy would feel hell weird after eating those peas(fresh peas fits my preference better).  Other times bad things that could happen includes not cooking the dish to order.  It wasn’t even spicy today :(! Being Malaysian, I feel its a let down when the food you expect to have some kick in it doesn’t have any at all. bahhhhh!  But overall it was still edible.  And you could add some chilli if you wanted to.  But in Malaysia the chilli would be “tumis-ed” before being fried with the rice and that makes a whole lot of difference.

Another thing my sister and I ordered today is the Kangkung Belacan:
Mmm this was yums.  Probably one of the better ones in town!!  But being kangkung, there isn’t always enough of the yummy leaf.  Always all those vegetable stalk only! Ackkk @,@!!

Overall Bintang is an “ok la” place to eat.  Nothing to shout about. Mediocre!!  And with it being Indo/Malay food, I’ve experienced countless of times where the food cooked always lacked consistency.  And this practically applies to all Indo/Malay food I eat.  Either I’m just out of luck or god knows what else.  And it seems like I’m not the only one with such comments out there. ahah Oh wait hmm Manise@ Northbridge is not like that ahaha.  Ok exception made.


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Bites: Tong 86 @ Perth

Drive along Roe Street past its intersection with William Street and you’ll hit the police station.  On the same row as the station house you’ll see an eatery with almost no sign of existence.  There is no sign board or whatsoever really.  But looking at the walls you’ll see Tong 86.

@.@ Tong 86/?  Who in the world would even call their place “Tong” 86.  Apparently the Koreans would if you wouldn’t.  
Their location is pretty damn good on second thoughts.  With Indians being set on fire, this location next to the police station was nothing less than perfect!

It’s interior depicts its name pretty damn well really.  Not in any pictures but their table stands are made from empty barrels also known as “TONG” by Malays.
Their interior was pretty sick as well.  See the weird thingy all over the ceiling and pillars. Yeah it looks something like err? Korean newspaper =S! Really made me go crazy.  Couldn’t take my eyes of those shit for awhile. 

The menu! It’s my second time in this hideous eatery where you would expect to find nothing really. When we first came here I was expecting disappointment as most of the things on the already limited menu were not available :(!!  But it wasn’t all that bad.

This place serves ultra cheap Korean barbecue along with various meat stew.  And when I say cheap for Korean barbecue it would fit in the range of 15-ish +/- .  Fairly cheap as most of the Korean Barbecue places often go wayyy beyond 20 bucks.

IMG_5914@ Tong 86 there was this really cute waitress that turned up to serve us.  All the guys were like fckin horny dammit!  Chee Rong would give her this smile which was like omg. @@!  I would have freaked out if I were the waitress!  And whenever their horniness peaked.  IT was the “HI CALL”  session:

Press the button and BAM you number shows up on the wall and the waitress comes.  We were like the only  nut heads pressing the button.  Or more like “THEY”. Not “WE”.

BARBECUE KOREAN STYLE rwarrrrrrr.  We had beef and pork slices.  Had at least 6-7 rounds of barbecue that night.

I really like the place.  William thinks its pretty good too.  Jim loves it as well.  Or maybe it was the girls that they liked more.  Not to mention they would play super chick MVs. SDNK, Wonder Girls. Etc. Super drool for all guys hahaha.  Yums!!  Their  authenticity is 100% legit.  We were minorities in the place.  Imagine.  30 tables. Only 1 occupied by non-Koreans.  @@

Another main highlight was the meat especially the pork which was tasty without any marinade not to mention it was odourless as well:).  A well deserved thumbs up from us.


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