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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bites: La Porchetta @ Fremantle

IT’s another Friday and the week has simply gone by just like that again.  The week has been quite good for me now that my parents are here.  They’ve been doing all the dinners and lunches for me! Mmmm Malaysian food.  But they just don’t seem to want to go out for a meal.  Only brought them for a meal of dim sum @ Golden Century and burgers @ Jus Burger.  Hope they liked it!  Other than that, we’ve been going grocery almost every single day @.@! They’ve been here for 6 days and we went grocery 5 times.

Other than that the guys and I went to Freo in the evening.  But before that we pretty much spent the whole afternoon in the city just walking around drinking and talking rubbish.  The cafe along Kings Street is really quite a pleasant place for a drink.  After that we adjourned to ENEX 100 for teatime.  Had sushi! Rwarrr!! Weather was being a bitch yesterday.  Kept feeling thirsty!

Oh and I drove to Freo yesterday lol. 
@ Car park.  Vil and Cr

We had our meal here.  La Porchetta.  The food here is simple and cheap.  No particle physics in taste or Michelangelo’s artistic food arrangement.  Simply good on the pocket, filling for the tummy.

Complementary rolls with butter.  Vil hates it ahah.  But o well. It’s free :)!

We’ve been here a few times, each time trying different pastas.  This time we decided to go for something not Marinara or Cream based so we opted for the more common Bolognese.
Definitely not your typical meaty bolognaise.  I’m actually quite confused.  Is bolognaise even supposed to be meaty or not?  I look back on my adolescence days where I would eat most of my bolognaise in a super meaty tomato paste.  Yummmm followed by a good licking to cleanup the sauce left on the plate! *Slurps*!  The bolognaise here is ok-ok only.  Definitely need lots of Parmesan to make it taste yummy.  Oh and Vil thought it tasted a bit sour-ish.  Probably because of a tomato overload!!

Fried Calamari with chips! A favourite of mine.  Especially the lightly fried ones in Bella Roma just up the street!  These were delicious too.  Or perhaps the calamari is just something that cannot go wrong? Tartar sauce with chips are yums too!!

Chicken Pizza!  This feels like the Hawaiian Pizza from Pizza Hut in Malaysia.  Just that in Malaysia, it is tomato based compared to the barbecue sauced one.  This chicken pizza tastes nothing like the ones I’ve eaten.  Felt somewhat weird ahah.  But it was decent. Just that I hate the pizza crust when it is dry.  Maybe pure Italian authenticity don’t go too well with me.  

After the dinner, we were all topped up.  Full tank but not satisfied I would say.  So naturally, the guys and I would go on and have a drink aahah.  Our choice of drink?  The over mentioned San Churros!
Classic Spanish.  Super thick, super chocolaty and super fattening.  But its ok.  Chocolates are cancer killers hoho!

After our drink of chocolate and nibbles of Spanish Churros we headed over to Hoyts to watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.  It was a fast paced 2 hour action movie.  Found it quite nice but definitely not as good as the Road.  WTF reality movie.  Super nice.


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