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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life: The Hail & the “new” car.

Yesterday, the most insane shit happened in Perth.  Even my elderly neighbours haven’t seen such a disaster for the last decade they were staying on Leura Street.  “Ice-meteor”!  How bad did it turn out to be? There are thousands of pictures on the facebook group “I’ve survived the great storm of Perth”, but these are mine:

This is the back of my house, the laundry room area.
Looks awe-SOME!

What was worse? Well take a look at my “new” car.  Only 1 month old ahaha.  Never introduced to most of my friends before and now the grand opening:
BAM!  Damages?  Rear Windscreen, Left Tail Light, Both Side Mirrors + 1000 dents on the car.  Yh’s car was no better.  His car was towed of yesterday and tomorrow will be my turn!

From across the neighbour’s place, Xin Ling and Kelvin could hear the man swearing “f*ck, f*ck & f*ck”!   Rwarrrr!
Ice kacang anyone?  I woke up to clean the yard today and NORRMAL, still got ice @ 11am!.

The storm left Nedlands with a different feeling.  A mess, a disaster zone.  You know you’ve just got “punk-ed” by god.  Nonetheless, after the rain the sky was very pretty! Liked how it ended really. Thought the house held up well together against the disaster!
Awesome sky!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Bites: Zensaki @ Barrack St, Perth.

Time is going by ever so quickly again.  If you don’t accelerate you’d probably get swallowed in the past.  Realising so, I’ve been trying to increase my daily pace.  But it’s hard to get a tired engine started, then again impossible is nothing.  But to start an engine you need fuel! So yes yes, last Friday lunch I was in search for fuel.

In doing so, we went to a new restaurant that has replaced Samurai @ Barrack St.  It’s called Zensaki.  In attendance was a few of my good ol friends. Two of them never quite made it to my blog till now.

Cherry & Mei Jing. Gawddd! just look at Cherry’s eyes.  Hantu!


Hua Yi Heng a.k.a Fishman!


Kelvin’s epic post!

The place was quite a looker. The interior is so much nicer than Samurai’s.  Probably the best looking Jap Cafe in Perth for now. 

Looks pretty damn modern!  Clean cut with warm ambient lighting by the bar.  Reminds me of those HK tea cafe joints in Hong Kong.

But putting the looks aside, how did the food fare?  Well we ordered a few ala carte dish to begin the food test.

Fishmans’s Karaage Ramen.  He says it sucked for $12.50.  Not enough meat, not enough taste in the soup.  He says Freo trashes this 100 to 0.


Cherry and Mei Jing both ordered Teriyaki chicken @8.50 .  They girls said it was OK.  It looks a bit burn to me hehe.


Kelvin’s curry.  I think it was the most edible dish of the lot.  However, whenever it comes to good Japanese curry, it’s always measured against the much favoured Jap curry from Samurai.  And this fails to meet the mark.  This is so saddening :S!  Can Samurai every be replaced? NOT anytime soon.


This was my Ebi Don.  It was pretty nice, but not as good as the one down @ Taka, Barrack St.   Booooooooo. 

In conclusion I found fuel, but it sucked :(!  This is just a modern day eatery that required more substance in it food.  It’s food feels kinds of “there” but “not there” @@!  In the end its pretty much no where.  Curry need improvement.  Ramen recipe needs an overhaul.  Ebi don hmm.  I think it was coated with breadcrumbs.  Would have preferred tempura batter.

P/S: GODDDDDDDDDDDDD! I looked around and found that the owners aren’t japanese. :*-(


Zensaki on Urbanspoon

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AFK: Lost and Back.. Again.

Not sure what’s been keeping me away from my blog for a gazillion years but o well I think its always good to make a come back.  For the past month or so, much has happened.  A new retarded housemate, a new car and a new semester.  Been doing LOTS of grocery, a typical white house activity.  My weight loss program has been rather grim, but reading how the dude representing M’sia in the Biggest Loser program lose 60kg, I feel rather pumped to continue shedding unnecessary bulk!  Maybe a 65 would be more realistic rather than 60 hoho.

What have I been doing mm!  Well to start, I think we’ve been feasting like pigs.  A couple of house steamboats, and one barbecue at Applecross.  Or actually it was TWO barbecue events.  Oh and I started working for RGIS again.  Made my first 85 bucks of the year.  Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be the last @@!
Yh and the girls flipping the wings.

Kelvin and Vil @ Applecross!

The new WHO? My new hsemate la!

mY hair all spiked out and err Hatim and his bro Saifuddin.  Saifudin kept on telling me the custom would think he is a terrorist @ the airport!

Oh and yes I went to some friend’s convocation! Mmmm the so very lovely fruit tartlets!
Stoked. k thx bai.