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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bites: Zensaki @ Barrack St, Perth.

Time is going by ever so quickly again.  If you don’t accelerate you’d probably get swallowed in the past.  Realising so, I’ve been trying to increase my daily pace.  But it’s hard to get a tired engine started, then again impossible is nothing.  But to start an engine you need fuel! So yes yes, last Friday lunch I was in search for fuel.

In doing so, we went to a new restaurant that has replaced Samurai @ Barrack St.  It’s called Zensaki.  In attendance was a few of my good ol friends. Two of them never quite made it to my blog till now.

Cherry & Mei Jing. Gawddd! just look at Cherry’s eyes.  Hantu!


Hua Yi Heng a.k.a Fishman!


Kelvin’s epic post!

The place was quite a looker. The interior is so much nicer than Samurai’s.  Probably the best looking Jap Cafe in Perth for now. 

Looks pretty damn modern!  Clean cut with warm ambient lighting by the bar.  Reminds me of those HK tea cafe joints in Hong Kong.

But putting the looks aside, how did the food fare?  Well we ordered a few ala carte dish to begin the food test.

Fishmans’s Karaage Ramen.  He says it sucked for $12.50.  Not enough meat, not enough taste in the soup.  He says Freo trashes this 100 to 0.


Cherry and Mei Jing both ordered Teriyaki chicken @8.50 .  They girls said it was OK.  It looks a bit burn to me hehe.


Kelvin’s curry.  I think it was the most edible dish of the lot.  However, whenever it comes to good Japanese curry, it’s always measured against the much favoured Jap curry from Samurai.  And this fails to meet the mark.  This is so saddening :S!  Can Samurai every be replaced? NOT anytime soon.


This was my Ebi Don.  It was pretty nice, but not as good as the one down @ Taka, Barrack St.   Booooooooo. 

In conclusion I found fuel, but it sucked :(!  This is just a modern day eatery that required more substance in it food.  It’s food feels kinds of “there” but “not there” @@!  In the end its pretty much no where.  Curry need improvement.  Ramen recipe needs an overhaul.  Ebi don hmm.  I think it was coated with breadcrumbs.  Would have preferred tempura batter.

P/S: GODDDDDDDDDDDDD! I looked around and found that the owners aren’t japanese. :*-(


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