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Friday, September 23, 2016

Bites: Chicho Gelato @ Roe St., Northbridge.

Located beside the state theatre, Chicho Gelato is putting up some finger licking goodness for the sweet tooth in you.  The products from these globe trotting Gelato duo are no less impressive than you would expect from a person who’ve graduated from the school of Gelato.

The staples like hazelnut, chocolate and fruit sorbets are on the Gelateria’s menu but there are also unique collaborations which change every month or week.

This evening I ordered the Chef Kenny Collaboration which was Smoked honey, rosemary & walnut gelato.

The first thing I notice was that even before the first bite, I could already smell the free flowing aroma of the scoop.  Rosemary, and Honey were the most prominent ones.  Then a hint of smokiness.  In my mouth the smooth silkiness of the gelato becomes apparent.   Last but not least, the interesting addition of the rosemary ensured that this gelato was never too sweet.

For one more week only, Chicho Gelato is also serving Gelato in a Brioche bun so be sure to come down and get it quick.

Note that this is not just any Gelato Sandwich! Chicho Gelato toasts the Brioche ensuring it comes out warm and slightly crusty.

I left Chicho’s on a positive note.  A strong flavour combination and silk smooth goodness made my night.  Chicho’s charge around $5 a scoop which is slightly cheaper than Jersey Jacks but on par with Whisk Creamery and Gusto Gelato.  While I struggle to make a comparison on what is better where and sort, I know that I have my favourites at different location.  Depending on mood and cravings, I would go to a different one!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paris: Amazing Sorbet @ Berthillon Ice Ceam, Île Saint-Louis

Walking the canals and relaxing by one is a great way to enjoy the relaxed Parisian lifestyle.  After a great meal at L’Avant Comptoir, I continued my journey to the Notre Dame Cathedral.  Needless to say I was not convinced that the many hours of long queue to see the iconic church from the inside was worth my time.  So after quickly snapping a few photos from the outside, I was off to pick up a cone from the famous Berthillon Ice Creamery kiosk.
This amazing ice cream shop has been operation for tens of years and rightfully so considering the amazing ice creams they make.  While I have been saying a lot of the word “ice cream”, their specialty is actually the amazing sorbet they make.

I could not resist getting two scoops that afternoon.  The scoop on top was the passionfruit sorbet while the bottom one was a ripe berry sorbet.  Both flavours packed some serious fruit flavours.  Like Anthony Bourdain puts it, biting into a Berthillon sorbet feels as though you are biting into the frozen fruit itself.  That statement I find very accurate as the fruity flavours were really intense!


Several of my friends opted for the chocolate ones and thought that it was only “OK”, so it really depends on what you like I believe.  But go with the sorbet and you should do just ok!  So remember if you are in the Île Saint-Louis area, definitely come-by Berthillon for a scoop of amazing sorbet!


Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bites: The Best Gelato ever @ Whisk Creamery, Subiaco

Before my meal at Subidoo in Subiaco, I stopped by one of the town latest dessert favourite, Whisk Creamery.  No IG feed is complete without a friend posting one of Whisk Creamery’s tantalising desserts in the last few weeks. so just before dinner I decided to stop by Whisk Creamery for a bite with a couple of friends.

Whisk Creamery pitches a philosophy of using nothing but the freshest ingredients and a traditional family recipe.  But those words to me are no different from the cliche of putting big words like “dynamic”, and “self-motivated” only to under deliver.  Did Whisk Creamery deliver?  

Rocky Road ($13) - Anglaise, flamed marshmallow, PEANUT BUTTER gelato topped with milk chocolate pieces and another flamed marshmallow.

I would describe the individual elements of this dessert a mixed batch.  I did not like the day old waffle and neither did I get the skimping of the creme Anglaise that barely made its presence.  Chocolate bits and flamed marshmallow was an essential part of a Rock Road and they were good. But then came the most important product of a Gelato Shop.  The Gelato itself.  The quality of the Gelato was absolutely top notch. Creamy, smooth, and that unmistakable taste of peanut butter was there. The sugar level was well-toned and the balance between the sweetness and saltiness was all just right.  The topic of balance is something subjective that defers from one individual to another.  But this for me was simply perfect.

Caramel Sandwich ($13) - Cronut, BLACK SESAME gelato, salted caramel sauce topped with whipped cream and more salted caramel sauce.

This was another flamboyant dessert that put together some of the biggest dessert craze in town which includes the Cronut,  an Asian Flavoured Ice Cream and Salted Caramel.  Of the main elements, they aced 2 out of 3.  Which failed me?  The Cronut.  Again, this felt day old and the consistency of the Cronut served to me was no Cronut.  It was no more than an ordinary doughnut!  Perhaps the waitress failed to inform me. But other than that I loved everything else on the plate.  The complex flavours of the black sesame was simply superb and it was very fragrant too. Pair it with the delicious salted caramel and this was something drool worthy!   I personally enjoyed this more than the Peanut Butter Gelato!

Whisk Creamery is the quintessential Gelato shop to me.  Out of the two flavours which I have tried which were the Black Sesame and Peanut Butter ones, I felt like the former came out best of the lot.  Yes they were both equally creamy and well-made but the flavours of the Black Sesame felt more apparent in each bite.  While their creations did not blow me of my sock, I would not mind visiting Whisk Creamery just for their Gelato again!  Two flavours does not constitute a population big enough to judge an entire shop yet I can still confidently claim Whisk Creamery's Gelato represented the perfect example of what a Gelato should be exactly.  It was simply superb.   Other Gelato attempts at Gusto Gelato or Il Gelato did not leave me as satisfied.  However, if there is one shop though could beat Whisk Creamery it would be Freddo’s in Melbourne.

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