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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cari Makan: Hor Fun @ Lee Tong Kee & Dim Sum @ Marco Polo

My cravings for food never dies and this seems to have taken a toll on my “diet” haha. Oh well, shedding another 1 or 2 kilos to achieve ideal weight shouldn’t be too hard :P After lapsing an impressive self measured performance in the pool I was feeling hungrier than ever! Dad and I decided to go pass the city centre to see whether we can get any good eats. After driving awhile, we passed by a half-century old eatery called Lee Tong Kee which was and still is famous till this day for its decent pricing and good noodles! Even Malaysian Newspaper The Star cannot resist putting it up on the newspapers! Take a look HERE.

Old as it is, the noodles still taste good and original according to my dad. He’s been patronizing this place for ages since the current boss’s father was in charge! Now her dad has gone with her sister to open one shop in Singapore! ^^

Significantly lower in MSG compared to most places in KL, the Prawn and Shredded Chicken noodles is a good eat! Especially to people sensitive to MSG. For me on the other hand, I think I would not mind a pinch of MSG in my noodles to give me the extra kick :D Also we ordered another dish to complement to noodles as there were no wantons to go with it because the supplier has not delivered the wanton skin yet. We had:

While steamed chicken skin is a put off due to the soft slimy feel of it (not to mention tasteless), the tender chicken meat served the classic way with oyster sauce dressing was really lovely.  The chicken meat was really nice! Smooth and not overcooked yet not traces of bleeding which is often evident at chicken rice stalls that can’t cook chicken properly!@#!


Also another good eat in which I had today was Marco Polo restaurant located in Wisma Lim Foo Yong. This place is really good! Unfortunately I did not take any pictures for this meal :( The roast pork there is really one of the best I’ve had ahaah! At 16 bucks a serve of two long strips, this crispy and tasty skinned dish is heavenly! The dim sum there was quite nice as well, they had this scallop dim sum which was very tasty! Oh and their steamed pork ribs dim sum is definitely one of a kind! Steamed with a variety of Chinese herbs and yam, the amazing way in which the flavors fuse made it really delectable!

This picture ain’t mine but it is the best representation for the roast pork I had @ Marco Polo today!

Marco Polo when I looked it up over the net, is one of the better eats in KL nowadays. Despite being overshadowed by other famous franchise like Overseas, this place still lives through all the competition. A worthy try which does not cost too much in my opinion. The pricing is considered normal these days and the peaceful atmosphere will definitely give you a peace of mind while enjoying dim sum, a meal once considered a Chinese fine dining in the older days.

On my recent chinese eats!~

Overseas Restaurant @ Jaya One sucked real bad in service and the roast baby pig/ suckling pig or Yue Chue had a porky taste which spoils the taste.  Chinese New Year over population? Or poor management? On the contrary, I really liked the Lap Mei Fun!

Damansara Palace @ Mutiara Damansara was total ownage on the suckling pig on the other hand. Also, the awesome fish dish engaged me to into my second serve! Personalized service by the restaurant staff made the meal extra special too! Probably because my aunt knows the people there.

Canton I @ One Utama, the baby of Dragon I was not bad, the price as acceptable and the egg tarts were quite a treat! However, the havoc during lunch hours was quite a put off.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Reunion Dinner!: Welcome the year of the OX!

Sunday night was an ever year affair where family members gather for a dinner together. Although some of my aunty and uncles did not come down, our moods were no dampen! In fact we still headed into a great new year dinner! The Lee family was still having great fun in both Aussie and Malaysia!


Mom’s spread was scrumptious as usual for a 10 people crowd. We started off with Shark’s Fin soup! My Sam Ku gave my mom some sharks fin from the US worth hundred plus US$! Very generous weii!! hehehe. My mom only used halve but it was more than sufficient for us! Her soup did not taste like sharks fin soup which was the reason why I liked it haha! I don’t quite like normal sharks fin soup!



This year before the dinner day I complained to my mom, “Whylaaaa!! Always Steamed Chicken one :( Not nice at all!! *emoo*” Haha. It’s nothing but the truth!! Steamed chicken for practically every Chinese festival is horrendous @.@! Not to mention, steamed chicken skin taste so crap! But the roast duck which we had was like woahh!! Nice!! But I think Regal on Roe’s duck tastes better! Weeeeeeeeeeee~



Another must have on the dish table is Siew Yoke or roast pork! Crispy on the skin and tastily seasoned, what more can I ask for? Yums!! Roast pork goes well when wrapped with lettuce!



The next dish is one of my mom’s specialties, the Nga Ku? lol! In English it is called Arrowhead. My mom fries this Chinese delicacy with Parsley, minced meat along with some fermented Chinese bean curd paste!



But that was not all!! We had butter prawns on the table as well! With prawns flown from across the states to my house, we were guaranteed fresh large prawns hehe. The prawns were really fresh with the exception of the first prawn I had.



My aunty also prepared something for the night. She made meatballs with crabmeat which tasted nice as well!!



This is the last picture, my worst enemy AHAhaha! The steamed fish @.@……. Mom knows how to steam her fish but her son here doesn’t know how to appreciate it :(!





Friday, January 23, 2009

Cari Makan: Zanmai Sushi @ 1U and Mel’s Corner Section 17

For the past few days, my life has been quite a handful! Old buddy meet ups has been quite good. Met 3 old friends. 2 of them really old that 1 of them I did not know I even knew her lol! The other mehh.. Met her last CNY!! They all seem to be doing well! 1 tukang gigi (dentist), 1 tukang kaki ( leg something) and a pharmacist.

So what’s been processing in my stomach lately? First up is Zanmai Sushi @ One Utama. Zanmai Sushi is a Kaiten style sushi bar. But what I find weird is that we did not take any from the conveyor belt because we decided that the sushi on it looks a bit tired ahah. Oh no! Did not bring camera to this occasion!! Ok I guess I’ll have to steal a couple of pictures from the internet! So be WARY, pictures are NOT MINE. Thanks to the peeps that got these pics posted up before me!!
I have to say that Zanmai Sushi serves really cheap Makimono. My Tamago Maki only cost $1.60 for 6 small pieces @.@. Then Tamago Nigiri was $1.80 for 2 pieces, Spider Roll coating with flying fish roe was $6.00 for 6.



Salmon is such poison to me! In fact, all fish is poison to me. I only had three slices of this and I came back with a Diarrhea!! Aaaaaaaa!! Don’t see the hype in something that has no taste in it :S Yobi said there is a certain texture to it but I think otherwise. The texture gives me the creeps! Cold and a touch of slime! Eeeeeeew! No smell to this one though.

I really think the price is sooo worth it here at Zanmai! Not the cheapest but I doubt it is overpriced! Yobi ordered 2 sets of Unagi sushi for plus minus $24.00 . Really crazy amount of eel in those two things he ordered! Quite a good eat! Yobi, J and I was filled to the brim in a bill which totaled to less than 100 bucks!

So what’s up next? Well my dad loves Wanton Noodles and this place was found by him! My sister loves it, I love it as well. But somehow, Yobi does not know it existed even though he claims eating in this area for millenniums.

The place to go is Restoran Mel's Corner @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya. Weird name for a Chinese Restaurant. I thought it will be called err 8 something or Fortune something haha. Nonetheless, with holy smoke wanton noodles, I understand why they don’t need those “special” name. The main highlight of the noodles would be the char siew that has perfect proportion of fat to meat with good seasoning before being barbecued to perfection. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside which gives the char siew a sort of melting sensation! If you feel a lil spendthrift you can request for more barbecue pork @ $2 :)


Another thing which makes me give this place thumbs up is the wanton itself! Most places often has the wanton tasting weird because it is sticky and the meat inside tastes dull :’( This place on the other hand does it right. It definitely beats the so called BEST Wanton Noodles in Petaling Street hands down!


That is all for now even though I actually have one or two more places to talk about! Will save this backlog if I encounter a drought in the near future :P


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cari Makan: Pork Noodles @ SS3

It’s now 1 o’clock and I’m starving! Mom says her meeting would end 1 but it has been delayed perhaps? Nonetheless I shall fill up my tummy with this blog post!

It has been almost a year since I came to this coffee shop which is just a stone throw from my house! I recall that the last time I came here, I got quite pissed at how slow the service was from the pork noodle stall that I did not even bother ordering this yummy bowl of noodles. The couple would make a dozen or more bowls at one time. But his process is sooo slowwww. About 15 minutes per round :(

I had a sudden craving yesterday and my dad said that this is probably one of the better pork noodles since the aunty in Yat Yeh Hing closed her stall! The place to eat this yummy bowl of pork noodles is Restaurant Kean Fatt. The location of this place can be found on this dude’s blog here! The stall is operated by an old couple. One grump old lady and one slow old man!

You practically get to choose the kind of meat you wanted in your noodles or a mix would be ok too. I had pork slices and minced meat on mine. The generous servings of the meat makes this bowl priced at a pretty high $4.80. The broth of the soup was extremely flavorful putting me at an MSG alert. But amazingly I did not get any MSG overdose symptoms. But my dad found the noodles very salty. On the other hand, I felt a sensation of sweetness and saltiness due to one of the preserved vegetables used to make the broth.

I found this place very yummy! In fact, superbly delicious in my opinion haha. Too tasty my dad claims. Loved the little crispy nibbles of fried pork lard. A correct mixture of their secret sauce and sort make this meal very favorable to a hungry lad like me!!

I’m so hungry now :( I need my lunch!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cari Makan: Lai Fong Beef Noodles @ KL.

After a long swim with an already rumbling stomach, nothing gets better than a hot bowl of noodles. What more a good bowl of noodles! Located just a stone’s throw from Pasar Seni LRT, walk along the busy street to find a corner lot coffee shop sporting a Lai Fong sign board and you’re there! If you don’t see it, try asking around. It’s probably one of the more famous eats in town for budget conscious peeps (which should be increasing in the economy downturn.)

There is not mistaking which stall serves the beef noodles as there is one and only one stall that sells it.  I requested for just beef slices and beef balls because I dislike eating all the other intestines, stomach, and liver parts. Costs $5.00 for one small serve. Large costs $6 and extra large would cost you $7/8.
This place is less generous compared to the super duper awesome Soong Kee beef ball noodles with mince meat topping. Soong Kee gives 8 balls compared to 3 balls from Lai Foong. Beef meat slices were decent from Lai Foong. But what sucked real bad at this stall was the chili sauce which tasted so plain :S Not nice at all!!


Nonetheless, this was a decent eat @ 5 ringgit.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cari Makan: Nasi Lemak @ Jalan Tanglin

Nasi Lemak is always a breakfast favorite which is always on my chart for breakfast when I’m back here. After exercising at the club, dad took me to Jalan Tanglin Nasi Lemak which is insanely popular with the crowd. Initially I wanted to bring my camera down but decided not to. Felt very awkward ahaha. We ordered two plates of Nasi Lemak with Chicken Sambal and eggs. Cost us 10 bucks in total with drinks. The price is about ok but the serving a small.

A living history foundational by human hype.

All in all, this place is worth coming thanks to it’s bit of history. This days has been known to my dad in his days with the Government (35 years ago!). He has not been here since 15 years or so he exclaimed! Wowowow!! Also, even though this place was crowded to the max, it’s good location within the lush tropic greenery gives it a certain feel of tranquility that differentiates itself from the normal KL city life despite being just a minute or two from one of the busiest cities alive. I think foreigners will love this place. See them walking all over the area.

The downside was the dry chicken meat followed by the small serving. The base nasi lemak biasa @ $1.50 had no eggs inside  making it less worthy. The sambal is not those thick kind which I’m flexible with because the S.E.A park one was just as watery.

All in all this trip was worthy but the hype was not. Also be sure not to commit any bullshit offense. Police are everywhere in the canteen eating Nasi Lemak. After all it’s located fairly near the Bukit Aman Police Station :D

Nasi Lemak Tanglin:
Gerai No. 6,
Kompleks Makan Tanglin’
Jalan Cendarasari.



Type of food:



Monday, January 12, 2009

Cari Makan: Belly Good a.k.a Pork Lover Paradise.

Pork Lover Paradise as claimed by most people is an overstatement. I think this place has got to do without that tagline till they really do more than serve meat. They need to serve tasty meat. Enough ranting, today I woke up at 6.40am after 2 mere hours of sleep so that I can see my aunt off to the airport :D So tired ~.~  Came back at about 9 and rested till it was time to EAT at about 12! Rwarrrr!!

The lunch place had already been decide beforehand hoho. The place to head to was Belly Good formerly known as Wendy’s Bistro. This place is located opposite Yuen’s Steam boat @ Sunway Mentari OR same row with Cash Converters. Check out this blog (<—click) it’s got the real map there. Reached there and was promptly served by the waitress. The manager was also quick on the menu, she gave us the menu in an instant. Good service if you’d ask me! Mom and dad were not awfully hungry but I was flying light @.@.

First up is their Portobello Shrooms stuffed with Cheddar and Bacon. Hmmm I don’t think it is worth it for a serving of two @ $12.50!! I can easily buy these raw, rub it with olive oil and sprinkle some sea salt before topping it with aged cheddar and bacon slices before roasting it in the oven. All from local grocers in Aussie :D But okla.. the taste so-so. Nothing to shout about.

We ordered a large pork belly @ $24.90 to share:
I liked the well proportioned fat-meat serving. Not all lean and dry, neither was it all greased with fats. I did not quite like the sauce because it was a bit sweet. Should put the rib’s Manipur sauce instead! Their coleslaw was quite a treat for a coleslaw fan like me but the mash was errr? Nothing to shout about.
We also ordered a Large Pork Ribs @ $28.90 to share as well!
This is where disaster starts at Wendy’s Bistro. Wendy’s Bistro ribs is of course meaty and “worth the money”. But the problem is the meat was tough. Had to be a savage to get the meat off. Not to mention the oversize chunks of meat had to be dipped in sauce over and over again to get it tasty. This is where Wendy’s Bistro failed me. Other than that I pretty much fine with everything else. Loved the Pork Belly :D Coleslaw serving was too small to neutralize the meaty feast.

This meal set us back about Rm76 in total. 2 entree 1 appetizer and water for 3 :D

Other than that today was hibernation day in preparation for my swim tomorrow!!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cari Makan: Taking away Hassan’s Indian Rojak.

Been pretty caught up even though my sister has gone home. Swimming thrice a week followed by several ol’ mates meeting up for lunch and yam cha has kept me busy. Yesterday night saw Tian Quan. It’s been three years man. I also met Prakash. About a year since I met him. Eating life has been pretty good as well. Famous Char Siew, Good Pasta and today my mom made nice nasi lemak :D.
Last Sunday is a worthy blog post! Had some light lunch of Indian Rojak from Hassan’s a movable store of 3 vans parking themselves where customers love them. Hassan’s has been around for quite sometime now. Even though they might not seem the have overhyped queues, their Indian Rojak is one of a kind. Some customers can be seen taking away 8 packets sometimes. Oh yea on a side note, the boss stays very near my house :) All the vans can be seen parked outside his house haha.
Before the sauce:D
After the sauce! Their sauce is always given in abundance. Too much spoils the fresh taste of this Indian delight! Crunchy turnips with bean sprouts and cucumber( not so nice!! lol!) with this dressing goes well with crispy fried prawn fritters that don’t get soggy even though soaked makes it hollly smokee!! But I believe what distinct this Rojak from others is their sauce. Like the slight presence of spiciness in the sauce. Peanuts are obviously present i the sauce as well :D

Mom also had her special fried rice to go with the Indian Rojak :D

Sundays are always awesome! Hope this Sunday is an awesome one as well :D


Friday, January 9, 2009

Cari Makan: Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas

Been looking for a good place to enjoy Char Siew by the masses since my visit to Char Siew King @ KL seems far for now. Surfing the net I realized that most people recommended a place not too far from my place called Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas behind Aman Suria.  Even my close buddy Justin has a couple of packets of char siew rice for lunch I heard. It can’t be that bad now can it? After a 25 lap swim my dad and I went around KL before going to the place. At 11, it had quite a fair bit of crowd for a standalone shop. Upon entering the shop I was greeted by hanging pieces of awesome Char Siew dripping it’s juices.

Dad and I ordered 2 cups of herbal tea, 2 Hakka noodles, a small plate of Char Siew and a bowl of Meatballs soup.

It’s been a long long time since I had Hakka noodles. Not sure how authentic this is but I’m pretty sure that the noodles hmm. Ok not sure haha. It tasted quite nice. The minced meat was satisfying. Should put more :D

Up next is the meatballs in soup. I feel that the soup had too much cuttlefish flavor to my liking. But I liked the meatballs a lot. Had more texture than those factory made ones or those so claimed “homemade”

The last picture is the dish that arrived last:
I’m not a person who has a lot of experience eating char siew but I feel that this tasted quite good. The meat was lean and of course quite healthy. But my dad said it was not crispy enough for his liking. He prefers the one served with wanton noodles @ Section 17 Mel’s Corner. A crisp on the outside with tender meat on the inside. Maybe the char siew would have been tastier with a little more fat in it :D

Overall Seremban Favourites is quite a good eat after a tiring swim in the morning :) All these pictures of Seremban Favourites are not mine on a side note.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Cari Makan: Sek Yuen @ Pudu, Kim Gary @ Sunway Pyramid.

A human cannot simply live without eating. That’s what I call a fact. Even the boy under the tree featured in National Geographic went missing after 7-8 days of “not eating or drinking”. Doesn’t surprise me in anyway. Even I would go missing if I had not eaten anything for 7 days.^^

The Japanese saying “itadakimas” is meaningful in the sense that, you are not saying thank you that you are able to eat in terms monetary values. The gratefulness lies in the fact that a living soul has given up its life to feed you. AND money NOT EQUALS life.

My activities in KL has a lot to do with eating eating and eating. The eating here hmmm can simply divided to good eats and bad eats.So what exactly is a bad eat? Follow on:

Kim Gary @ Sunway Pyramid.

This was their spicy noodles Korean style which Eric ordered. Asked him how was it? He shook his head. But he was not that bad. He said it was “Ok laH” haha. Not so ok from the looks of it. Instant noodles all the way only :S

My sister and I ordered Baked Cheese Rice. Something we would have ordered in our younger days (not that I’m very old now) Wa.. this was the Szechuan flavored baked cheese rice. Horribleeeeeeeee! @.@
After the not so good experience @ a place of pricey not good food, we walked around the shopping centre. Lucky us, good bargains had our moods getting happy again!

As for the good food,
Sek Yuen
313 & 315, Jalan Pudu
Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-9222 9457

This was the place the Lees decided to meet up last week Friday before my sister and Eric goes back to Perth. This restaurant has been around for many years now. My dad says the restaurant has been here since a long time ago. Possibly since his childhood days.  We’re one of their many customers there that frequent the place for a good Chinese meal. I would have at least a meal there every time I return to M’sia for University holidays!  So what are their kickass dishes?

The must have Pat Po Ngap or treasure in duck perhaps? Chinese like to add treasure to their dish names haha.
The inside of the duck is stuffed with mushrooms, beans and chestnuts. Not sure what other secret ingredients they use to make this dish so tasty!
Up next is the Mou Tan Har. Mountain Prawns lol? No idea man. But this dish is like the brother from another mother of Prawn fritters. Goes very well with the chili sauce given. Crispy and tasty wahh!!

Max damage in this dish. But the pieces at the bottom is on the oily side.

This was the fried Hai Chou or crab and pork meat ball wrapped in dried bean curd skin I think. Wah shit man!! I am damn banana.  Felt awesome to pop in my mouth. Very light. More suited as snack rather than dinner material.

I believe my family members savored every bit of the  lovely duck as well as the prawns. There was this fish dish which was a favorite among them but I did not quite enjoy that fish as I’m no fish lover. Fish & chips and some other ones are exceptions though :P

To counter the fats, I’ve started my morning swim routine every Mon, Wed and Friday! Poor me @.@.. Today I woke up at 6.30 to make a swim @ 8. 14 laps was my achievement due to lack of equipments. Ear felt much pain so I think I require ear plugs!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cari Makan: Fong Fong Yong Tau Foo @ Pekan Ampang, Ampang.

Bringing a Taiwanese around to try food for the last two weeks has been very interesting. Their culture is pretty much different from ours but at the same time their taste of food is fairly indifferent to M’sian Chinese as well.  Their breakfast is supposedly mantou and soya bean milk haha. Oh well we had some soy bean milk last week for breakfast @ Camerons haha. Did we not? Last weekend we popped over to one of the places my family normally goes to when we have a craving for Yong Tau Foo. The place we went to was called Fong Fong Ampang Yong Tau Foo. The most crowded of the row I tell you!!

We practically had to standby at tables while giving people that "Ok, your times up. It’s my turn to eat” feel. Not to mention the heat there was immense. Nonetheless, the consistency I’ve experienced for years has had me keep coming back here for MORE.  After waiting for about 20 minutes we got our seat and ordered our meal :D
For the soupy one, my favorite was the brown skinned one! It’s called the chow tau foo? Or fried bean curd. That one tastes totally awesome! The lady fingers were a tad too old according to my mom and sister, but lucky me. That is something I distance myself from!
Their fried dumplings were super duper awesome as well! Deep fried dumplings sent me to crunchy heaven! Loved every bit of that lunch. I found it very satisfying! Also I’m a sucker for chili sauce. Had 4 serves of it @.@!!  Albeit the place was inferno, I managed to sustain myself from dehydration thanks to the cold herbal tea (leong cha) which was awesome possum in that heat!

This is my sister. And she just can’t get enough  :D


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cari Makan: T.G.I.F @ Ss14, an old dining.

Since a midget, I’ve been patronizing this T.G.I.F or Thank God Its Friday. How long has it been? Perhaps 10 years or more? The food here has been pretty good since young but for some particular reason, Chilis was always the choice of my group of teenage adults.

Today I had lunch @ TGIF with my family and Eric. It was their farewell lunch before they leave back to Aus tonight. We ordered lots of food if you ask me! Ill let the picture do the talking!:
Fried Calamari Rings!
Boneless Buffalo strips! Was a classic favourite and my dad’s most preferred food @ all this place he says is for “youngsters”. Used to have Buffalo wings but why not try boneless. Not to bad as well :D
Chicken Nachos!
I love TGIF nachos so much! Every other time I have nachos it is always so messy and the taste is poorly spreaded! Subway, Chilis, and even the Ref @ Uni!! Ewww! Ewww!!

Love the way TGIF does this classic nachos which I’ve been eating since a kid! Slices of chicken on a crisp slice of corn chips topped with melted cheese and finish with a slice of Jalapeno! DAmmmmmmm!!!
This pasta is called garlic something something and errr I did not quite fancy it. Ok ok onlyla. Since I learned to cook pasta in Perth, I’ve been a little bit more demanding. My Sei Ku’s chili mussels which my sister adapted is holy smoke, not to mention all the other pastas I myself can cook after picking it up from my aunt. Definitely a standard or two lower when the pasta gets rated by me!

When you go Australia alone to study, there are practically a few paths:
1) Stay with Veterans and learn PROPER pasta.
2) Stay alone = noob bottled sauce = crap pasta.

Next up is the chicken fingers which was not as good as I expected it to be. The ones at Chilis is definitely better than this. Probably only this dish wins @ Chilis.

After downing all the food, it was time to finish the meal with some little sweet delights :D
B rank cake. This cake tasted common, moist, so-so :S. Nothing much to appreciate from it. The bottom one which is the Mocha Mud Pie comes in pricey @ rm15 but serves kickass satisfaction in a small portion. A double thumbs up for this one!! It simply is a must have :)

My tummmy is full!! Nothing much to comment, atmosphere? errr like most places that is errr quite a common scene if you’d ask me. Nothing to shout about.

And my sister along with Eric has left for Singapore before transiting  to Perth. Had great fun with her but great times end too. Rwarrr! See you soon @ Perth sister.


Cari Makan: Zanmai Pasta @ 1U

Very long time ago after eating at so many places (yea man, my diet plan is “working”) I’m back here blogging about a place I found quite different compared to the rest. Probably a bit slow on this but hey!! I’ve only been back for a month :(!


Oklar! Been ranting enough! Sister, Eric and I decided to go shopping @ 1 Utama but was too hungry as dad was not free to go lunch with us. So we decided to pop by Zanmai Pasta, a place recommended by Jian before as “not bad”.  We ordered quite a fair bit. A sashimi salad, two pastas, clam soup as well as potato salad!



Eric’s salad as he said he wanted to feel healthy!



This drink.. jesus @.@ OKla green sign = toxic or poisonous right? Yea, that applies here. $3.50 “special” brew was no where near special compared to Yobi’s suggested Barley Lime from Bumbu Bali!



A serve of potato salad @ rm6.00 was nice. Matches Fuji’s @ Vic Park, Perth. Tasted very light even though egg and cream was all over. The lettuce at the back was drizzled with Zanmai’s homemade sauce which I have to admit tasted like “my type”.



This was Eric’s soup with lots of clam inside. About 10-15 perhaps? Not bad I guess. I remember there was a time where Tom Yam seafood put in two of those and it was supposed to be a big deal @.@. I did not taste it but Eric say quite good wor. I’ll take his word for it I’d suppose!









Next up is my sister’s pasta. XXXX no chili pasta. Weirdly enough “no chili” means ala chili in Jap. She says she liked the simplicity of this pasta. No overpowering sauce pushing the seafood taste away. I found it boring though lol. But it was nicela, just boring haha. The mushrooms tasted good in this dish!


Sister’s salad with the dressing I talked about before:


And lastly, my chicken pasta!


I love Teriyaki at the right place and being served with pasta does not seem like a bad idea at all. In fact it turned out quite yummy! Although I have to insist that the chicken was not cooked to satisfy me like at Kanta in Perth lol. No bias here man. Just plain truth!! The final bill came to around $100+. Nonetheless, Zanmai has made 3 person that day satisfied as fat pigs.


Will be hitting you peeps with more eats as I come alive tomorrow morning! It’s bed time :D Adios!~