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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekends!: Passion on Ice and Dim Sum

Today’s class was pretty good until the lunch time at taka where I gave the Miso Katsu a second try as I had forgotten how it tasted. OMG it sucked. It’s also one of the rare events that you see Edwin not finishing his meal @.@ Polly on the other hand had a bowl of rice topped with raw tuna @.@! But oh well, she’s good with it. Vil and Cherry both had Kaarage in which they both could not finish as well. Hmm did the serving become larger? :S




On Friday I went to ice skating with Pauline, courtesy of Polly’s invitation and her friends. It was pretty fun but I came back with a blister which hurts like hell after I puncture my skin to get the fluid out. Nonetheless I enjoyed it a great deal, met loads of girls AND GUYS. Decent people and easy to mix with.



Polly and I. The place was pretty dark man. The had laser lights flashing everywhere. Add some alcohol and it’ll be clubbing on ice! Plus oh I got knocked down by some Caucasian dude 2 heads taller than me. It was then that I knew flying is not fun when you know you’re going to have a landing. My ass hurts, my arm hurts @.@! It’s 4 days now ahah. Oh well. After skating we were famished on with proper emphasis, Polly was famished!



Yi Heng a.k.a the fishman!


We went to Northbridge Hawkers for supper and had quite a meal there! Yumm! The kampung vegetable fried with plenty of dried shrimps was the star of the night. Really good for a vegetable dish!  Now comes EPIC STORY! On the way home, Yi Heng got a police story to tell.  Fish approaches a routine police check for drunk driving. He scrolls down his windows, exchanges greeting with officer before giving his first puff at the breathalyzer. FAILLLL.Try 2 also FAILLL. Try 3, okla settle! But that’s not the biggie!


Police: Hi, can I see your driving license please.

Fish: I don’t have a driving license (said very calmly)

Police: (Give the ohh okkk, WTF? look) Luckily he did not electrocute Fish’s Arse! And he goes on to call a senior officer) and the rest is unimportant. lol! Nice one man.


Had a good rest and hmm what happened on Saturday I cannot recall anything happening at all :S Maybe grocery hmm yes yes grocery @ Subiaco.  THE END =.=


On Sunday I met up with my sister at Dim Sum. We’ve been going to our usual place at  Golden Century! Pauline was the camera lady for the day since she’s got her new semi-pro lumix which looks pretty damn sleek!


Golden Century!



My sister!!



Barbecued Pork in Rice Roll



Random fried fish paste.



Pan Fried dumplings!



Egg Tarts!



The salt and pepper spicy squid. For once it was salty enough ahah. It is normally quite tasteless unfortunately. But it is still nice! We had soo much to eat and the pictures above are like 15% of the bill xD. We just got too lazy to snap anymore pictures so we decided to enjoy our meal instead!


1 Later on in the evening we had our usual tennis session where sister played with the rest of the housemates while I became the ball boy as the blister on my right foot + aches around my ass was not permitting in any sense. After tennis everyone looked slightly tired I guess? Or was it “very tired” thanks to the unfit winter. Sister dined with us and had to go home asap to take care of her daughter, the little Bibi! After dinner Polly was still hungry so we decided to call an old friend out for a cuppa @ Tiamo. Catch up with Daniel about his holidays as he becomes totally MIA during the semester.  It’s now or never!!  He seemed like he had a really good holidays back home @ Singapore!! Good for him!!


I guess that was how I finished my weekend! Pretty sad huh? Oh well! It’s Perth but hohoho!! There is going to be a pretty cool shopping mall in the city I think. The construction works are at the 16th floor atm. Hope it goes all the way to 50 xD. Even then it’s going to be offices mainly I think?



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday Night: Over Eaten @ Moon!

To celebrate the dreaded start of university, we had a Saturday event that lasted till the wee hours of the morning! We had dinner yummy dinner @ Good Fortune where price meets quality! But the sizzling beef felt miserable with the amount of meat they gave! Super EMO! Nonetheless the amount of food I consumed was just nice! After that we did decided to chill out @ Moon Cafe. The waiter and waitresses there looked so retro and cool all the time! Yummy!!


Although all I really wanted to do was just sit there and consume nothing, but that seemed impossible as they would chase me out! So well we ordered some stuff to snack on!







After that we headed to Il Gelato where fishman had durian ice cream ahah! He seems to enjoy it a lot. And out of a sudden, the furious rain of Perth broke through the roof of the shop making it flood lol! We finished up whatever we ordered and left the humble Italian shop. We then went to sing karaoke at Utopia! I realized that I like to listen to people sing and not sing myself HAHAHA! But oh well, it was worth the money ^^!


My family picture when parents came over during the holidays!! hohoho my hair!! Oh well, at least I’ve got it cut already!

Oh noess!! Tomorrow university class again buhuhuuhu!!  Super crappy!!



Same Italian: Friend from over the seas.

I’ve been having quite a fair bit of company recently, mommy and daddy came over a a fortnight ago and they’ve been going around Perth with me a fair bit. And just a couple of days ago Rosanne and Yobi was here to keep me company hoho. Ok that was not the real reason ahah. Roz was here with her parents for a holiday after a tiring semester like all other semesters ahah. Yobi on the other hand will be here for a year to finish his final year of studies at Curtin.  Since they’re here I decided to treat them to something and since they were not up for anything Malaysian, not Korean and Japanese for Yobi too, so I decided to bring them to Il Padrino. I’ve been here twice this week but I do not feel bored yet haha.


We were pretty much supposed to meet in the city at 1 o’clock but some fat ass took the wrong bus and ended up 1 and a half hours late! Damn gay hihi. Rosanne and I walked all over Perth for that 1 hour buhuhu. She seems to enjoy Woolies a whole lot ahha. I also brought her thru to Murray St., Hay St., St Georges terrace, Kings St. and London court. Typical places to bring a person I guess? So saddening :( Perth CBD only had those streets! Nonetheless London Court left her with a good impression.


YoBi and Rosanne lol.



Rosanne at the arc which count would increase if someone passes under it!



lols the gif maker messer this resolution all the time omg!


We reached Il Padrino just in time for lunch as we were close to very hungry.  Nana served us very promptly as usual asking us Pizza or Pasta. Seems like a trick question because I gotta feeling that if I actually answered Pasta I will not get served HAhaha. Coz we went into the shop 5 minutes before closing time thanks to YoBi!! Fortunately Pizza was the right answer and I ordered what I had 2 days ago. Il Padrino Pizza and the Chicken Pizza. Aahah not sure how highly or lowly did they thought of it but poor Rosanne. She was on fire after a bite of Il Padrino pizza because they had chilli flakes on it. Did not know she cannot eat spicy food, but when I come to think of it, she eats dim sum with the tim cheong(sweet sauce) instead of the chilli sauce!


PS: Nana is not really her name but I just got the impression of calling the lady co-boss that name there. True enough on the internet, Nana means grandma eehheh.


Later that night we had dinner at Bintang before going for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at Carousel. The movie was hell crap :S. I enjoyed this movie the least out of all the Harry Potter series! Not to mention we sat in the FIRST ROW! KIASU OR NOT? @.@



Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Birthdays!: Yvonne’s Italian 26th

Yvonne grew another year younger yesterday, so we decided to have a small birthday dinner for her. So hardd to plan hehe! Need to know what cake to buy, where to eat, what time is a good time etc etc.! Some more Yobi claims it is so easy to plan@@.  Oh well, after much consideration I thought we’d go to Mario for his pizzas and pastas once again! OK, he’s not really quite the Mario in Smash Bros but he’s got the nose and face I’d say.



Can you spot him? lol I believe you all can. He’s the one at the far left!


He is really good at making his pizzas! The crust might be burn a little at times but they feel very light and not too doughy or chewy. We ordered two large ones to share amongst ourselves!


Pizza il Padrino, the house specialty. Very tasty! The prosciutto  is very flavourful.



This was il Padrino’s Chicken Pizza, the taste was very good.. but! butttt!! After eating the first pizza which was the saltier one, the Chicken pizza felt a little lack of salt.


I was quite filled up by the time the 6 of us finished the pizza but there was more to fill us up! Pastas here are good in my opinion. However some of the pasta lack flavour. But I remember watching Jamie Oliver’s cooking show where he went to Italy to make pasta. His first try was a failure because the Italians described him as too complicated. Too much meat, flavouring etc etc. So I think if you are craving for some authenticity, then this must be it!


Passion for pasta! That is Nuzzino, the man I call Mario! The picture is really grainy because I was sitting 3 tables away ahah. But oh well, the words are pretty clear!



This was the Tagliatelli which Yh and I ordered one each. Liked the sauce a lot. Really good! Added Parmesan to make it even cheesier! Mouse Approved :)



Yvonne and Sister ordered a Bolognaise each! Does not taste as tasty as it looks apparently :(



Kelvin’s Carbonara! Weird thing he ordered this ahaha. I was expecting him to order something tomato base as he has lots of this every week when he goes to work in Hot Box! He said it did not fare as well as the one at Tiamo! But being kind as usual, he says it taste ok.


After eating all the noodles, we were loaded to the brim. Tip us over a little and we might drip? Leak? lol. But we were not done there yet! We finished off with the cake we bought from Corica’s for Yvonne! A blueberry cheesecake! hehehe



This is birthday girl, her mouth was painful because she took out 4 of her tooth because she wants to do braces.


She’s so funny clapping to her own birthday cake. Not to mention she pays more attention to the sparkler than the camera @@


And finally the picture of the birthday girl in sequence. Something I decided to do randomly. But oh the picture qualities were totally ruined! The website that did this for me did not allow me to full the full resolution pictures unfortunately!



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