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Monday, April 7, 2008

Something Cute ~ Fluff ball Bibi!


It's been quite a hectic week so far. But I'm loving every single bit of it!  Studies are also going to be in code red in just a moments time as 4 exams are due next week! HOho... this might be my last post till then but again, perhaps not!  Last week David Jones was having sale too hehehe Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren n other brands were one sale as well! But none of the peeps bought anything coz Yi Heng bought his NIke Sbs and his Ipod Nano and is feeling guilty, William bought his Sennheisser HD 555 rwarrr, and Jhui bought a car @.@..


The weekend was really really fun too!! On Saturday Mandy and I cooked branch or more like I COOKED branch.  We had Pasta Stroganoff.  She loved every bit of it and I'm  glad. hehe.  After that we went over to my sister's place to spend the rest of the weekend!  If you all remember I promised to take some picture of my sister's baby :)





Hehe well everyone, it is pretty obvious already. But if you have not noticed, my sister's new baby is not really a BABY but a lil puppy called Bibi.  She is from the Maltese-Shih Tzu. breed  According to my sister this Bibi is really a baby!  Need to sleep like 1000 times a day.  Cries in the middle of the night.  Need to take it's meal often, loves and needs a lot of attention.  But it is really a nice lil living soul.  Amanda really love it as well haha.. She now says if I every want to give her a teddy bear I can just buy a puppy for her instead but nahhhh it'll be ages before I do so since we're both too caught up with university things.




Bibi looking eagerly at her mommy cooking dinner!! We had bak kut teh that night! Not bad but the meat was no tender enough :p


After awhile, Bibi got tired and needed a rest after her meal! She looked so manja every time she's about to fall asleep.. So I need to kacau her ahahah! Every time I do that I get scolding by her AUNTY.




Someone is falling asleep..



zzzZzzz... sleeping time :) Cute horr!! Sometimes I compare her to a baby polar bear !! Looks really similar! Hen Ke Ai :P Like my sweetheart ahaha




Someone feeling a tad of drowsiness after her half hour nap?? Or perhaps half minute sleep since I disturbed her a lil :)




After dinner, I tried to do my work again.. the civil question is really so annoying!! Had 7 tried on it before getting it right and JEezzzz the answer really took so long to get.. But I finally got it right :) And guess what?? Mr Hua got home from work and copy my working!! Sooo not fairrrrr!! But it is ok!! I get free lunch from him!!




After dinner we were having some family hour with Bibi "baby-ing"  us with her baby attitude and gestures. But gosh when she bites you, I think you will consider her a devil!! So painful lerr her nibble.. But it is normal for puppies to be like this since they go through a period called teething! The clock hit an hour before midnight and we started monopolyyy.. Wah in that game my sister only got like 1?2? perhaps 3 properties lol.


The game was soooo tiring that I eventually gave up after 2 hour into the game.  Gave sweetheart my assets while I dropped a property to my sister at cost price.  Lied on the couch before falling asleep!  At 3 they decided to call it a day... *Finally*...


And the final picture for the little dog!! Looking as blur as everrrR




On Sunday I worked at Super IGA at Belmont for 6 hours before going to Nando's and I downed 3/4 of a chicken man!! Soo damn hungry coz lunch at 4!  Later in the night, there was  a family dinner at my uncle's place.  My aunty from M'sia is here for good hehe.  Dinner was nice, had a different Ricadonna dessert wine. Very fruit and bubblyy so niceee!


A very accomplished weekend!! And now, to achieve an accomplished mid-semester period!


gracias por señoras y caballero de la lectura