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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bites: A Porky Breakfast @ Smuggled Seeds Espresso, Leederville

Smuggled Seeds Espresso in Leederville is my latest food haunt. Its interior was tiny yet extremely neat and clean.  Its presence in the other end of Leederville is certainly bringing excitement to the suburb beyond the boundaries of the norm like Kailis, Little Caesars, Jus, and Sayers. Though popular for their perfectly brewed coffee, I am unable to comment as I do not like coffee. Instead I sought refuge in the very hearty green tea latte. Creamy, and rich with a mild sweetness from the macha, this was lovely. Do note that it does not come with sugar. So add to your hearts content at the table ;)! 

For my brunch, I ordered the Double roasted Char Siu with Onsen Eggs on toast ($13). The Char Siu was beautifully caramelised and each bite was still amazingly tender. In many ways it felt braised due to its tender meat. I really quite liked this one. The flavours were right, and the egg perfect. Really hard to complain about anything. 

 However, if I had one dislike it would be how the Char Siu was put on one toast and the eggs on the other. I wanted something a little sexier and not so disjointed in approach. Maybe two toast leaning on each other with the Char Siu on it with the eggs sitting at the very top with a sprinkling of finely chopped scallions. (Hint: My picture would look nicer if the subject was centred :)! ) 
 For two guys that rarely drink coffee, an 8 am brunch on Saturday at one of the best coffee places in town was a rather unlikely scenario. Nevertheless, that was where I had my brunch with Jordo. Smuggled Seed Espresso was an amazing host for an early Winter breakfast. Lovely warm drinks with good food to match, it was easily a hidden gem. This venue is also one that does not let you queue in the cold like an idiot. At least for now. Also, while I am not the biggest spender and neither am I a stingy pot, it does not take a genius to figure out that for $13, breakfast at Smuggled Seeds Espresso in Leederville was an absolute steal! So what are you waiting for?

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Cari Makan: Plan B @ Bangsar Village.

Meeting up with friends during the weekends is an enjoyable routine back home in KL.  The good friends from high school make crapping sessions over a cheap drink impeccably perfect.  All meet ups are too common and almost routine until I realise, “WTF*ck?  Where is my homie #!”  But these concerns over the past week were diminished as we managed to rescue Justin from the depths of his hideous routine.  I’m not exaggerating this.  The level of secrecy of his activities and rejection from him is literally painful.  But no worries, we got him out to spend the noon with us today xD!  The lunch was at Plan B @ Bangsar Village after attending a session with Z at Zhan Sheng’s church.

IMG_7742‘Plan B's interior was modern with industrial fittings cluttered on to the ceilings.  Walls were finished racked with high school-days science lab solution bottles.  Remember those rusty brown semi-transparent bottles?  The crew of waiter and waitress were pretty stylish, ditching the collared tee-apron cliché for a tee + vest combination.  Not unusual as I have seen plenty of these but I still fall for it every single time.

THE Plan B.  At the end of this meal, I was actually glad that the people who started Delicious, actually did Plan B..  because they needed it. Badly.  Delicious literally sucked.  Much thanks to Yobi who introduced Plan B to me :)!!

Some thirst quenchers.
Clock wise from left to right: My Root Beer Float @  5 bucks,  Fat ass Yobi’s half drunk Chocolate Milkshake, Zi Yan’s Oreo Milkshake and Zhan Sheng's Ice Chocolate.  The drinks were pretty dope with the exception of the Iced Chocolate haha.

Oh, and DINERS. PUKE ALERT. BEWARE.  The glass used to serve sky juice is laced with saliva.  With a sample size of 6 cups, you have a 1in 2 chance of having such a  cup.  Smell before you drink.  Wipe before you make contact.  Absolute POTONG-STIM of the day.  Saliva laced cups. @.@!! <—Herpes

And for the mains, we helped ourselves to:
Josephine and I ordered the Asian Style Soft Shell Crab with Pasta @ Rm19 each serve.  Liked the way the sauce was a close imitation of  Wong Poh’s famous buttermilk crabs, minus the sweetness.  Had a good aroma, creamy sensation and pretty salty.  But that is ok for me.  Food without enough salt is like having no food at all. You get my drift right?  The feeling of having eaten but not satisfied? This dish used lots of curry leaves giving it a delicious aroma unlike the frozen ones back in Australia. And despite the small bits of cut chilli and sprinkles of chilli flakes, the pasta was not spicy at all.

Yobi went heavy on meat and decided to go for the double cheeseburger @ Rm21.
Thick slab of burger patty made from premium mince I’m assuming.  He said you cannot compare this to Alfred’s but I can see his face.  I easily read off his face that the burgers from down under still rule. HAhahahahaha.  I liked the shoestring chips though.  Like Meccas minus the proven rule of Mecca’s chips immortality.

Justin’s Carbonara  @ RM15.
Described as light and creamy without the feeling that you’ve had enough even before finishing half of the pasta, I think Justin liked it.  I had a taste of it, and true enough, it tasted good.  But I have tasted better ones at Tiamo Nedlands where all the ingredients a chopped so finely it sticks so very nicely on each strand of pasta making it an instant pleasure to the taste buds.  I can make it too HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Zi Yan’s meatball pasta.
Comments?  None.  It was quietly eaten from the corner of the table. Hahaha.

Zhan Sheng’s Sandwich.  He got rejected twice while ordering, and settled for this.  Looks pretty damn awesome. And I liked the way the chips appeared, but not so much for the taste unfortunately.  The sandwich looked humungous and I think it was super filling too!
Plan B reviewers also raved about the variety of cakes offered at the counter.  So we decided to try some of it despite having overeaten already.   The best pastries for me were the Orange Peel & Poppy Seed Muffin while the  Red Velvet cake was a good change from the typical carrot cake.  The Red Velvet had red berry sponge? with thin chocolate layers finished with a coating of cream cheese!  Delightful!

By the end of the meal, I was 33 bucks poorer but heaps happier.  While we still meet up quite often, a missing member makes it incomplete.  Disregard the laughter, disregard the joy, a missing one is a missing 1.  Oh, and this was actually meant to be my overdue “birthday” lunch ahaha.  Enjoyed it pretty damn much!!

If the quality and standard is maintained, this is definitely a place to revisit in the future.  Fairly priced, I think Malaysians would not mind coming to these up market places for some gastronomy pleasures.  Will definitely try the much hyped Gruyere Muffin the next time around.  Oh and please do not forget about the cups.  You partner would definitely want to know where you got your Herpes from.  Jkjk.

Till then. ;-)


Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday B@sh: Vil’s 23rd!

It’s was a very long day for William yesterday, but definitely something he will remember for times to come.   Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day which we spent at the beach with all of our friends.  The beach was awesome.  Icey cold water before noon was a definite morning wake up call.  One dive in and my eyes popped into its place immediately.  Edwin, Xin Ling and Cherry were all in the water and gosh we were freezing!  An hour later, all of the people arrived and we buried William in the sand hehe.  He almost died from suffocation @@!

We later finished the day with a greasy meal @ Cicerellos.  Yummy snapper with chips downed with good old seafood chowder!  But that was not all the food we had.  After fish and chips we headed over to Baskin Robbins where I shared a pint of ice cream with Xin Ling to halve the fatness with her hoho.  I was so tired that by the time we reached home, I could only think of a shower before having a short nap.

No pictures in the day time unfortunately :(! I smart-assed-ly forgot to bring my memory card!

Later in the night we headed to Utopia to cut Vil’s cake!
Birthday Boy!

There were 14 people yesterday. Hmm… or maybe more?
Ms Xin Ling, Chee Rong and Edwin!

Yee Sim & Yee Teng!


<- Smile Fail

Fishman & Me

Jas, Edwin, Cherry and Kelvin!

Karaoke People having fun!!

Unfortunately Utopia shut its doors earlier on weekdays(approx 1am).  So we were forced to leave earlier than desired!  We decided to not end our day there.. so we headed to China Town for supper.  Unable to decide which restaurant to go to, Xin Ling smartly talked to the boss and made sure we were to have a discount if we ate at any of the restaurants.  In the end we decided to try Mak’s Place The first restaurant on the Uncle Billy’s row.


We were the only people eating there and we took up 3 tables hehe!

This is Miss Cherry.  She looks very cute here @@!  Nice V-sign pose ahah.  Few things about this particular restaurant.  Firstly, the dishes are really cheap but the price of the rice and tea is costly.  It’s $3.50 for both.  Fortunately the dishes did not cost more than 13 bucks per dish.  We ordered a mixture of $10 dollar ones as well as a few $13 dollars ones.  Not sure how long will this promo be on though.  Next thing about this place is that it STINKS.  Yes read again, it stinks =X!  The stench was not one of fried food but more of the unhygienic smelly stinky smell @@!!  That was really quite a turn off for me.

Oh well,

Some of the food we ordered were:
Peking Spare Ribs

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sliced Fish with Corn Sauce

Sizzling Bean curd

Vegetable in Garlic and Chicken Broth

Crispy Chicken in Chilli and Vinegar sauce.

So, how did the food fare? Well, YH gives it a 3/10 ahah.  I though the chicken was quite ok hehe.  The pork dishes was also OK-lah.  But I probably would not come here again.  Oh yeah, I think the bean curd dish was horrible @.@!!


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australian Day: Jim’s Thai Feast.

Yesterday citizens, non-citizens and all living things were celebrating Australia’s national day.  Don’t we all just love to celebrate?  What gets better than kicking back, and booze up instead of suiting up on a weekday?  Australian day is also known as “Invasion day” which is likely to be a portrayal of the day the Brits brought the Beatles to the land down under.  Now not only the Brits have arrived, Jim has bragging rights too.  Jim has officially become a citizen of Australia in what I would describe as a bitter-sweet occurrence.  Now who’s going to hook me up with Thai chicks? jkjk! ahah
Jim’s mom was nice enough to invite us to have a small celebration in his apartment located in East Perth.  It was going to be my second time here and I just couldn’t let Jim’s mom do all the cooking again so I suggested that we all should cook a bit and bring over anything.  But alas in an inevitable outcome, Jim’s mom pretty much did 80%. lol.  From his balcony which is super shit big, we were guaranteed a view to the firework display.

The peeps chilling.  Vil, Elizabeth, Vanessa, CR, Sister, Jim and I hmm felt like there was more?? Oh Yobi too!! Rwarrr!

A summer day’s elixir of cool-downs.  Booze? Checked! Soda? Checked! Juice? Checked! Chilled? Checked!

While I was snooping around the balcony, my sister went around shooting pictures of the plane about the size of a fly buzzing all around the sky.

Can you see the smoke? eheh!  After drinking and chilling we were all starving and yeah we got the food out and it was time to eat! rwarrr!

Tacos, Salads, Noodles and sort!

Sister’s guacamole was gastronomic with the tacos.

My crumbled chicken was no lesser either! Had approx 25 pieces or more for 20 sheets of tacos.  But by the end of the meal there were 0 chicken and 10 sheets of tacos left =.=!

Jim’s mom made for us Thai style fried kuey teow which was pretty damn yums!  But the pickled radish that packs one hell of a flavour was absent.  I guess they just don’t use it for this dish.  But the last time Jim’s mom used it for the pad Thai, it was orgasmic! For all that matters, I recall having 4 Kingkong sizes when Jim’s mom made it!  After our meal we were typically lazy to do anything.  Sat around, kick back and chatters of ridiculous jokes could be heard.  With me contributing some pretty lame dirty jokes @@!  I’m pretty sure I was having an awesome time considering I had to think twice about what day it was.

Fireworks was up next when the sun switched off.
30 spectacular minutes of fireworks with several intermissions where Vil went like “Oh, finish already!” and seconds later the fireworks would go on as if defying Vil on purpose ahah.  But fireworks being fireworks, there really isn’t too much to shout about.  Not to mention my skills to take firework pictures really suck ahah.

What there was to shout about is dessert that came after the fireworks :D!!

Jim’s mom did her ultra awesome sticky rice for us!  The savoury glutinous rice infused with coconut milk was insanely flavoursome which each spoon urging you to take the next till you can’t even stand up! MMMMMh! It really was sooo yummy! noooooooooooooooooooooooo @.@!! Jim gets it every week once!!

The glutinous rice went with Durian paste as well as mangoes but because the mango came when I was halfway through it, it didn’t have a picture from me ahah.
Durian flesh cooked with coconut milk to dawn an orgasmic paste that even the heavens of Australia would cast its jealousy upon. Slurps! The durian flesh seems to be the real deal here.  Not sure whether it came canned or did Jim’s mom make it out of frozen Thai Durians!! Loved every bit of the sticky rice regardless of whether it was a durian or mango combination!  Brings back memories in Thailand where the night is often filled with lovely desserts like this one!

By the end of the day, I left happy, fat and tired!  Glad to have a holiday like this in the middle of a working week! Really works to keep the mind free from boredom.   Oh and how much did I eat? Well I pooped 4 times in the last 12 hours since I finished my meal @ Jim’s place.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Perth Royal Show: Smoke-Free

This is the time of the year again where Perth Kids get to sleep later than 9pm.  Like seriously, they always sleep at 9 =.=”!  The Royal Show seems to be a place I return every year without fail (so far at least!).  This year was no exception but I did not take too many pictures as the events were more or less the same ahah.  My pictures revolved mainly around guinea pigs which I so crazily rushed my friends through lunch to make sure I got to see my guinea pigs which were going to race @ 2.  But before the race there was some other competition which judged the cavies for beauty and posture.



Kids love their cavies!



Kids cheering on during the race!  Guinea pigs are better than the AFL I’d suppose.



A guinea pig and its master. This guy won the first round of the race! Although it barely finished the race! The other guinea pigs ran halfway and then they started running back because they thought their owners cheers are actually orders for them to come back ahaha!


There were other animals such as the emu which was at the exhibition.  The adult emu is freaking scary I tell you!  Take a look for yourself:



After that we sat around chilling and seeing man chopping wood! I know it sounds boring but it is not all that boring when you see a guy chopping only 30 chops after the first dude starts choppin and still wins.



A friendly message from the loggers!:



9Rides were abundant but I wasn’t gutsy enough to do any of them.  I think I’m old already @@!  I used to go on all the rides without considering the consequences.  Now I take a look at the ride and say nah! That thing might snap any moment or ohh the safety belts might just unlock and flyyyyyy awayyyyyyy I will go! @@  Vil and Yh say the Nitro which I sat last year.  The picture is on the left.  Vil said he almost passed out! Good man he is for pushing his fear for heights lol!



After the rides sister came and joined us for dinner there.  Had the ribs mmm! But some of the ribs were a bit overcooked so it was tough!  But it was OK overall! We sat around the large field and saw motocross which was absolutely aweeeesome!  Horse show followed soon after with the rodeos covered in neon tubes! Kickass!  After their rounds, they trotted along the arena perimeter and let the kids pat the horses! So nice of them ahah.  Lastly was the fireworks display which was very nice as well! The kids in front of me kept going on and on about “I luv it! I luv it”! Great night out for the kids in Perth I guess ahah.