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Friday, December 10, 2010

Bites: Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ Kuala Lumpur

It has been a splendid holiday so far.  Mom and dad spent a few days last week to bring my sis and I around town.  One of the places we ate at, was Levain Boulangerie Patisserie.  It is the talk of the town  and is still pretty hot from what I observed.  The place is packed even before lunch time and I believe, even crazier during lunch time itself.  We went there at 11 for brunch as advised by the baker.  This was because most of the stuff comes out fresh from the oven at that time.  Mom, dad and sis went there once for evening tea, and there was hardly anything left :’-(. 

IMG_0299One of the photos with the effect from Instagram.  I love that logo of theirs next to the name.  The girl with a bike which has a trolley attached to it, filled with French loaves.  It adds class to an already fancy name.  Or maybe it only applies to me who is illiterate in French. xD!   “Boulangerie” Okkkkkkkkkkk!  As if I know what that means, but it does not matter.  In the end, it is the money and taste that tells me whether I should be back here for a second time.


On the food, I do not have individual pictures, but I do have a bunch of stacked up pastries :)!


On the top right is a pastry with macadamia and pistachios.  It has a sweetish crust with nuts and seed sin it.  Really delicious and simple.  But, nothing gets simpler than the donut twist in the middle, my sister loves it.  But truth be said, she would fall for any similar doughnut sold at any other bakeries!  The Mango cheese tart is the first one I’m having in my trip back to Malaysia, and I love it.  I love pretty much everything which cheese.  Not sure what a picky eater would say.  And on the bottom left, we have the curry chicken doughnut.  It was yummy as well.  And not on picture was the turkey pizza.  I kinda liked it.  Very cheesy and generous on ingredients!  Verdict?  OMG.

Is this all so truthfully delicious or am I just psyched up from my holiday mood.  My mom frequents this place when she was placed in KL; bringing her friends and clients for business talk and sort, and she says its a nice place.  But I cannot really tell. Moreover,  I have never been a big fan of pastries.  I just love eating. Oh, and something happened here.  My mom’s coffee had lipstick stain. so she demanded a change and we got something for free, a Durian Cheesecake!! Uh-oh!!

IMG_0300The complementary Durian Cheesecake, or more like a compensation from going into a lawsuit.  What can I say about it? Cheesy, yummy, and oh, free!


The environment here is nice and pleasant.  Pretty quiet too!  Also, the prices for the pastries are decent.  About 3-5 ringgit each depending on what you pick.  But the killer for me were the drinks. Coffee starts at 8 a cup.  Iced Chocolate goes for 12 bucks.  That was all a bit crazy!  Nonetheless, what you pay, you get.  Its quality stuff here!!!Rwarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! More updates soon!!



Saturday, November 20, 2010

Filling in the Gap: Problem & Solution.

Problem: The 40 degree insanity.  Dying Perth-lings


Self explanatory.  Perth and its beaches are one of the best things ever.  Fact! :D


Friday, November 19, 2010

Filling in the Gap: The best combination.

39 degrees.  That is the weather in Western Australia at the moment.  Tomorrow, we might see it peak at 40 maybe?  Me and heat, that is a cursed combination.  Yesterday, XL and I went to Carousel to catch the new Harry Potter movie.  While I’m not the biggest Potter fan on screen, the new movie impresses when compared to its predecessor.  Lunch time was kept simple, McDonalds for the win.  A nice large value meal with cold drinks to quench my thirst!



McDonalds.  The great combination a.k.a McChicken McValueMeal

I have always thought of the McValue meal at Meccas as great value.  Awesome combination that fills me up to the brim with added satisfaction in the process.  One of the best things about McD is the apparent consistency that is present now matter how far apart the restaurants are.  The one in Australia pretty much tastes the same like the one in KL, so does the branch in Hong Kong.  It is pretty damn wicked, sick is it not?  This makes some restaurants pretty damn shit.  Same restaurant, same chef, same food, different day, different taste.  This especially applies to all the Malay and Indian restaurants back home in KL.  But I guess this consistency comes with all the hype and experiments regarding how long can the food last before rotting.  But truth be said, no one cares.


Ok enough ranting about McDonalds.  After the Potter movie, all of us, including the guys that have finished exam headed for a swim down at the Victoria Park AquaLife centre.  5 bucks rip off!!  Did not really enjoy the swim there.  After the swim, it was dinner time.  A bunch of overjoyed engineers and steamboat was on the schedule.  But the weather killed us all.  Despite buying just enough food, I was full even though I did not eat much.  It was so saddening.  Sitting at the table, I saw all the balls floating around the broth.  This again was all thanks to the stupid weather.  Summer and steamboat, officially the worst combination EVER.  Ok enough complaints.


Off to bed I go.  Time to enjoy the comfort of an antique air conditioning systems.



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Filling in the Gap: My Lady Luck!

Most people know my stories.  From the outside, it is pictured like a grasshopper, but inside, its really just incompatibility.  But when you find your very own charmer, it does not need a second thought.  It is simply just too obvious.  The riddles are self-explanatory and it all comes together.  The busy year slipped through like a breeze despite the entanglements involved.


She’s my 88.  Made by IPhone, Nursed by Instagram.


The no. 88 is a simple Chinese representation of prosperity.  Depicted above is mine.  But there are a few other ladies in my life.  My mom, sister, grandmother and a few others.  I must really thank them for all the ease and encouragement they have brought to my live.  For some, their presence alone makes a difference.



Monday, November 15, 2010

Filling in the Gap: Exams?.. Over?

It is funny that I’m blogging about examination period coming to an end for me. This is so considering the time that has passed since the engaging period of my 4th year came to an end.  But there is a certain difference when you finish exam alone, and, when your partner  or friends finishes with you. Alone its funny.  They study while you spend the whole day killing aliens or invading Vietnam.  But since Xin Ling finished her exam two days ago, CR today and the rest of the mates on Thursday or so, this calls for a celebration ey>? Haha!!! A little bit on the premature side but after I went to pick up a cake for the little darling after brunch at a new dim sum restaurant.


photo (14)

Holiday Birthday.  Made by IPhone, Nursed by Instagram.


A cake fit for dessert lovers.  The mango cake from Esthers @ William Street, Northbridge.  The top of the cake is layered with a thin slice of mango.  And between each sponge layer, a lovely combination of cream and more mangoes! 


Holidays :)!  15 years of exams and counting.  We never stop learning do we?