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Monday, January 23, 2017

Bites: Top Notch Cheeseburger @ Royal's Chicken & Burger, Victoria Park.

You've probably seen it, drove past it and maybe even walked past it. But you've not been in Royal’s Chicken & Burger. So maybe you should. I've finally had a chance to visit Royals and who doesn't love a good meal of burgers, wings and chips? If you don’t you're probably out of your mind. 

The menu is not complicated.  If you go for the wings, pick how many and what sort of sauce you want. That evening we had the Honey Pepper and the Buffalo Wings (lvl of spiciness - Hot). 

Pictured above is the buffalo wings with a heat level of “hot” which is just before the "hell-ishly" spicy one. And it packed a kick for what it was worth.  If you frown at the delicious Merrywell Lollipop wings due to the lack of heat, Royal’s Chicken and Burger will not disappoint.  Celery stick is its usual accompaniment along with a blue cheese dip.  Now, if only the sauce bowl was slightly wider so I could dip the wings in the sauce..?  Moving on, the Honey Pepper Chicken tasted "OK", but lacked any real appeal.  There were not crispy bits coated in honey whatsoever, in fact it felt a little soggy at one point.  But if you cannot eat fiery Buffalo Wings or dislike the acidity of the vinegar, this makes for a fair substitute.

Once we were done with the appetisers, it was time to move on to the burger.  Royal’s Chicken & Burger has a couple of burgers on their menu.  But what better way is there than to assess burgerfection that try their most basic cheeseburger, the no frills basic that when done right makes tongue wag!  The Royal with Cheese (with an extra slice of American Cheese +$1)!

I think this has got to be the juiciest patty I have had in a while! Cooked just right, red in the middle and slightly crusty on the outside it was heavenly.  Trying to keep things minimalistic, all I had in there was two serves of cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion.  No vegetable bullshit stopping the marriage of meat and bun.  Pickles were delicious and the chemistry between the mustard and ketchup was on point.  The Royal with Cheese was simplicity at its best!

Do I enjoy Royal’s Chicken & Burger?  Sure did.  Its take on the classic cheeseburger is a solid success with little distractions from what it was meant to be.  I bloody love a good burger!!! On the other hand, our reception towards the wings was a little mixed depending on whether you had the honey pepper or the buffalo or even the Southern Fried Chicken. While the Buffalo Wings got a nod of approval from around the table, the Honey Pepper was lacklustre and Southern Fried Chicken was a tad dry and did not really excite!  Definitely coming back for my burger feed!

RoyAl's Chicken & Burgers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Monday, December 28, 2015

London: Literally Burger and Lobster @ Burger & Lobster, Soho

Have you ever wandered into a restaurant only to be confused by a menu that goes on for ages?  So have I.  That is until I started blogging.  But one genius has came up with a restaurant that serves 3 dishes and only 3 dishes with no options for sides whatsoever.  It is so simple that they do not even have a menu.  This is the famous Burger & Lobster and its £20 menu.  If its name does not give it away, the restaurant literally serves burger and lobsters.   Coming in for lunch at 2pm on Saturday, I was thankful to have waited for a short 15 minutes before being seated.  I have heard other people who have waited for over 2 hours!   

Diners at Burger & Lobster have a choice between the beef burger, the poached/grilled lobster and the lobster roll.  Jacques and I decided to share a serve of poached lobster and the beef burger.

The kind chefs in the kitchen help split them in half for us so there was no need for any cutting whatsoever.

The burger half:
We asked the burger to come medium rare to get the best of the juicy patty.  The burger came brilliantly red in the middle so it was no surprise that the first bite was intensely juicy.  Simply seasoned with salt and pepper, it was delicious!  Jacques on the other hand thought it was a little too red.  I can see his concerns as certain parts looked really red haha.

The lobster half:

To get the best of the lobster, we opted for the poached one.  Having it poached means you get a flesh that amplifies the naturally sweet-briny flavours of the crustacean.   Not to mention, the flesh stays extremely juicy if poached for the right amount of time.  Then comes the best part, the meaty claw!  Biting into its meaty flesh was every bit satisfying!  Almost like biting into a giant drumstick!  Dip it in the accompanying parsley butter for an extra kick of flavour!  

Burger & Lobster served me an enjoyable meal that day.  If the queue is not too overbearing,  I would definitely come back for another meal.  Thinking back, if I came back feeling really hungry, I might even consider ordering one lobster and burger for myself!  They were both amazingly tasty dishes.  In saying that, I admit that the lobster alone would might really small.  In fact, the body of the lobster was rather small, but remember so was my £20 pound note!  Thankfully their perfectly fried fries and salad made help complete the meal.

Visit 2:

Burgers & Lobster was an enjoyable meal for me back when I was in London. However, there was a lingering feeling of incompleteness as I have not been able to try their Lobster Roll which is the final item on the menu.  Fortunately I revisited the London and brought a couple of friends to try out Burger & Lobster. 

Lobster Roll 

Filled to the brim with sweet lobster flesh and served between a brioche bun brings heaven a little closer to earth.  It was essentially eating a lobster without the fuss of peeling the shells.  But is it the exact same? Well this is a definite no.  Nothing quite beats the flesh of the plump juicy lobster flesh you get from a freshly prepared lobster.  The Lobster roll was a convenient thing but for the best flavour, I would definitely call the Lobster which I did too :)!

Burger & Lobster Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sunday, October 18, 2015

London: Reminiscing NYC @ Shake Shack, Convent Garden.

One of the most random eats I did in London was at Shake Shack in Convent Garden.  It simply happened when I walked past by the market for the second time.  Seeing a Shake Shack and nothing eating there is almost like sinning!  So despite being  stuffed from the breakfast I had before, I decided to order the single Shack burger and a Salted Caramel Shake (they ran out of peanut butter !@#%).
First bite in and I was over the moon.  The yummy patty sandwiched between a shiny-sweet bun with a drizzling of secret "Shack Sauce"  was still as amazing as I remembered it to be.  Shake Shack's patty was simply scrumptious and this was a very basic combination that did wonders when it came to flavours.  Every bite was reminiscence of my trip to NYC last year.  It was sensational.  So much better than the gargantuan Shack Stack which I had last year. It is amazing how the folks at Shake Shack can mass produce something that tastes so good!  No meal at Shake Shack is complete without their Milk Shakes.  So if you are ever deciding between skipping the cola for an ice cream or vice versa, I tell you now to put both aside.  The milkshake at Shake Shack is the best of both worlds.  Thick, creamy and rich in caramel, it was slightly sweet but every bit yummy.  Good old fat ass moments I have to say.

For some reason, I was not so impressed when I first had Shake Shack at the Grand Central shop.  But a re-visit to its original location in Madison Square convinced me of Shake Shacks cult status.   Re-visiting Shake Shack in Convent Garden and I was convinced for the second time, that this is a truly delicious burger.  Definitely come here for a treat!

Shake Shack Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Monday, August 4, 2014

NYC Trip: The End

If someone asks you how big is New York City? Just say “Too big,”.  It really is.  Over a week, I ate my way through the big Apple and found many places irresistibly yummy! Despite a sore foot, I merely covered an area in Manhattan that spans from the Upper East till Downtown.

Although I could never really finish the city, I think I did pretty well food wise and here is an almost complete list of places where I dined sorted into 2 price categories.

NYC Essentials (<$20)

An iconic burger places with occasional collaborations with top chefs that is neither too commercialised to be a joint nor too unique to be a one-off boutique burger place.  But if you are having one of those “days”, what better than a shack burger paired with fries and a happy ending of peanut butter shake.  Happy days!

Start the meal with a basic Gyoza before calling a main of Hakata Style ramen.  Black garlicky oil on an already amazing porky broth?  Damn it was heaven without the line.  

If Hide Chan was North Pole, then Totto Ramen would be the South Pole.  Different from start to end, the only thing similar between the two is its owner.  At Totto Ramen, enjoy a Chicken Paiten Ramen so amazing it makes one dreams of it at night.  This is a legit pork alternative.  Beware, queues are long.

With popular places like Junior’s in the area, it is easy to overlook this relatively unknown diner.  Yet this might be your best bet for quality breakfast pancakes.  Crispy, fluffy and cooked through with perfection, it was all too hard to ignore.

Being the first does not necessarily makes you the best.  But the best itself could not be anymore subjective.  Old school fit up in this humble little eatery maintains its olden day charm.  Come in solo or with the brood, Nom Wah has got you covered.  When you crawl out of the bed during winter, know that piping hot dim sum is not too far away.

I had one shot to get a taste of New York Pizza into my busy schedule.  Thankfully, a slice at ABP did not disappoint.  With the Artichoke slice spanning across two plates topped with their famous cream base sauce, stringy cheese and caramelised artichokes,  this might be NYC’s best value bite yet at just $4.50 a slice. 

An aluminium wrapped takeaway box with a Middle-Eastern scent is the biggest giveaway that someone is holding a box of faithful mixed platter and rice from the infamous Halal Guys.  From street culture to fast-food joint, the Halal Guys are set to dominate.  Cult descriptions of nuclear red rice topped with pieces of meat and lashing of white sauce is just the beginning of a happy end to the night.  Operating till 4am, now Twilight has no reason to exist. 

Chelsea Market (Chelsea)
So much to eat, so little space to put it in.  Here you can enjoy soup, fresh seafood, independent farmers’ produce, Mexican, Korean, pastries or simply just have a stroll.  From clothing shopping to a filling in a hungry stomach, I love this place.  Located indoors for your convenience too.  After the market, head to the Highline Park just outside Chelsea Market for a mile of enjoyable walk to aid digestion.  It is heaven on rails.


If fine dining has always been a part of your priority undertakings to understand the culture a city was built upon, these finer establishments might be the thing you are looking for.  NYC is a city of swag, so common delights can become fancy and clearly so when acknowledged by the headmasters at the Michelin corp.

Fine Dining at NYC
Classy,  sleek and inspiring.  This Jean Georges spinoff has more finesse in its fried chicken than a French bistro does with its Foie Gras. Its seasonal menu takes simple life pleasures and make it into something special.  The courteous service makes dining here a bliss.

Why is this fine dining?  This is because a $30 burger including tip ands tax is pretty damn fine!  But after 26 years of my life, this 1 Michelin star eatery has delivered what I call the “IT” burger.  With a claim like that, many people will have high expectations I know.  But as mentioned, the thick spread of Roquefort cheese on the brioche bun with a juicy patty shows that the Spotted Pig means business.  But that is IF you enjoy the Spotted Pig's take on the classic cheese burger.

The full tasting menu brought my bill beyond the $50 mark.  But a bread course, 4 seafood courses, a seasonal dessert and petit fours make this a bargain.  Sit down and let the jumbo scallops, sensational pastas, lobsters, crabs and briny sea urchins make their appearance as part of a seafood orchestra by Marea.  Top level service makes progressive dining here a seamless experience.
Another Michelin rated restaurant.  If a sushi master pressing sushi is artsy, prepared to be wow-ed by these handy skewer chefs.  Head to tail movement at its finest, see Chef Atsushi Kono coordinate the delicious transformation of the pedestrian chicken protein into something amazing.

One surprise after the other, the Gramercy Tavern is like a roller coaster ride in your mouth.  High and lows in this Modern American X Asian fusion delivers the best bang for your buck of the lot.  Ranked 1 star by the Michelin guide, the inventive savoury menu will keep your buds craving for more.  But when it comes to a sweet ending, good or bad really comes at the toss of a coin.  However, at $60 plus service charges, the tavern is a lunch time gem.

The Japanese culture is big in the States and Sushi Azabu the front runner for no-nonsense sushi exclusivity without the overwhelming price tag of the more mainstream establishments.  Do not expect California rolls or heavy lashings of pretentious Kewpie to make their mark.  Instead, Shim prepares sashimi prawns, tuna, sea urchins and other fresh offerings served on divine sushi rice.


Food business in NYC is big business.  NYC residents are fussy and no trend is always there to stay when you are at the top of the class.  Evolution counts for survival.  Thankfully, with a superbly variable price tag, there is something for everyone.  Whether it is Asian or Western, Chinese or Japanese, Italian or American, be prepared to eat.  But prices in the big Apple can quickly add up especially if you do not watch the cheque due to taxes and tips which usually bumps the bill up by a minimum of 25%.  So, do tell me what you think if you hit the big Apple and try out the food I had.  Note that all opinions here are a from a hungry traveller's perspective which is one that is open and receptive.  If you come here acting all big headed with a mindset from home, it is likely that you will have different views.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

NYC Bites: The Best Burger @ Spotted Pig, Greenwich Village

There are burgers and then there is THAT burger.  The one that you have been waiting for.  After looking at tonnes of websites including the Gothamist, NYCSeriousEats and a whole host of blogs, I was on my way to what could possibly be the best burger on the East Coast.  Welcome to the Spotted Pig.  A Michelin starred casual dining restaurant set within the Greenwich Village.

Expect to see pigs on the wall, on the counter, along the rails and when your dish arrive, possibly on your plate too. But no pig on my plate today, it was all beef!  When my cheeseburger came, I was thinking “Wow!  This looked exactly what I expected to see,”.  And it was even more to be honest.  
It was simple and lovely.  The bun came with the most perfect chargrilled marks and the thick patty was cooked to order; spot on medium with that lovely pink middle.  Its meat was absolutely tender and seasoned right.  Salt and pepper.  Then comes my biggest love.  The smear of Roquefort cheese.  This French beauty with them lovely mould spots have always been a favourite of mine.  The fragrance of the Roquefort paired with its tangy, sweet - saltiness just provided a depth of richness not achieved by the boring Swiss.  No insults :P!  That is why, whenever I go to Jus Burgers it was always for their blue cheese burger!With a burger patty between two buns and nothing else?  Damn it was heavenly.   

Then comes the fries.  WOW!  So thin and crisp that the picture barely justifies it.   Not to mention the mild garlicky rosemary flavour infused into the regular potatoes that is even harder to explain.  

Alright.  I tend to talk about minimalistic dishes and several restaurants that focuses on purity.   It is usually difficult to relate such characteristics to a burger considering all the other elements that are usual slopped on to a burger including ketchups, mustards, salad and god knows what else.  But when you are presented with a patty, bun and cheese, it was hard to be distracted from the quality of each ingredient.   Here it simply worked.  No need for any special sauce.  No Shack Sauce, Big Mac Sauce or whatsoever Umami driving the sales of other joints.  Just plain old burger with whatever you might want to add after.  

A class act?  I definitely think so if.  And that is a BIG IF you enjoy the Spotted Pig's take on the classic cheese burger as this one is not for everybody.  Instead the Spotted Pig's famous Cheeseburger is likely to please people who enjoy cheese and burger rather than the cheeseburger one normally gets  as the Roquefort is not for everybody.  For me? Spotted Pig, damn you are good.  I loved every bit of this cheeseburger meal and would definitely come back if I ever made another trip to NYC.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

NYC Bites: Shake Shack @ Grand Central Station

Day one in NYC and I decided to start with a lunch at famous Shake Shack.  This branch was situated in the iconic Grand Central station.  Shake Shack to me is a cross between a boutique burger place and a chain store with a established reputation for its fluffy half open bun packed with a yummy patty.  This makes it sort of fall in the middle.  Meaning was it legendarily unique? or just you know, just plain old good.

Whilst their menu was a page long I decided to go with the fan favourite, the Shack Stack.  True enough, it was stacked the American way with a generous crumbled portobello stuffed with mozzarella, a slice of cheese burger patty, lettuce and tomato.  It was pretty damn big!
Taste wise, I felt a little hesitant to say that I was entirely bowled over by the combination.  The patty was tasty and the shiny bun was really a class over most but I did not quite like the stuffed portobello.  The mushroom by itself was quite bland and with a cheese like Mozzarella, the taste of the mushroom became less apparent.  To taste a real Shake Shack is to start with the basic cheese burger I believe :)!

Then came to the fries, and Shake Shack really shine in this department.  The fries were clearly less processed and tastes more original will little meddling with the potato.  It came out crisp and very yummy!
On a later occasion, I also managed to have a go at their famous milkshakes.  This time, at their very first location in Madison Square Park.  I have to say, their peanut butter shake is the best I have tasted.  The chemistry between the salty nuttiness of the peanut butter and sweet vanilla really won me over.  That was one bad ass shake which was super rich. I died halfway and will insist on sharing where possible.  

Legendary eat?  Perhaps not so, but definitely a good NYC essential.  Something that keeps your appetite as happy as your wallet :).  Also, never forget the milk shake! Its super yummy!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bites: The Local Shack @ Perth

Burgers are easily one of most versatile feeds on earth.  With a bun, you can simply stuff anything from an honest patty to a luscious foie gras (see pic here) and even deliciously grilled vegetables.  Perth is no stranger in the gourmet burger scene with Jus Burgers, and Grill’d dominating the market.  On the other hand, we still see a bunch of special places like Alfred’s Kitchen Past and Missy Moos sticking close to their roots and serving their burgers exclusively from the same place.  Past experiences at these places have never let me down, but to a certain extent some of these brands have moved from being “THE burger” to being just another burger thanks to poor quality control and a for-profit mentality. 


So is there still a standout in the crowd?  I was recently invited to another popular spot in town called Local Shack which serves a great combination of alcoholic beverages with delicious burgers.  To start we had crunchy chips with a herbed aioli.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGolden brown crunchy goodness kept our tummies satisfied while we waited for our drinks and burgers.  It was crunchy as it should be and the aioli was just perfect.  Definitely went well around the table especially when the watermelon cocktail arrived at the table!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe watermelon cocktail which was the perfect drink for non-alcoholics.  The subtle alcohol taste made it easy to consume.  A mixture of Vodka and Midori gave that kick but not to the extent where one would go on a high.  I really enjoyed this drink as it was simply refreshing and the fruitiness was great considering the type of food we were about to have!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe burgers came looking big.  No doubt on generosity unlike some places where the patty is only half the size of the bun!  My pick for the night was the Moroccan Lamb @ $16!  Built from prime Australian Lamb, brie, roasted capsicum, and a refreshing homemade Tzatziki, this really hits the Moroccan sweet spot.  The subtle tang from the capsicum went well with a cool tatziki.  There was some heat in the burger as well probably due to the spices.  It was a great feed.  I would particularly like to point out that the lamb tasted great too. 


Little darling and Yv had the Bring it On @ $14 which was the Shack’s take on a good cheese burger.  Perhaps a bit more luxury with the crispy bacon, and herbed aioli included.  As expected, the girls struggled to the finish line with the little darling forced to leave her burger roll behind.  I had a little bit of hers and found the patty to be a stand out once again .  At the Shack, its not a plain patty with salt and pepper as there were herbs and other ingredients infused together.  I cannot complain about the sauces but one improvement diners will expect is the “crispy bacon” promise which was only partially fulfilled as the bacon was in no way a qualified crispy bacon.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFishman had no fish for his burger but decided to fulfill his steak cravings with the Shack Steak burger  @$16.  With little complains except for the readiness of the meat, he enjoyed the burger and complement the whole package to be “still a nice burger to eat”.  Perhaps a few resting minutes before coming would have been ideal as his plate was mildly soaked with the juices from the steak.


Looking back at our meal here last Friday, I really found the Local Shack to be a great place for friends looking for a casual hangout.  Its laid back environment with catchy music videos paired with great burgers and drinks quickly lived up to its name, the Local Shack.  It does not throw gimmicky marketing like “healthy burgers” because seriously, let’s get real.  If I were to eat a burger, do I even count the calories? Obviously not.   


So this brings me back to my main question. Is there still a standout in this overpopulated scene?  Definitely yes with the likes of the Local Shack, Missy Moos and Alfred’s.  The Local Shack for me might not the BEST burger but to be honest, I have not found any burger worthy of that title yet.  More importantly, this place packs substance in their burgers!  Also, it is so depressing to find the lack of exclusivity and honesty in places like Jus Burger and Grill’d makes them no more different than McDonalds. In fact, I will not lie that Jus Burgers used to be my favourite gourmet burger place in 2008-9.  Back then it was just Leederville.  Then things started growing and the rest is history.  Sucks.



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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bites: Missy Moos Burgers @ Fremantle

Coming back to Perth after holidays, I knew that my care free life would have been put to rest.  Eating like a glutton, bunking in bed from 12 till 12.  You should know what I mean.  Fortunately my parents were here for two weeks.  Being parents, they did what they could to make life better.  Nonetheless, it did not stop me from getting less than 10 hours of sleep from the first three days.  I had to clean my car, clean all my linen, sweep and mop the floor and others. Moving from one house to my new place wasn’t easy either.  3 petrol tanks in 2 weeks shuttling from one house to another to move things.  Have to thank the little darling and fishman too! They helped much as they were only three of us moving everything.  Waking up 5am and sleeping at 12am was almost routine for the past week.  But I definitely could not miss spending the the last day of my parent’s holidays.  After we settled in, my sister brought them over and I drove them for lunch at Freo. As mom was dead bored of having Chinese everyday, I decided to bring them to try a burger place called Miss Moos which fares well among lovers of this sinful meaty affair. 



My sister and dad! My sister looked half-assed the entire day because she was suffering from symptoms of a coffee drawback lol!?


Missy Moos don’t do UFO buzzer when it comes to picking your order, instead they have colourful figurines.


Missy Moos!


Before the food came, I snapped shots of the wall which was cheerfully decorated with colour works of children who patronise the burger bar.  How so? Well, when a child comes to Missy Moos, they are given a drawing and a set of colour pencils.  They are allowed to colour it in anyway they like and bam! The drawings are stuck onto the wall when they have been coloured :)!



To quench our thirst on that 40 degree day, we had the world most well-known brand to accompany us at the table  too ;) After waiting for awhile, the efficient Missy Moos crew had our burgers rolling out :P

DSC_0280I had the burger (shown in pic) which had aioli, baby spinach, crispy bacons and a really tasty patty!  I have to say, the best part of the burger was the blue cheese and fresh spinach.  It really worked for me.  My sister had the Jack & Jill which was pretty much the same as mine except that it came with Cheddar Cheese instead of blue cheese, and an extra avocado mash!  I think hers was good too? ahha! But she does not like bread so I guess burger won’t make the cut for her.  She had half left at the end of the meal.  Yh gladly finished it for lunch a few days later!


DSC_0277 Parents had the chicken burger hohoho! It was OK, but the hand cut chips was really good. Crispy and tasty :)! Yums for sure!  Aioli made the combination perfect from start to end.


I think I will cut the post here.  At the end of the meal, I was satisfied and was craving for a second time.  Its true, the burgers here are easily one of the best.    It is definitely better than FAB at Subiaco, but easily on par with Jus Burger and Alfred’s @ Guildford ahah.   Can’t wait for my second time haha!  Oh and really, much credit for the fresh baby spinach which was juicy and sweet.  The meatiness was not overly, a good ratio of bun-meat-vegetable.



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Friday, November 27, 2009

Bites: Jus Burger @ Leederville

IMG_4805 Gawddddd today was so stupid! Went to my office but took the wrong bus back oh man @.@!  Ended up going so deep into Claremont and Subiaco suburb that I was able to see horses.  But the very friendly bus driver and I had a chat about life in Australia. Him being from England and stuff.  Great chat!  Yesterday I had one of those “bros” outing with Yobi!  We had lunch and shit before walking about in Leederville.  For something a little different, we decided to eat something without rice or noodle.  So yea, why not have burgers! Yummy burgers ^^.




It was about noon and we were ready to depart! Did not really know which train platform we were supposed to go to, but oh well! I used my memory and somehow we managed to get on the right platform lulz!  The waitress  there changed from punk-emo to pretty-retro. YUMS! ok jk.  But one thing I’m not joking is that there is this Chinese guy working there, he cannot stop picking on the food omg! I was most WTF when he wanted to eat one onion ring but he did not want the aioli sauce so he took one sauce plate, poured tomato sauce and had that piece of onion ring =.=”.



My original lamb burger @ 11 bucks! Not the prettiest thing but it was yums! The chutney-mint sauce combo was not as bad as mint sauce normally is for me!  This burger is totally awesome.  I  came here last week and had cheese burger with blue cheese and mushrooms! Gawddddd! So delish!!  Yobi had the beef hamburger.  Full on meat patty but he said it was not salty enough ahah.



rawks!! Can you see Yobi’s watch? It’s a Casio Databank Calculator watch man! Wonder who bought that for him! WAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.  The burger were large in my opinion. I went from zero to full tank and yet I could not finish my burger.  Then the waitress was like “Hey, even I can eat one entire burger myself”. And some other stuff. And when we left she said something like “hey! Make sure you come here for your burgers again.., And finsh it”. With that Yobi concluded that she was hitting on me @.@! Lameeeeeeee!



This was my errr… Onion rings mmm but the Chinese guy did not sprinkle salt on top or maybe there isn’t meant to be any on top! No idea @@! But the last time I had it, there was salt.  I really like the onion ring here! Yummmmmm!!


Jus burger was my first stop for my burger tour! I’m happy with the burger there.  I think most people are so happy that within a year, a second branch has open @ Subiaco.  Just a stone’s throw from the train station!  But even then I'm still ready to go on my burger tour! What’s left hmmmmmm! Ahh Alfred’s Kitchen and Flipside!  


Haihhhhhhhhh! The week will start to get really busy!  Cheryl’s last week of work but it is the start for me! Working in the city meeting working people! So anxious yet so excited!  But the bus to and back from work is horrible! It’s like ackkk! Everyone looks like their brains got sucked or something.. noooooooooooooooooo! We’ll see what happens soon!



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