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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bites: Alfred’s Kitchen @ Guildford

The night is cold and the day has been busy.  Not to mention, one of your best mates are leaving on an airplane soon.  With no destination in mind and lots of frustration.  Time to leave the routine business and find that special mug of “night warmer”.  I picked Yobi from his concert yesterday before heading over to the Swan Valley to enjoy the best burger in Western Australia.  Even though the night was late, we were not alone when we arrived.  Loads of other hungry people were there to get a bite of Alfred’s. 



The night is never cold at Alfred’s.  In fact the heat from the fireplace kept me happy at the counter.  It was like a barbecue made for humans.


Back Camera

Since 1946?  My country did not achieve independence till 1957 mate. No wonder the burgers here are epic.


Back Camera

After waiting for quite awhile, it paid off.  A juicy patty between two classic sesame buns finished with crisp lettuce and spicy caramelised onions. Yumms!  I had the chilli burger while Yobi had the hamburger with bacon and cheese.  Yobi finished his burger in a flash. When he was done he had hesitation scribbled all over his face.  I gave him the WTF.  He was like “Wah! Does not enough!”.  He had a sudden dilemma but in the end chose a bag of fries with salt overload.  Just the way he likes it!! ahaha 


It took me 30 minutes of driving to get here but no regrets for all that driving.  The night didn’t feel so bad anymore after that burger in my tummy.  The quiet drive home felt peaceful with no worries.  I like it!



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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bites: San Churros @ Subiaco

The fat boy Yobi is back in town!!  Having been out of Malaysia for quite awhile, we decided to head out to Subiaco to stack up on his lost calories.  His Euro tour was one comparable to a Buddhist monk journey.  Except that he travels from country to country promoting his Chinese face in which he every off and on complains that his eyes are too small ahaha.  Not wanting to have chop suey or anything Asian for dinner, I was brain squeezed to find a place that he has not been to before.  No little Caesar, Jus B or any 20 dollar pastas that I have brought him to.  I then recalled one of my little surf ups on the internet, and I thought why not visit the burger place I saw before and we surely did.  We headed straight to FAB burger to get a slice of the rights to go head on with the critics.

When we reached, we were made paranoid by a crowd was barely present, and that was until we sank our teeth into the burgers that turned out to be a good combination of toppings and sauce.  Yobi had the Royale with bacon and aged cheddar while I had the Hot American which spicy Pepperoni.  It is however, unfortunate that the beef patty does not stand out (no burger joint does).   Filled by the small burger that did not take long to chomp down, Yobi and I decided to bring our bitching to San Churros located not to far away.  And jeng jeng jeng jeng!!!  There was something new that is suited to the title the king of calories.

Back Camera
The Classic Spanish with a spoonful of peanut butter goodness.

Described as the spoonful of remedy to help forget your worries, I am now worried that my 69kg fort won’t hold any longer thanks to the sinful pleasures of my night. 

Ok too tired to type already!! Off to bed!

Nites peeps!


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The old skool math.

Picking up this new pair of kicks was as if Nike Harbour Town is starting to get back on track.  The ultramarine coloured retro Air 180 was definitely a good pick up after a long time being out of action.  Did not even have to hesitate! Dream came true too cheap a price.  Funny thing is though, little darling thought I picked up the pair of sneaks to get the extra 50% off our shoes.  Oops did I mention 50% off?

A picture from the people at kix-files. 1-8-0

Later on that week my dream came true happened once again when YH, Xin Ling and I visited the all time favourite Japanese Chef Akira-san at Kanta.  The restaurant named after his horse is like the best-EST ever for the price we paid.  Its like diamond sold as copper.
The Japanese calls this Teriyaki, I call it Kung Fu.

We happily finished the weekend nibbling on squid legs, raw beef salad and lovely sushi at the place.  Yi Heng was as happy as a foody can be.  Eating slice by slice of his sliced duck steak while Xin Ling happily kept on commenting on her springy noodles in the chicken ramen.  Cannot get enough for sure.  Previous post on the restaurant below:


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bites: Delizioso Cafe @ Subiaco

Has little Caesar lost its place as the best Pizza in town?  Hmm maybe, but more than likely according to the newspaper.  The article in the Morning Herald mentioned about the new “IT” place in town that has been pretty low on profile despite its good records in recent competition and so.  The place called Delizioso was featured in the article here. I was happy and more than keen to try out this new finding.  Sure enough, it turned out to be full on creativity made on small square of pastry.


Back Camera

How about pumpkin sauce for a change instead of tomato for the base?  Or maybe the award winning mushroom trio topped with loads of crumbled ricotta?  These were pretty delicious, and it is ridiculously heavy on the tummy =X!  No wonder they charge almost 7 bucks a slice.  This place is no food science and neither does it kill Picasso in art but its bring a feel as if it is in a class of its own.   Not bad for a hideous cafe.



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Monday, September 6, 2010

As simple as: ABC 123

fooddyyy yum yum!  Last week ended the winter with a whole lot of steam.  The last steamboat for winter at my sister’s house was in every way as pleasing as how a winter’s meal should be.  Lots of balls, vegetables and meat to cook in the awesome herbal pork broth!  My sister does her broth with scallops and mushrooms! Yummy!  And then on the Sunday, we headed to Hillarys for a drink to chill out.  Had some hot chocolate and yummy Churros by the harbour.  The distance is worth the good view you get I must insist!
Back Camera
Not the best picture but its Iphone material.

Also, this week the whole 4th year civil engineers goes incognito leaving the world with a bit of peace as the mid semesters take place.  But the little darling has her way in making sure the Leurians get their nutrition right.

Black pepper beef :D!

Then her favourite bean curd made it to the table too.
OM nom nom nom!

And her last dish was a new try out.  She has never cooked this type of vegetable before, but then she thought, why not? ahah
Brocollini with mushroom sauce.  Really healthy for a carnivore like me, but no complains, it is still something I would eat every now and then.

Time to give the notes the dogs ears they deserve.  Ciao outside!