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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bites: Delizioso Cafe @ Subiaco

Has little Caesar lost its place as the best Pizza in town?  Hmm maybe, but more than likely according to the newspaper.  The article in the Morning Herald mentioned about the new “IT” place in town that has been pretty low on profile despite its good records in recent competition and so.  The place called Delizioso was featured in the article here. I was happy and more than keen to try out this new finding.  Sure enough, it turned out to be full on creativity made on small square of pastry.


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How about pumpkin sauce for a change instead of tomato for the base?  Or maybe the award winning mushroom trio topped with loads of crumbled ricotta?  These were pretty delicious, and it is ridiculously heavy on the tummy =X!  No wonder they charge almost 7 bucks a slice.  This place is no food science and neither does it kill Picasso in art but its bring a feel as if it is in a class of its own.   Not bad for a hideous cafe.



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