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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bites: Tender Chicken Satay Goodness @ MyRasa, Manning.

Are you a Malaysian feeling a little homesick or a person who simply loves Malaysian food?  Well there is another place in town where you get that sorted.  Located in Manning, MyRasa opened a couple months back and with good reviews of the place, I was super keen to try it out. MyRasa’s interior is bright, spacious, and modern.  More importantly, the greeting was friendly.  Sitting down, I already knew what I was here for!  Satay and Nasi Lemak.  

.. and that is exactly what I ordered!

The Satay Chicken.

Super yummy.  Tender, flavourful and skilfully grilled.  Its accompaniments of rice cakes, onions and cucumber were yummy!  Then we also have MyRasa’s Satay sauce which provided a peanut laden kick that was super rich.  MyRasa’s Satay Chicken is pretty much everything you’d want and expect in a satay!  Where Malaysia is different is that usually you’ll get little bits of chicken fat that is a little charred/crispy and just bursts in flavour when bitten into hoho.  I guess this was the healthy version ;)

The Nasi Lemak:

A quick scan of the plate and it was all there.  The crispy anchovies, fried peanuts, hard-boiled eggs, cucumber and sambal.  The rice portion was seriously generous too!  I really enjoyed the sambal.  Sautéed perfectly, the sambal at MyRasa was more than just chilli! There were heaps of other stuff in there that gave it an amazing flavour.  Just as the going was getting great, the Nasi Lemak hit a hump in two areas. The rice on the inside of the mound was very wet for some reason and felt overcooked.  And I ran out of sambal haha.  They definitely need to fill up that little sauce bowl with sambal!  Next time I will ask for more! 

My Nasi Lemak came with a Spiced Fried Chicken commonly called Ayam Rempah in Malaysia.  

The chicken also cooked spot on and I really enjoyed it. While it was good, it came to mind as I was driving home that MyRasa could make it even better if they had more of the Spiced Batter fried up and topped the chicken with it.  The way Malaysia does it! 

Sister’s Beef Rendang was fork tender and no chewing effort required there! 

The over all experience at MyRasa was satisfactory.  The Chicken Satay for me was the star of the night among the food we ordered.  Its smokey turmeric and lemongrass flavours were just spot on!  Nasi Lemak could have definitely been a hit if not for the technicalities faced halfway through.  Price-wise, you get what you pay for.  The serving of the Nasi Lemak not cheapest but its size is humungous and two plates could easily have fed three.  Just do not forget to ask for more Sambal!

MyRasa Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bites: Sensational Corned Beef & Hash @ Frisch and Barc

Instagram has been hit by a plethora of pictures featuring some tantalising brunch from co. at Frisch and Barc.  Naturally, I was keen to visit and ignoring my previous lesson learnt from a mediocre opening at Nic & Kolo, I decided to go anyways.
Frisch and Barc has no visible signboard from Canning Highway, so be on the lookout for a modern looking building a few meters after the Como Hotel heading towards Applecross.  Sitting is limited so be prepared to wait a little or brace yourselves and sit outside in the winter chill.  The interior is fresh and modern but it was really the service that made the day pleasant as they were courteous enough to move us in  However, being a foodie it was the food that makes or break my day.

Coffee to start:

Family was really happy with their coffee.  I do not drink coffee, but as dad stirred in his sugar I could see the micro foam looking real good.  If only they had Match Latte which was more on my level!

YH had his with extra marshmallow after he curiously asked the waitress how much does it cost and she gave him one for free. (PS: It comes with the hot choc!)

The Singaporean Chilli Crab Omelette $24.50

I reckon people get quite pissy over paying $24.50 for an Omelette.  But when I had it in my mouth I really did not mind. The robust and tangy flavours of the Chilli Crab sauce was an instant hit to the palate.  Folded into the Omelette, the rich tomato flavours with a mild chilli hint of the Singaporean Chilli Crab was immediately enjoyable.  The crab meat in the omelette was definitely adequate but I did not get the plump juiciness one gets when eating fresh crab.  Also note that the crab sauce is not as spicy as you’d expect to maintain its appeal to the general public.

Black Angus Corned Beef Hash $23.50

This was the dish that got me to Frisch and Barc in the first place.  Safe to say I was not disappointed.  Its presentation was impeccable and the hash was cooked sensationally with its crisp outer complementing its softer centre.  Even better were the tender slices of corned beef.  It was definitely not your typical dry and overly salted corned beef.  Instead this has a subtle saltiness that gave the dish a great flavour and texture from its tenderness.  Its sauce was a tad peppery at some point, and I did not know what it made of.  Felt like something based on a soy reduction.  I could be wrong but it was definitely a much welcomed addition to the plate as the dish would have been really dry otherwise.

Not pictured individually was the pulled pork sandwich which dad ordered.  I do not think he was impressed by how dry it was, especially when sandwiched between a thicker than usual toast. 

I definitely enjoyed Frisch and Barc more than I expected to.  For a spot that’s just opened for a few weeks, I am impressed.  The brunch here was a lot more inspiring that the norm these days with the Frisch and Barc kitchen bring strong and interesting flavours to the morning table. They stock the usual goods too if you would rather a sandwich or bacon & eggs. Sitting space is limited but I believe they have the capacity to open the space upstairs if it is available for use (and is ready).  

Frisch & Barc Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bites: Morning Tea @ Little Matcha Girl, South Perth.

The cakes are fine, the cafe modern and its flavour of choice is mainly green tea.  The Little Matcha Girl in Como has been on my list of places to go and I am finally here.  Despite being here for ages, Little Matcha Girl's popularity is still sky high with most seats filled at 11am.  So beware and note that the sitting is a little sparse for groups bigger than 4. But if you can make do, you will be greatly rewarded.  I am normally not a sweet tooth but coming to Little Matcha Girl, I wanted to eat everything.  From the cheesecake to the Opera Gateaus and even the Strawberry Shortcake.  So after going around the display counter, the table eventually looked like this:
Thankfully the desserts at Little Matcha Girl were less sweet than the conventional pastries one would find in Perth.  The unsweetened Match latte help tone the sugar down too.

Cheesecake Souffle
Light, airy, and fluffy but at the same time a little eggy with a nice hint of cheese to finish.  A really simple but satisfying bite.  No surprise this went down the quickest.

Matcha Opera Gateau

The well defined layers, consistent across the slices were signs of care and attention to detail.  Each layer you get a bit of decadent chocolate and grassy matcha.  The flavours were a little dirty first but the undertones of the matcha were clear and enjoyable.  This is a cake that two can share nibbling small bits each time. We definitely overkilled the table by ordering so many Matcha Opera Gateau.

Yuzu Tart
Just as we got ourselves a nice sit, the table next to us told me that the Yuzu Tart is a must at Little Matcha Girl.  My parents talked told me not to talk to strangers but I did, and there was no regret.  The fluffy creamy inside were every bit decadent. I reckon this was my favourite dessert that day.  The cream was not as cloying or rich as I had expected thanks to the acidity of the Yuzu and crunch from the biscuit base!

Mocha Gateau
I am not the biggest fan of this cake as it did not feel complete and felt somewhat one dimensional.  I reckon the cake was way too dry.  Or perhaps I just dislike coffee :P!  Regardless, it could have been a little more well executed as I needed more moisture.

Also not featured on the list was the Profiterole Log and the Strawberry Short Cake.  Both of which were equally interesting though the latter was seriously good.  It was fair to say that the hike up Preston Street to our lunch spot Nasi Lemak Korner was more difficult than anticipated after this out of control binge on the delights that Little Matcha Girl had placed in front of us.  The prices here are a little dear, but the attention to detail and quality matcha offerings in both dessert and drink form makes Little Matcha Girl a place worth revisiting in the South Perth Precinct.

Little Matcha Girl Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bites: Malaysian Delights @ Nasi Lemak Korner, South Perth

Asian food is my go to after a long stint on site.  This time around, I organised a meet up with my fellow Hatchies at Nasi Lemak Korner.  Located on the ever evolving eating scene on Preston Street, this Malaysian joint has been around for awhile now.  At least a year! Maybe even two.  Having heard numerous reviews regarding its pricing has held me back a bit, but that’s alright I am finally here. 

Looking at the menu, you get all the local favourites like Beef Rendang, Chicken Curry, Ayam Masak Merah and other Malaysian goodies.  Amongst the table of four, we ordered to share;

3 Nasi Lemak 

The basics were really the basics.  As you would expect, you get a perfectly steamed rice with no “over” or “under”-cooked bull crap here.  Just good old, fluffy coconut rice served with its traditional accompaniments of hard-boiled eggs, peanuts, anchovies, cucumber and sambal (sauteed chilli paste). While it was a decent bite I would have loved some blanched “kangkung” or water morning glory.  To go with the Nasi Lemak we had the Beef Rendang and Sambal Chicken.

A whole serve of Beef Rendang (~$16)

These tender beef pieces are a trademark accompaniment of Nasi Lemak.  Slow cooked in coconut milk for hours, these tenders chunk of meat will fall apart effortlessly in your mouth.  While the grated coconut help made the sauce the real deal, I could not help but wonder whether the chefs might want to turn their salt level down one notch.  Also, while it was fragrant I like mine with more finely sliced up kaffir lime leaf which gives any Malaysian Beef Rendang that final kick of flavour. 

A whole serve of Sambal Chicken (~$16).

Another classic Malaysian dish that truly makes any rice dish go up one notch in flavour.  Tender chicken sauteed in caramelised onions in a rich tomato chilli blend.  Absolutely delicious. It's balanced dish. Slightly sweet due to the tomatoes but not too sweet, the heat mild and the flavour of the dish really went well with the Nasi Lemak. 

Last but not least, Mamak Mee Goreng. While the Nasi Lemak served was pretty good, it was the Mamak Mee Goreng that got my tongue wagging. This more-ish dish of noodles was cooked to perfection. Its recipe stayed true to the original recipe with little pieces of fried batter, beancurd and potato cooked together with the egg noodle! 

It's savoury almost tangy flavours were reminiscent of the good old Malaysian noodles typically served by the road side stalls. It reminded me of my childhood days when dad used to go out and pack fried noodles for my sister and I from an Indian restaurant not too far from the beach resort we used to go to in Malaysia.  Even more impressive was the wok fried flavours that is rarely present in the Australian Hawker food scene. 

Over all, I was sufficiently impressed by the quality of food at Nasi Lemak Korner and that made me wonder; why is the rating for Nasi Lemak Korner so low on Zomato? Sure the price range was not the cheapest and neither was it easy to get a table, but the food was sufficiently satisfying! By comparison, the popular Pappa Rich charges some $15.90 for a miserable plate of Nasi Lemak and parking in Northbridge is now $4 an hour. That's a big step up from the $13 Pappa Rich’s started on. Other popular options in town for me are Old Cathay and Sarapan. Both of which are nice with the latter having a consistency issue.

Nasi Lemak Korner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bites: Balinese Breakfast @ Gooseberries Cafe, Kensington

After about 4 brunches in a week, I thought it was time to up the game and to have something different.  Instagram is an awesome platform for discoveries though pictures are typically deceiving and from there, I found the Gooseberries Cafe in Kensington which is a short 5 minute drive from my place.  Viola~! 

The cafe is situated near the school making weekday parking a breeze.  The converted home has several dining areas but I took a sit in the dining area which felt very nice and airy.  To start, a citrusy lemon curd tart.  
Pint in size but packs a zesty punch.  The curd was a little stiff but nothing unexpected considering it came right out of the fridge.  In saying that, the flavours were spot on.

My choice of brunch today was the Balinese breakfast. Tender grilled chicken skewer, and a fried egg on a bowl of fried rice.  On the side were condiments to pair consisting of some kecap manis, pickled chilli and the obligatory sambal.  

But did it really meet the mark?  In terms of putting the staple rice in a bowl with chicken and rice I think it did pretty well.  A little too much carrot for my liking but the rice was fried well.  
The same cannot be said about the condiments.  On the outside they are the different but with they did not meet my requirements.  The kicap manis out of the bottle was fine by all means but the pickled chilli lacked acidity.  But most disappointing was the sambal.  It lacked the ripeness from the long sautéing which usually results in a robust chilli puree with the hints of tamarind, and prawn paste. It was a little sweet too which means all three condiments was on the sweet side. 

In a nut shell, I did not walk out of Gooseberry Cafe as pumped as when I walked in.  Nonetheless, it served a solid breakfast and I was satisfied.  A few tweaks here and there will probably allow the dish to reach higher marks but it is definitely a very good try.  

Gooseberries Cafe on Urbanspoon

Monday, February 23, 2015

Bites: A Singaporean Breakfast @ Sprolo, South Perth


Perth has an interesting dining scene that is growing at a rate faster than mushrooms do in rainy days and Sprolo in Como is one of such venues in town offering a different dining scene beyond the staple bacon and eggs.  During this visit of mine, this Singaporean inspired breakfast place bring chicken rice and poached eggs to plate with a modern twist.  Critically enough, many venues has tried to be inventive and unfortunately more duds than success stories, what about Sprolo?

The morning essentials.   Sister reckons it was OK.  In saying that, Australia has some of the best coffee places around the world so OK itself is a rating above the rest!

As Sprolo only starts serving breakfast after 8am, I decided to start with a sausage roll.
Heated till crisp, this goes beyond the packed ones.  The meaty roll might be a little heavy to some in the morning but for me, this meaty loaf was what I needed to get started.  Tasty it was but certainly could have had more paprika or spices to make the norm a little more gourmet.

A little sweet treat of doughnuts with salted caramel.  
The doughnuts here were decent for most parts but the salted caramel was a little docile.  I reckon the balance between its saltiness, fragrant butter and sweetness was a little off.  Not despicable in anyway though!  However, is this a case of salted caramel, a once was unique treat become a subject of abuse in recent times?

Hainan chicken rolls.
The familiar punchy taste of gingery chilli is a hit to the tongue so early in the morning.  Its flavours were truly unique.  But the inconvenient truth was how a promising dish get let down by 2 things (IMHO).  First was the chicken, maybe a bit of smooth chicken skin? That would made the dish a little more tender because the breast meat was a little bland!  Secondly was the lack of salt.  The whole dish needed more salt ~.~!  This could easily have been a stellar dish otherwise.  Refreshing, healthy and tasty.

The full Singaporean breakfast.
These soft boiled eggs bring back memories of the childhood.  Soft, runny yolk topped with lashings of soy and sprinklings of pepper.  Everything complemented one another but then came the Aussie bread slices.  Sure it was quality, but I am quite sure that a thick slice of soft white bread, mildly toasted as done in Malaysia and Singapore would be my preference over the bread I got at Sprolo!  The last element on the plate, the Kaya was a strong merit.  It was not creamy smooth but had traces of course coconut which made the whole experience very organic.  That one I liked a lot :P!  Perhaps a little less sugar.

Breakfast at Sprolo reminded me of my breakfast at Architect and Heroes in Subiaco.  It was good, not great.  The food inventive, different and yet it was again another case of so close yet so far.  More importantly though, the effort of trying is what counts.  Surely everyone is bored of bean, egg, sausage, bacon and hash by now?  Great effort Sprolo!  I will be back.


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Friday, May 23, 2014

Bites: MillPoint Book Cafe @ South Perth

My Monday morning started off damp and wet with the clouds steadily threatening another pour. With time to spare, I had a few more lazy rolls in bed before getting up. After grabbing a quick bite, I brought my parents to MillPoint Caffe Bookshop for a drink and some food. The environment is beautiful with a choice of indoor sitting amongst the neatly arranged books or an outdoor seat in the yard. Although the expansive Jarrah floor boards and soaring ceilings were rather tempting, my preference for the outdoors ultimately decided where I sat.
The cafe’s breakfast menu had all the usual suspects from the Benedicts to Full Breakfast. For us, we decided to share a Spanish Pot with Chorizo and another serve of French Toast. The Spanish Pot looked sensational.  Beautifully caramelised Chorizos set atop perfectly cooked eggs and a sprinkling of chives. But where it come to taste hmmm.  I was hoping for a tad more acidity in the tomato base. In many ways had I expect the merits of the Turkish Shak Shouka, but this definitely was not it. Over all an OK dish but nothing beyond mediocrity.  Also, do not be fulled by the size as the beans were very filling especially if only one person was going to have it. 
Next was the French Toast. A lot more playful this one. Vanilla Mascaporne, Persian Floss and a Berry Compote, the description of this dish promised a great composition of flavours. But executing them is something else quite different.
The vanilla flavour was nice in the Mascaporne and gave the French Toast a luscious bite when smeared over. But my main concern was the berry compote. It was way too sour to complement lot. It needed more sweetness for sure. Maybe a generous dash of maple syrup to bind it all together? Additionally, I was not exactly the happiest person with the French toast itself. I wanted a thicker slice of bread soaked to through and perfectly caramelised on the outside but moist on the inside. The one here was dry. Nonetheless, it was not a big problem. Every bite edible. I was more impressed with the French Toast at Perth City Farm. You can see the post here.
How would I rate a place like this? Definitely in the OK - Zone but not something life changing. On the other hand, I enjoyed the calm tempo from the start to the end. The drive was easy. parking was a bliss and, the quiet Monday morning was just filled with tranquility. But the food? MEH. If I had actually travelled far for this, I would not be the happiest person. But this is, definitely a fuss free simple suburban cafe for the locals.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bites: Gusto Foods @ South Perth

It is fresh, it is exciting and this is a breakfast place where the queue did not outlast my patience.  While I am not one to chase the café cultures of Perth, time and time over my blog stalks and other Instagramers  put up something that gets me excited.  This time around ChompChomp of Perth had me locked onto this little café just a short drive from my place.  Perth breakfast food is not the cheapest but the creativity on a plate makes it worth the money.  Coming in at 10.30am, the waiter politely served us and put our names down for the next table for 6.  After just 10 minutes, a table was cleared and we were invited in.
Isolation.  A place where the chef puts his thoughts on a plate.

Folks around the table called hot drinks but for me, a delicious orange juice was perfect!  
                                              OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Sister’s cappuccino @ $4.50.  The gloss on the froth looked superb!

While we each had our own breakfast, we called a crumpets @ $13.50 to share.     
                                              OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
What was served to us really deviated from the classic butter and syrup. Instead these little beauties came with a berry and pear compote, yoghurt and  peanut crumbs which was a nice touch.  Crumpets were nice although I have to say they were rather thin to finish the accompanying condiments!  I enjoyed the various textures from all the sides and the flavors were good.  Special mention to the creamy yoghurt and sweet peanut crumb complemented by the slight tartness of the berry compote!


Darling had the smoked salmon with guacamole, potato cakes and hollandaise for $19.50.  It was super massive and darling enjoyed her breakfast!  I had a try and it was pretty damn nice.  Eggs were spot on, hollandaise perfect and most importantly, the smoked salmon had just the right amount of salt!  The little darling thought that the guacamole felt rather redundant but my sister and I happily had it :)!

Fishman decided to skip the cliché brunch meals of eggs and called the sirloin steak burger instead.  Inside he says was filled with thinly sliced beef which were really tender.  However, mid way though he felt that it started become a little too sickening for breakfast food.  The flavors though really good were still unable to beat the gigantic burger.  I guess the gherkins did not offer much consolation either.  Over all, I would still say it turned out pretty yums!  He reckons perhaps some grilled tomatoes to cut through the meat would work wonders!

For me, I was sold when I saw pulled pork on the menu. Who in the right mind does not love tender, moist and with some fatty parts in the meat, a melt in your mouth treat?
My pulled pork with poached eggs, hollandaise and onion relish cost me $19 I think +/- $0.50 haha.  It worked a treat and I really loved the pork.  In terms of flavor, I recently had another at Harvest Espresso @ Victoria Park which  I am really partial to, but in this instance, I’d have to say that Gusto came tops.  It was just flavored really nicely.  With runny yolk, some tangy relish with subtle tang from the hollandaise bringing everything together.  I enjoyed this :)!  Bread used was normal and I could not comment much.  Spinach on the other hand was nice + healthy haha.  How else do I describe them?  Sis on the other hand called something similar but came without eggs and hollandaise.  It had a side of chips!  It was nice and she enjoyed the crusty bread but for me haha, I really thought mine is better xD!

Last was a special dish which I recommended to my housemate Yv.  It was a serve of cinnamon toast and caramelized banana topped with bacon, honey comb and berry compote for $15.50.


Yv was shocked to see its towering appearance but braved her first bite.  She had a moment of silence which concerned me a little.  But fortunately she thought that it was OK.  Her only concern was the intense  sweetness from the compote.  She liked how the saltiness from the bacon gave it that extra edge but still, the sweetness from the compote was a little deafening.  In fact, I shared half of this with her and agreed that it was a little too sweet.  But I really liked the whole concept of mixing sweet and salty along with some spice.  Texture wise, this was really good too.  A burst of juiciness from the berries, mushy bananas, crunchy honeycomb!  It was great thinking IMHO.  Next time if I ordered this, the compote would come in a little jar like the crumpets.  That would be perfect.  I guess everyone has a difference tolerance so it would be great to let us decide although original amounts decided by the chef should be best.

It was a great start to the day which I finished with a run at South Perth.   Over all, Gusto Food is a great find.   The breakfast did not have to revolve about boring ham, eggs, hash browns and sausages.  There was a lot more on there which I would not make for myself! 

It was enjoyable although the inner pigs in us made us bite more than we can chew.  If the six of us goes there again, we agreed that we were better of sharing just 4 + a crumpet.  Brunch was a massive overkill.  I enjoyed all that they provided and definitely want to relive that experience.  My customary brunch haunts have slowly start to die as I have found waits and inconsistent performances plaguing favorites like John Street, Toast, and Sayers.  In fact a favourite called Crumpets in Victoria Park had switched owners :(!  Gusto Food till we meet again!

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Bites: Mend Street Cafe@ South Perth

Deciding on Tuesday dinner was another pick from the Entertainment Book.  Unfortunately, I found it very hard to give it any merits.  That probably explains the discomforting feeling one gets when you go to a restaurants half past seven and it is fairly quiet.   Mend Street Café should be a trademark of the beautiful South Perth.  Its dishes come out looking good but tasting lousy.  For dinner, I ordered the crispy skin pork belly with a salad.


Tragically, the skin was soggy and the meat dry.  Worst of all was the salad that came warm as if it was sitting next to the stove.  The dressing was stingy and I had to request more to relief the dryness.  Over all, it was just nightmare.  The only consolation on the plate was the prawns which were still juicy and nice.  The rest was just horrible.  Will I come here next time?  Maybe with a coupon.  And ordering more typical dishes which I would still worry about a mess up.



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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bites: Red Cabbage @ South Perth

Having missed our meal at Red Cabbage before only meant that the secrets of its success remains a mystery.  But it was without a doubt that the day to taste what chef’s Adam Sayles and Scott O’Sullivan had in store is not too far away.  After much planning, the little darling and I finally had a chance to dine at the restaurant.  Red Cabbage has a list of food to offer in their menu but to me, the hassle of deciding what to order is unnecessary as there is no better way of appreciating a restaurant’s food other than trying their degustation menu.
DSC_1960 (2)
The customary set of matching cutleries carefully laid out on each side of the table.

The free appetizer was a warm bun with sesame seeds with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  Unlike Rockpool, the bun had a slight crust on the outside with a very nice and fluffy inside.  Pretty good stuff!
DSC_1963 (2)

The Amuse Bouche that  night was thinly sliced meat topped with Mozzarella.  I would not say that this was horrible but it just did not pack enough punch to start of my meal.  Yes, the cheese was faultless and so was the beef.  But in comparison to my recent visits to Jackson’s where I had gazpacho sorbet in a cornet or in Joel Robuchon’s the chestnut soup with chestnut foam and truffle oil, this did not quite meet my expectations.
DSC_1966 (2)
Shaved meat with Mozarella

Crispy Pork with Seared Scallop and Pineapple on Coconut Mousse
DSC_1969 (2)
The first appetizer was an interesting one. Arranged on top of a coconut mousse layer is a neat little cube of crispy pork, pineapple and seared scallops. The crispy pork to me was not as expected. Deviating from the normal pork belly and scallop classic pairing, this reinterpretation seems to have hit the mark, but merely. Everything was ok on the plate but I cannot help but feel that the pork itself felt rather lost. Yes it was crispy as described but it was not tasty. Inside it was shredded pork that was shaped, battered and fried. Its only salvation would have came from the chilli jam which did not taste any better than your everyday sweet chilli sauce.

Marron on squid ink crumbs with homemade bacon and stone fruit.
DSC_1972 (2)
While the few courses before were mediocre, this one was visual excitement on the first sight.  Seriously, a juicy half marron on a transparent plate circled by what seemed to me like coloured iced balls with black crumbs in the middle. If that is not visual excitation, I am not sure what is.  As good as it looks, it was equally matching in taste.  The saltiness of the homemade bacon was complemented by the sweetness of the melon and the marron.  Texture wise, it was really nice too.  The slight chewiness of the bacon, crunchiness of the greens and sweetness of the marron all mellowed nicely with the help of the melon.  Definitely a major highlight for the night.

Wagyu Corned Beef
DSC_1975 (2)
While the name sounded promising, I found that the main focus of the dish which was the corned beef did not really benefit from the Wagyu.  Melt in your mouth feeling was non-existent.  It was tasty but unfortunately not moist enough.  Definitely did not seem like it was overcooked so I am not sure what happened there.  Mash and the jus was flawless.  To bring them all together, the crumbled Ricotta was super nice.  It was one of the things I wished was slightly more generous in content.  It would have really brought more moisture to the dish giving the Corned Wagyu Beef a better chance to shine.

Crispy skin barramundi with an coconut and tamarind sauce
DSC_1977 (2)
The crispy skin barramundi was another dish which I though was presented beautifully that night.  A large prawn sat on top of  the fish with both almost matching in size.  As darling is allergic to prawns,  I happily had hers.  It was seriously yums!  As for the fish, its skin was crispy unlike the horrible salmon I had at Barrolo’s!   But what darling was not too happy about was the sauce.  To me it tasted fine.  Somewhat Asian but really tasty.  However, darling did not like coconut so I guess this sauce is really not for her.

Nitro cleanser! Passionfruit mousse dipped in nitrogen with a strawberry coulis.
Mousse dipped in liquid nitrogen serve on strawberry coulis? I will definitely take it.  The fancy name added to the simplicity of its presentation, and I was sold.  However, I was not the most satisfied customer when the nitro carried a slightly bitterish taste.  Nevertheless, it had what it needed to refresh one’s taste buds before moving on to the main.  But the problem you see, was that it was never really served to us before our main. I asked for it after noticing that a course was missing from our degustation. Hmmmmm… fine dining is definitely about presentation and its food.  But the hospitality industry as its name suggests means to be hospitable.  Not quite what I expected.

Nordic Brie (I think) With Blood Plums and Date Jam
For me, this was another course which I truly enjoy.  The runny medium in the brie was orgasmic.  Plums with date jam along with the brie on cracker was a party which my mouth would gladly host.  I really enjoyed this.  Perhaps I can now better understand why one would order cheese platter for dessert.  It is very very good IMHO!

Meringue, Trifle and Dehydrated Raspberry with an Amerato Gelato
DSC_1981 (2)
The dessert which is a mixture of chocolate, gelato, fruit and meringue was the final course of the night.  Despite finding myself disliking meringue for most of my life, this one was simply superb.  Probably another “yay” for me.  The slightly bitter trifle worked well with the raspberry which had the acidity and the sweetness of the meringue just creates the right chemistry. What did not work for me is that the meringue was impossible to break through.  This made it difficult to proportion the taste altogether.    Breaking one would send all the bits of trifle and raspberries out of the plate.  While it might have looked ugly, I would not mind if it had in fact been crushed or broken apart before it was served.  That is unless, each element was to shine by itself and if it was so, I think they do not do well.  Anyways, this is in fact something I see Jackson do when they served a mixture of brulee, honey comb and macaron together. All broken up and freely sprinkled on each other.  The balance was right.  See this link.

Ok peeps, it 2am way past my old man bed time.  Today has been a busy one.  To sum it up, my visit to this restaurant has had its merits and faults.  Service is definitely going to be my main complain here.  Acknowledging that the restaurant felt slightly short handed does not mean that such imperfections can be compromised when you have customers paying such money for their food.  While the staff was friendly and willing to explain each dish sent to the table, it was evident that their presentation was rather unpolished and very rush.  Luckily enough though was that the waiter himself apologised for the rush he had while presenting to us our dishes.  The food had a large variance in terms of likes and dislikes.  Some made me like to so much that it was worth hyping about while some was just lacklustre.  For all its worth, I do believe that the establishment still carries the value that make it worth a return.  Perhaps some improvements could be done for the better good.

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