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Monday, January 28, 2013

Bites: Mend Street Cafe@ South Perth

Deciding on Tuesday dinner was another pick from the Entertainment Book.  Unfortunately, I found it very hard to give it any merits.  That probably explains the discomforting feeling one gets when you go to a restaurants half past seven and it is fairly quiet.   Mend Street CafĂ© should be a trademark of the beautiful South Perth.  Its dishes come out looking good but tasting lousy.  For dinner, I ordered the crispy skin pork belly with a salad.


Tragically, the skin was soggy and the meat dry.  Worst of all was the salad that came warm as if it was sitting next to the stove.  The dressing was stingy and I had to request more to relief the dryness.  Over all, it was just nightmare.  The only consolation on the plate was the prawns which were still juicy and nice.  The rest was just horrible.  Will I come here next time?  Maybe with a coupon.  And ordering more typical dishes which I would still worry about a mess up.



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