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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bites: Harvest Espresso @ Victoria Park

While I have so many pictures from my South Korea and Hong Kong trip, I felt like this place deserved a little more priority.  Made known to me by my sister and fellow blogger ChompChomp (see her review here), I decided to pay Harvest Espresso a visit.   Located on 627 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Harvest Espresso appears very understated thanks to its location next to a secondhand car dealer.  Walk in and be amazed at how this little café appears no bigger than one’s bedroom.  But that did not matter.  What they did on our breakfast plate made fishman and I very happy people!


photo (5)

Harvest Espresso keeps their menu simple and more importantly, gorgeous.  If you like their Facebook link here, you can see their 2013 menu!


To kickoff our breakfast, we had hot drinks and sweet tarts to start!  All tarts were $4.50 each.

photo (1)

The lemon curd tart was my choice as I am now down with a flu and cough so why not reduce the guilt of eating unhealthy stuff by trying to get some Vitamin C for the flu xD!   I loved every bit of this.  This tart was bursting with the flavors of lemon and the short crust was to die for.  It was, thin and crisp!  The perfect base to sit all that delicious lemon curd in.


photo (2)

Fishman ordered the chocolate ganache tart.  I had a small piece and it was gorgeous.  It was rich and to help reduce the intensity of the chocolate I believe Harvest Espresso has decided to add some orange zest to prevent this delicious tart from becoming cloying.


For the real stuff, I ordered the Seasonal Mushrooms, rocket, goats’ cheese, toasted brioche.  As I have gotten bored of eating the full breakfast wherever I go, I tend to look for different types of food.  Food that expresses the creativity of the chef and café rather than the boring big breakfast.  This usually pays off well and this was the case at Harvest.  The mushroom were cooked well, but for fishman it was a little under.  Nonetheless it was joy and the thought of using a dessert bread, the toasted Brioche was absolutely genius.   The crumbled goats cheese finished off the whole experience with a soft somewhat tangy and creamy cheese.  It was slurps!

photo (3)

Seasonal Mushrooms, rocket, goats’ cheese, toasted brioche


For fishman, he ordered the Harvest Spanish Baked Egg, chorizo, tomatoes.  While I only had one spoonful of the bake, I felt like it was really tasty.  You had saltiness in the dish, the acidity and sweetness of the tomatoes which all worked very well with the chorizos.  Actually, we had meatballs and not chorizos in there so this was new.  But with a toasted baguette to dip, I would have preferred a bun that can actually soak up the sauce more efficiently.  Something soft. maybe more fluffy like a roll maybe?  Then again, this is my preference while all places always use French Baguette haha.

photo (4)

Harvest Spanish Baked Egg, chorizo, tomatoes, cannellini beans.


When we woke up we were starving, but when we were done at Harvest, we were stuffed.  It was definitely a good meal and a great new addition to the ever growing Victoria Park strip!  For me, I enjoyed every bit of my meal today, the tart started the meal well and the shroom, goats’ cheese with brioche finished it well.  Sipping chamomile tea is gay but I do not do coffee.  With a seating capacity of 20 people at anyone time, Harvest Espresso is going to be a very busy place in a not too distant future.  I cannot wait to bring my parents and the little darling there.  They serve her favourite fruit tart from what I see online and I believe they can do it well!  Really have to thank Chomp and sis for the introduction!



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  1. my only issue is that when cutlery is laid in front of you, the owner (i think she is) grasps forks, knives etc on the end that touches your food and goes into your mouth. big no-no, it's seriously off-putting!

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for visiting harvest espresso & thank you for your lovely comments. We are so glad your enjoyed your experience!

    The Harvest Spanish Baked Egg has fresh chorizo meat (without the skin), instead of the usual dried smoked chorizo. So that's why they look like meatballs.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon :)

  3. Dear anonymous,

    I can definitely see where your point is coming from knowing that some of my friends are equally particular.

    But I have a different point of view having dine out so many times at Chinese BBQ places, Japanese restaurants which actually used their hands elsewhere yet they chop up the meat and roll sushi for us. Some cafes/fine dining the big no-no of having the edge of your utensils touched still happens even though it was laid before you arrive because fingerprints are present. So are the glass rims too.

    When dining out, we are already at the mercy of others. What happens in the kitchen for example, we cannot tell. Hence when someone does what he/she does, I try to accept it hoping that that person's hands are still, presumably clean. Else, I wipe it with my wet wipes hahahaha.


  4. Thanks harvest, I'll definitely make another visit considering how close I live to your breakfast bar!

  5. Thanks for the mention Weny! Glad you enjoyed it. I think this place is going to be another one of our local regulars. Its about 10 min walk from my front door!

  6. Definitely worth a revisit. Tarts are so good :)!

  7. Those tarts! Those mushrooms! Between yours and ChompChomp's posts I am dying to try this place :) beautiful photos WenY!

  8. I think food bloggers are a very tight bunch, and i think something here is not quite right. This cafe is tiny, no aircon, you can smell the person next to you. Their tarts are pre baked cases with different fillings. The seasonal mushrooms with brioche is just strange,sweet bread with savoury toppings. All in all an experience i would not want to repeat.

  9. Dear anonymous,

    I think you quite nailed all the bad things without seeing the positive bits.

    Tart cases are pre-baked but filled spot on with decadent fillings.

    Brioche might be weird but its the chemistry that counts. Many places serve candied bacon and other incorporate sweet into mains and savory onto desserts. Yet these work well at times.

    I think sometimes it is about opening your mind to accept a wider range of uniquely composed food. Also, some of the smaller places in town are the best places I have eaten ever. Both in Australia and overseas.

  10. Don't believe the hype. This place is not that good

  11. I guess we cannot please everyone. But I definitely intend to visit Zucchero Espresso Bar to see what the fuss is about :)