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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tripping: Kuantan

Sorry for abandoning the blog for such a long time.  Right after NYE, I was in extreme rush to visit my granny in Taiping over the New Year weekends.  And there was certainly no internet where I lived, so I was cut off from the internet @.@!  Felt so lost omg!  After coming back from Taiping, I had a short rest before shooting off to Kuantan the following day.  I was there for about seven days and got back about two days ago.  I have to say, it was a damn good trip.  Never have I been so far to the eastern side than now.  I know that this all sounds very noobish as I have been a Malaysian for over 22 years, but really, my parents are not an adventurous bunch, so are my mates. 


On my first day, we attended a birthday party for one of the little darling’s best friend, CK.  It was a Jap restaurant, but I did not take any food pictures because I was too shy! ahaha.


Some pics from the birthday dinner:

DSC_0046 (2)

Birthday boy and the little kid!



Xin Ling’s girlfriends.  I must thank them for their warm hospitality throughout.  They pretty much brought me everywhere around Kuantan although some places were close on rainy days. And yes, it rained every single day. Ok, almost every single day!  The girl with the long hair in dotted dress must thanked for driving XL and I everywhere.  So paiseh @@!



Darling and her bestie from high school, Yvonne.  Her dad own a super awesome cafe called Uncle Lin.  Will do a review on that when I go there soon.  The place is delicious to from the first dish till the last. That being said, I hope to try more than the egg Benedict and mushroom soup next time around.


DSC_0059little boy, Xin Ling and Pei Che.  Thanks for the kickass barbecue that night.  Nice prawns, nice mantis prawns.  Everything was delicious that night.  It was nice to be able to do a charcoal barbecue once again!  Been a long time.



That’s me and the little kid!  Such a naughty one!



The little darling and I.  Thanks for supporting me throughout the horrible thesis year :P!  Without the support of you and my family, I would not have achieved the grades I had.  Emotional callings were heard and responded with you care. Thanks and much love ahah :)  Will always remember that one night.



Teluk Chempedak.  Sadly no chicken chop.  Got conned by some Maggi goreng fail.


Besides the birthday dinner, I spent my other days travelling around places like Teluk Chempedak.  Had some really good icy desserts there. Other days, I would bum around the house, with IELTS in hand on some days.  God its boring.  English =X!


Seeing her photos fro Switzerland and Italy.



Playing around with my camera.



Fooling around.



More random shots.  And oh I ate biscuits too.



And cheese fondue.  Her mom bought a pack of solid cheese and we melt it before mixing in garlic and pepper seasoning.  With toasted bread, this was yums!  But the aroma was very alcoholic.  Or maybe its just the smell of the fermented cheese.


7 days, passed by in a flash.  It actually went by so fast, that when I think of it, it really felt too short.  What did I even do there?  I know I cooked once. I went for movie twice.  Chilled at the beach twice.  Hmmmm…

Nonetheless, the trip was every bit as enjoyable as a trip should be despite one sleepless night thanks to a kung fu kid ahah.  The little boy Chen gets so pissed when little darling covers him with a blanket.  So much that he would start to kick and punch. *faints*