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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bites: Friday Brunchin' @ Cecchi's, Inglewood.

The Italian brunch scene never stretched far beyond decadent pastries.  Or at least that was what part of Italy taught me.  But in Australia, its a very different scenario.  Cecchi’s has long been on my list of places to visit, but given the short time I have in Perth each break I never quite had the chance to go there.  Its ok, last in best dressed? LOL or so I hope.
 Cecchi’s has now got a fully established breakfast/brunch menu and I would say that there are no excuses for any short falls in the food.  So how did it go?  Some of the stuff we ordered that day:

Pork Sausages & Belly, with Apple, Sauerkraut and Fried Egg.

I reckon the picture of this dish got you as surprised as we were when it hit the table ahaha.  We expected something like a sausage and pork belly combination,  not diced pork belly bits and piece of sausages.  Flavour wise though, it was decent.  You got the seasoned sausages, and slightly lardy belly balanced by the sharper flavoured sauerkraut.  And of course the runny yolk to mix the two!

Fried Chicken, Potato Hash, Red Pepper Jam, and Fried Egg.

Originally meant to come with steak, YH could not help but ask for a change to Fried Chicken.  The result was an American style diner meal.  I reckon the serving size of the fried chicken unlike the tiny pork belly & sausage earlier, could easily be a dinner meal!  Before we dug in, my friends sort of wondered whether the people in town were frying chicken because it was the “in-thing” or because they really excelled at frying chicken.  While he did not think it sucked, YH reckoned that you would have to be pretty spectacular to make fried chicken for breakfast.  The crispiness of the chicken was plausible but more flavoured would have done the frying more justice.  Vil who ordered a similar dish with truffled scrambled eggs felt the same way too.  

Mushroom Trifoliate, Ricotta & Goat Cheese Mousse, Onsen Egg and Toast

After a heavy breakfast, I decided to go with something a little lighter and meat free.  I chose the mixed shroom dish!  Cooked-well I must say but I might have to question seasoning.  I reckon a little more garlic and butter would make the shrooms more juicy.  It was much needed too because the cheese mousse was not as airy as I had expect it to be even after breaking the yolk and mixing it.  Was it terrible? Definitely no, in fact it was quite nice! But could be better.

Cecchi’s has been quite heavily publicised and I reckon the food they serve was OK.  Not great, not bad, but average.  In saying that, a mix of enjoyable sitting and good plating kept the morning interesting.  Now that I think back of that breakfast, the show stopper on the breakfast table that morning was the fact that we were automatically served GF Toast?  Ok, I am only assuming its GF toast because it was literally hard as rock haha.  It might just be 10 day-old bread.   Will I return to Cecchi’s?  That’s for the future to tell :P!

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