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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

1000miles: Third day! To and back!

]Ajaajajajaja! The past few days have been terribly cruel to my life. Study study study and exam! Damn steel exam! So freaking hard. So saddening! Haih! Nonetheless we shall skip all the sad things and move on to the last day of my trip down south! On the last day we woke up  at Kingsley Motel in Majinmup  which was in a rather remote area! One thing was for sure, we were all super hungry. So we drove around until we reached our first eatery called Lavender and Berry farm! We had our breakfast there:



Ham and Cheese sandwich! Feng’s



Yvonne and her award winning blueberry sauce and pancake with Vanilla ice cream! All of us ordered the same thing for breakfast hehe. But instead of ordering one, we ordered a quarter and a hot drink. And believe it or not, the quarter filled me up!



This is Polly! YiHeng and Kelvin says the picture does not look too right ahah. They say Pauline does not look so sweet @.@! But okla she always smile to me so looks normal!



Shao Feng and Yvonne! Just look at em!! Breakfast do wonders!!


After breakfast we decided to walk to the backyard of the farm. They had an anti-social pony! Some dumb ducks, and a lame bunch of chicken! Buhuhu! But it is ok, we decided to take more pictures! Pauline demanded this:


Damnnnn! And wth why Yi Heng so tall in this picture!! And as you can see, Yi Heng is hiding his fats! hoho!



The farm was a pretty place. What a shame that it is being sold off. Saw the big signboard saying that it was for sale. About 2 million dollars if I remember correctly! After that we headed to the super tall tree in hmmm Pemberton? hoho! I cannot remember already!


If you’re daring enough you probably would not mind climbing up 50 metres or was it 70 metres high on a ladder :D I climbed up once before so I did not do it again hoho! Also I did not have proper footwear to begin with, so they said no :(


That was our last attraction down south! After climbing the tree, we headed back towards Perth making a few stops. None was particularly interesting except Busselton! We had our meal at a restaurant which was quite expensive! Fortunately we did not want to eat much, so we shared our meals since it was already 4 o’clock!


Some random pasta of the day! Fettuccini  with chicken, err parmesan, sun dried tomatoes? I guess it was pesto pasta.


After a light meal, we went to the Busselton jetty to take pictures and enjoy the beach one last time before we headed home for dinner! Great trip down South. Felt very enjoyable despite the short period of time we were there. Would be great if we could just settle down and chill the day instead of jumping from one place to another though! But I cannot blame the schedule. After all we had so many places to visit in so little time. Did not cost too much too! 250 bucks for boarding, food, souvenirs, petrol as well as car rental! Great value there!


Time to get back to reality now! Emooooooooooo!!


Why is it that my effort did not pay off!?


“..we will prevail someday, if we will endure, and if

                                                                 we are not afraid of failure..”


Time to plan a counter attack!




Friday, April 17, 2009

1000miles: Second day down south!


Yesterday we returned both Luke and the car to where they both came from. Different places of course. I hope Luke found his stay in Perth rather enjoying ahah. As for the car, when we returned it the log says that is has only travel 1500+ kilometres which is lesser than my 1000 miles blog post title haha. But oh well, I’ll just keep it there! Weird thing that we travelled so little. I remember travelling 2000kms when I first came down South!  Nonetheless, continuing with my trip down south, we woke up to a morning filled with life as Denmark was having an Easter Carnival. Everyone was up and about as compared to the night before when we drove around the town within 10 minutes and there was not a single soul wandering. There was quite a fair bit of activities to do around there but none of them were interesting. So I decided to go around taking photos of whatever I could can snapped! A little though run through my head when I was taking pictures, why is Denmark not called Canada with the amount of Maple leaves around.



The Carnival was situated near the river which looked very nice with the greeneries around it.



A performance at the Carnival by the local music society



Ice cream in the morning? Woooooo~ Kids are liking it!



After walking awhile it was time to answer my growling tummy. I decided to go with the spud which seemed to be quite favourable with the crowd. I had mine with the LOT. Topped with bacon, coleslaw, sour cream, ham, bacon and diced pineapple.


When we decided that we have enjoyed the town of Denmark sufficiently, we packed up and left to our next stop! JAB! Just Another Beach~ Not quite actually! This one differed a little! This beach actually had people surfing there. The weather was good. Strong winds bringing in decent waves for the kids to rock em’.





Oh yea the flags blowin!


After that we drove towards Pemberton.. drive.. drive.. drive.. drive!



After awhile we finally reached one of the attractions! The Toffee factory! But before we go in, there are several traffic rules to obey hoho!




Seeing the kids having ice creams back at Denmark had us craving for some as well! It was a little sour on mine but the rest loved theirs! We also bought some toffees!



After that we headed over to the tree top walk! Cost us 8 bucks each I think! And Yi Heng legendarily drop his ticket down 20 metres! Fortunately the lady was kind enough to allow Yi Heng through ahah.


rwarrrrrrrr! After that we went to the walk of ages where we did the Toyota feel good jump again haha



Also a car accident occured:



After walking on the tree top walk, we decided to go lunch!!!! Drove somewhere but I don’t know where ahah. All the town names all damn weird! Nannup, Manjinmup and sort :S!! Confusing maximum!!



Meal time!!



Fish & Chips



Grilled Chicken Burger



Kelvin’s Pizza!






Fishman’s Holy Smoked Salmon Burger which looked more like the Foccacia I would get in the refractory.


The meal there was pretty good! And more importantly, cheap! Costs us 10 bucks each!! After filling our tummies we went to the Circular lake which made us drive our car through a dirt track which was so bumpy that my burger wanted to jump out of my tummy and it also painted rented car red in colour.




Two opposites! ahaha!! Sexy Fish! Cool Luke!


After the circular lake, we drove all the way to a very secluded town before heading to Windy Harbour! A place very dirty place if you’d ask me. The kids there were kinda racist showing us middle fingers. But oh well I guess if I stayed in such a place I might become like them haha. The lack of human interaction!!!! Damn! After that we drove the entire evening to Pemberton and stayed in Kingsley Motel for the night. We had quite a nice dinner which was somewhat fine dining. Did not cost much though. About 30 bucks for a meal which is still expensive compared to city prices! I liked the garlic prawns but the steak was not as good as the one in Denmark.



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

1000miles: First day down south!

Been gone for far too long! A fortnight without an update thanks to all the crazy assignments and not to forget a shitty exam which left everyone depressed :( Nonetheless, I was rewarded regardless of the outcome! ehehe :D! The White House organised a 3day trip down South to Albany. We started out at 5 in the morning leaving me with only 2 hours of sleep after attending a clubbing event @ Metros the night before! Hell tired ~.~! Nonetheless all was good!



After almost 5 hours of driving + 1 scolding from a RACIST lol, we finally reached Albany.  I was famished when we reached nonetheless, Kelvin was all smiles! See Polly’s face? So serious! A hungry lady is a dangerous one :P! Luke’s brain also deep in thinking.



Albany was pretty dead on that day. I think it is because it was Easter Friday! According to Toh it was supposed to be an upper class version of Subiaco because of the “viewtiful” sea. But it was a let down! However we were all still happy and excited I believe! After scouting the town a bit we decided to patronize a humble little Hong Kong restaurant:



The owner greeted us with a friendly gesture telling us how most owners of businesses are people who cannot find job decades ago. Also he commented on the expensive workforce here which would cost something around 30 dollars to hire on a public holiday! He was nice, but the food was something else. take a look on how looks can be deceiving:


Luke’s Fisherman’s Basket~! A complete seafood platter of Calamari, Fish, Prawn, Crab Sticks and Salad!



Kelvin’s Fish with Lemon sauce! It was not nice! The lemon was too sour :(



This was Yi Heng and Yvonne’s Sweet and Sour fish! Fortunately for them, their’s was neither too sweet nor sour! So fortunate!












And below is my honey chicken which was… disastrous!! AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa


The honey sauce was so sweet. It was like honey water. Not to mention the sauce tasted horrible with the fried rice!! This is one of the meals that really leaves me unsatisfied. So saddeninggggg!


After our meal we headed out to the beaches nearby which was stunning! People in Albany enjoy quite a lot when it comes to outdoor activities. The clear beaches all along the Albany coast was fantastic.


The entire group minus me!


Jump jump jump!



We managed a little naughty picture of Ming Yuen too!


Phewwit Luke! Hahah. Looks like the camera is focusing on the right thing too! Way to go!


After taking more pictures we left to another nearby beach called Emu Point, which name is not a true representation of what to expect! Despite using the bird’s name Emu, we saw no Emu birds around!


I liked the beach at Emu Point compared to the former. The water here is  calmer and more suited for a relaxing rest. Also, the water is super clear!



Kids love this place. Saw quite a few of them running all over the beach with their siblings!


A picture before we left to the next beach!



Next we headed to a windy fishing beach I would call it. Most people were fishing and the wind was so persistent that the trees along the beach ended up growing in the direction of the wind making all of the trees along the shore slant away from the sea.


A random couple fishing along the area.



la la la la :D


Ok enough of beaches. After going beach after beach, Pauline eventually came up with the term, JAB!! It stands for “Just Another Beach”. Having enough beach scenery for the day, we headed straight to the next attraction which was the Wind Farm which claims to generate 50% of the town electricity!


Pauline loves green energy. I guess? Hohoho


The weather that day was very pleasant. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. But I have to insist that it was not the best weather for the few spots we were going to visit next.

First up, the blowhole!


Where’s the blowholeeeee?? There isn’t a picture to take of the blowhole because the attraction of the blowhole was something to feel rather than see in this kind of weather. Check out what it is here blowhole (wikipedia). The weather was too calm for the water to splash high into the air. So instead of waiting for that to happen, we opted for a picnic on the rocky terrain lol.


After picnicking we drove to our next spot, the Gap and Natural Bridge!


Again due to the weather, the water did not do what it was meant to do which was to make a super large splash! Allowing the water to soar past the top of the rock and into the skyyyy!! Since the weather has not been very accommodative we decided to do some random stuff :D!









After we have played enough, we decided that we’ve had enough for the day and drove West to the City of Denmark where we rested for the day. We stayed at Denmark Hotel and River View Motel for the night. Oh my god!! Their 350 grams rump steak was so good in medium that it made my day even better! The blistered capsicums was so holly smoke with the dish! Yummy yum yum!!



The picture turned out blurry because the lighting was dim and I was too hungry to do new settings hehe. And flash naturally sucks when it’s standard equipment :P This dish was totally worth it @ $28.50! Better than Hogs Breath anytime, any day, anyway.


So satisfied with the dinner! After that Polly, Luke, Kelvin and I decided to drive around the town but came back in 10 minutes time because the town was so friggin small ahha. But they do have a fancy looking IGA. After that we watched crash and went to bed!