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Friday, November 27, 2009

Bites: Jus Burger @ Leederville

IMG_4805 Gawddddd today was so stupid! Went to my office but took the wrong bus back oh man @.@!  Ended up going so deep into Claremont and Subiaco suburb that I was able to see horses.  But the very friendly bus driver and I had a chat about life in Australia. Him being from England and stuff.  Great chat!  Yesterday I had one of those “bros” outing with Yobi!  We had lunch and shit before walking about in Leederville.  For something a little different, we decided to eat something without rice or noodle.  So yea, why not have burgers! Yummy burgers ^^.




It was about noon and we were ready to depart! Did not really know which train platform we were supposed to go to, but oh well! I used my memory and somehow we managed to get on the right platform lulz!  The waitress  there changed from punk-emo to pretty-retro. YUMS! ok jk.  But one thing I’m not joking is that there is this Chinese guy working there, he cannot stop picking on the food omg! I was most WTF when he wanted to eat one onion ring but he did not want the aioli sauce so he took one sauce plate, poured tomato sauce and had that piece of onion ring =.=”.



My original lamb burger @ 11 bucks! Not the prettiest thing but it was yums! The chutney-mint sauce combo was not as bad as mint sauce normally is for me!  This burger is totally awesome.  I  came here last week and had cheese burger with blue cheese and mushrooms! Gawddddd! So delish!!  Yobi had the beef hamburger.  Full on meat patty but he said it was not salty enough ahah.



rawks!! Can you see Yobi’s watch? It’s a Casio Databank Calculator watch man! Wonder who bought that for him! WAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.  The burger were large in my opinion. I went from zero to full tank and yet I could not finish my burger.  Then the waitress was like “Hey, even I can eat one entire burger myself”. And some other stuff. And when we left she said something like “hey! Make sure you come here for your burgers again.., And finsh it”. With that Yobi concluded that she was hitting on me @.@! Lameeeeeeee!



This was my errr… Onion rings mmm but the Chinese guy did not sprinkle salt on top or maybe there isn’t meant to be any on top! No idea @@! But the last time I had it, there was salt.  I really like the onion ring here! Yummmmmm!!


Jus burger was my first stop for my burger tour! I’m happy with the burger there.  I think most people are so happy that within a year, a second branch has open @ Subiaco.  Just a stone’s throw from the train station!  But even then I'm still ready to go on my burger tour! What’s left hmmmmmm! Ahh Alfred’s Kitchen and Flipside!  


Haihhhhhhhhh! The week will start to get really busy!  Cheryl’s last week of work but it is the start for me! Working in the city meeting working people! So anxious yet so excited!  But the bus to and back from work is horrible! It’s like ackkk! Everyone looks like their brains got sucked or something.. noooooooooooooooooo! We’ll see what happens soon!



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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Change of Weather: Day by Day.

My Swatch died before exam, my head died today.  Feel so bored lol.  The weather has also gone crazy.  It was super rainy! I could swear Perth was on the brink of drowning just two days ago and now the trees sway in gale as if in a dance competition.  One the bright side, the sun is shinning brightly.  Probably good for a quiet walk along Matilda Bay.  Not for tennis as the balls would just fly out of the intended direction! Oh damn why did I cancel lunch today!?  Got tricked by the forecast which warned that Perth would be raining today too!  Oh well.  Will be a homie.



My Casio Databank! Cannot wear it yet.  Need to adjust the strap first!


What to do! What to do!  2012 watched.  The Imaginarium of Dr Pornassius watched.  Not to mention it sucked. bleh!!



Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekends!: Cherry’s Farewell Dinner.

The weekends passed really quick even though we did not do much.  Cherry left for Pig Island (Chuhai) on Monday.  We had a farewell dinner for her.  With the lack of transportation, we decided to have something simple.  I suggested steamboat and we did it @.@! I think steamboat is always a cheap meal option.  And it really fills the tummy.  Normally less than 10 bucks per head can eat until go crazy!  Cherry and I made some roast chicken salad too.  Liz had this salad dressing which tasted very similar to the one used @ Pasta Zanmai! Yummm!


Later on that night, we went over to TK’s place for our LAN party ahaha.  Played Counter Strike against bots.  Amazingly those expert bots are so overpowering.  We lost all rounds against those 15 bots. Damn!  By the time I went home @ 2.30am , they guys were still playing!  So crazy!


Now where’s Cherry’s photos! Can’t do without them! How to bloggg without pictures!!?



Friday, November 13, 2009

Bites: Taurus Hawkers @ Willeton

Water has been my best buddy for the past two days.  I went to the beach 2 days ago and yesterday after a good barbecue, the guys and I went over to Vil’s place to swim! Swooosh!! The swimming pool filled with cool water was definitely the best thing you can ask for on a warm summer’s day.  The beach on Wednesday was also awesome! We went to Cottesloe after lunch and stayed there till 5-ish! So black now xD.


Some pictures of my week!


Cottesloe beach @ Wednesday.



Hot Dawg the way I like it! Topped with onion, mustard and spicy chilli sauce!



Friends at Barbecue @ Kings Park



Yee Teng’s sister and Jasmine. Vil’s @ the background saying peace out mates!



Umbrella girl Vanessa and Fishman cooking food!  Poor Cr looking on. His gf covering fishman but not him xD



A worthy note, Adam’s yummy chocolate cake with sugar icing!



Calvin and Pat! :D


IMG_4756After the barbecue and swimming, we pondered on what to have for dinner.  We thought of having steamboat, then we think again and thought that steamboat would take too long.  Then we wanted to go to Jimbaran Bali, but the serve is small and quite expensive.  Then thought of going to Bamboo, then for some reason we did not go there @.@.  In the end someone mentioned going to Taurus, and the only thing I can recall there was this horrible sushi place ! I was ~.~! Luckily it wasn’t the Japanese restaurant that we were going to, it was the hawker food.


I was pleased to see the majority of the crowd there were Asians.  It gave me a better yardstick to measure the expected outcome of the meal!  We each ordered a hawker dish ranging from Combination Egg Hor Fun, Wanton Noodles, Curry Laksa, Rice with Roasted meat and such.  For starters we ordered these,



Fried meat rolls! Lobak! and oh I’m missing the squid picture @@.  I think everyone kinda liked it eheheh!



This was TK’s Curry Laksa! He ordered it super large @ $11.50 and boyy it was large.  So large I see also can faint! And TK could not finish it!



Van’s Asam Laksa.  I think she did not find the Laksa very favourable.  When it came she said it smelled of “rojak” xD! Can’t be helped.  It is caused by the prawn paste which is yucksssss! (at least for me, ahah!)



Chi Rong and Jia Hui both ordered 3 meat combination with rice.  It was quite nice and SUPER LARGE.  Quite cheap as Taurus only charged $11.50.



Anthony’s Wanton soup with Noodle.  Not sure how it tasted but he did not complain! Should be quite nice I guess because Yh, Vil and Liz ordered the dry version of this and found it very nice.



Jimmy boy and I ordered the Combination Hor Fun.  This is 9 bucks and the size is freaking large!  Definitely more than enough for 1 person.  The taste was ok but the frying did not taste quite right ahah.


This place was quite nice overall!  I think this place trashes Broadway 100-0.  If only it was in Nedlands and not Willeton!  Also this places provides UNLIMITED free condiments such as cut chilli, pickled green chilli, chilli sauce, and sambal (chilli paste). Mmmmmmmmm!  Super value for money.  Can order 3 dishes large to be shared by 4-5 people! Depending on appetite that is!  The place was much cleaner than expected of a hawkers!



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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nom Nom Nom: Steak Chomper @ Stirling Hotel.

While the boy were busy preparing for their big finale, my mind was thinking of somewhere new we could go for a nice dinner before their exam.  Thinking for a bit I thought why not bring Vil to try the 15 dollar T-bone that the Stirling Hotel offers every Sunday. 




It is a really juicy slab of steak that they offer.  Their basil butter goes nicely with the bed of chips!  I’ve been eating steak two times in a row for dinner.  Become ang moh already!!When we were there, we also saw a few UWA students as well.  Having their dinner before another tedious week of examinations!




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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bites: Hog’s Breath @ Northbridge, HK friends :)

Rwarrrr!  Having more free time for myself seems nice.  No need to feel obligated to finish something or to force myself to do something I do not want to. ;-)!  Yesterday I had lunch with fish and bread @ Northbridge.  We had lunch @ Tak Chee well known for its Hainanese Chicken Rice both steamed and fried.  After that went to the hospital with my sister to visit my aunt.  Bought her some flowers and fruits.  But who would have known she would be allergic to it =.=”!



Later in the day I attended Polly’s service and then followed them on to a dinner held for the Hong Kong peeps heading back in a weeks time or so.  Hog’s Breath was the place to be and I can’t help but mention how the food there seems to get better each time I pay them a visit.  We had 18 people there last night and it was quite fun despite the communication gap.  I could understand most of the things they said but found it ridiculously hard to reply back in their mother tongue.  Chatted quite a fair bit with the people around me but it was impossible to reach the ones at the end. ahah.  Could barely see their face omigosh.  Nevertheless, meet some of the peeps that were there yesterday. Pics taken mainly by Polly!



Alethia and Polly.






Mark and Aizayah Isaiah. Oook! I hope I got their names right here @@



A quarter of Chris’s head Wilson with rock on and the pretty girl with her peace sign.



Cheng HoYan or Zion with Jason.  Both HK peeps.  Jason has promised to deliver me a list of restaurant to visit when I hit the island this X’mas. Sounds sweet!


At this point after talking for like an hour, we were famished.  Like really really hungry oh gawwwwwwd!  Wonder what the hell was happening!  In situations like this, I would normally start ranting to no end but I was well, you could say trying to contain my manners?  But at least the people @ Hog’s Breath tried to make things a little better for us.  They did two things! One:


Free garlic toast for all.  Not the best thing in the world, but it held our tummies for maybe another 10 minutes? xD


And also to compensate us, they unleashed the BIG BIG PIG, the infamous Pink Hog mascot


Pauline, me and Joe.  Mind my face, the hog had just swipe its chee sau (pork hand) on my face.  And trust me, the mascot really needs a shower.  It friggin stinks.  *checks for pimples* jkjk! ahah.  And later on it hugged Pauline.  Then Tony who sat in front of me said “Ham Chee Sau” which brought about a similar meaning to pervert. 


After waiting for quite sometime our food finally arrived (when the restaurant was half-emptied).  But I was pleasantly surprised with the serving.  The steak had improved from burn to not burn and from a small cut to a larger one!


WenY’s Byron Bay Prime Chili Steak.  Removed the salad and replaced it with a double carb as my sides.  Added an extra Byron sauce for a dollar ninety-five.  The steak was well cooked and when I reached the middle.  OH GAWDDD.  There was this little slice which was so juicy @@. I find the steak to be well worth it $31 price tag although I would not come here anytime soon again. *check wallet only to find a hole*



This was Polly’s steak with calamari which she shared with Alethia.  Looks pretty good I must say.   It filled two girls up, I’m amazed ahah.  It cost them $36.


Later on as there weren’t enough cars, we took the bus home. But we stopped for awhile to hang around James St. to see some performances.  But I missed Van She because they took forever to finalise their setup.  Guess they were experiencing some technical glitches.  But before Van She, there were three very vocal girls took the stage and blew me of my feet.  I was impressed by their energy on stage. Prawnnnnnnnnnnn danceeeeeeeeeee.



Great night!



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Bites: Wing Bo, Maylands

Went around a bit to get some food to fill up the stomach for dinner.  Snooped around the internet and I found Wing Bo to be quite famous among diners @ Maylands area.  So we decided to give it a try.  When we reached we were shocked to see the crowd being mostly Caucasians.  We’d though it’ll be you know, more Asians.  Nonetheless we decide to give it a go.  We waited for about 30 minutes before getting a place for 5.  The lady there was quite helpful but the staff did not look too friendly overall. Maybe they were just overloaded for the day, but Kelvin said they have no excuse being in the hospitality business.  But I must say they’re just students trying to make that extra buck.


The food we ordered are:


Seasonal Vegetable in Black Bean Sauce! I have always expected black bean sauce to taste like that, so I was fine but the fish would not consume those vegetable he claim lack salt! rwarrr! In fact they thought it was pricey, but it is ok @ $12 bucks.  Normal stir fry would cost $11 @ good fortune while kangkung belacan is $14 @ Tak Chee house. 



Curry Prawn @ $19.  Reasonable cheaper than other places that would normally charge $22.  The taste was very well below my NORMAL standard.  Kinda failed.  Sister said they used the A1 packet but the lack of oil in the dish did not seem at all like A1 curry paste.



We also ordered Yam Duck which I found quite delish.  It’s hard to see much difference without proper attention.  But at closer inspection, the crust is not soaked in oil and had a nice flaky finish to it.  This duck came with a winner sauce.  Some places would give a sauce that was so diluted it was sad.  Other places gives barbecue sauce.  I kinda like as it is with tomato sauce.



Our final dish was the Wing Bo Special Bean Curd.  This dish was fairly big and priced @ $13.50 it was quite cheap.  It was quite nice as well.  Reminds me of home when mom would deep fry Japanese Bean curd and top it with her onion-carrot-mince meat sauce which tasted lovely!



Overall I found this restaurant to fare pretty well.  But fish did not like it.  The internet ratings were pretty high and with 8 records to prove on its walls, how bad can it be?  Nonetheless the reviews given were a mixture of true and false.  For example, the serve is not as big as some diners claim it to be.  It was OK only.  What was true is the price.  With everything we ordered, the total bill came out to be roughly $15.6 per head.  Pretty decent.  Perhaps in the next try, it will be more suitable to try what people actually recommend!



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