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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bites: Hog’s Breath @ Northbridge, HK friends :)

Rwarrrr!  Having more free time for myself seems nice.  No need to feel obligated to finish something or to force myself to do something I do not want to. ;-)!  Yesterday I had lunch with fish and bread @ Northbridge.  We had lunch @ Tak Chee well known for its Hainanese Chicken Rice both steamed and fried.  After that went to the hospital with my sister to visit my aunt.  Bought her some flowers and fruits.  But who would have known she would be allergic to it =.=”!



Later in the day I attended Polly’s service and then followed them on to a dinner held for the Hong Kong peeps heading back in a weeks time or so.  Hog’s Breath was the place to be and I can’t help but mention how the food there seems to get better each time I pay them a visit.  We had 18 people there last night and it was quite fun despite the communication gap.  I could understand most of the things they said but found it ridiculously hard to reply back in their mother tongue.  Chatted quite a fair bit with the people around me but it was impossible to reach the ones at the end. ahah.  Could barely see their face omigosh.  Nevertheless, meet some of the peeps that were there yesterday. Pics taken mainly by Polly!



Alethia and Polly.






Mark and Aizayah Isaiah. Oook! I hope I got their names right here @@



A quarter of Chris’s head Wilson with rock on and the pretty girl with her peace sign.



Cheng HoYan or Zion with Jason.  Both HK peeps.  Jason has promised to deliver me a list of restaurant to visit when I hit the island this X’mas. Sounds sweet!


At this point after talking for like an hour, we were famished.  Like really really hungry oh gawwwwwwd!  Wonder what the hell was happening!  In situations like this, I would normally start ranting to no end but I was well, you could say trying to contain my manners?  But at least the people @ Hog’s Breath tried to make things a little better for us.  They did two things! One:


Free garlic toast for all.  Not the best thing in the world, but it held our tummies for maybe another 10 minutes? xD


And also to compensate us, they unleashed the BIG BIG PIG, the infamous Pink Hog mascot


Pauline, me and Joe.  Mind my face, the hog had just swipe its chee sau (pork hand) on my face.  And trust me, the mascot really needs a shower.  It friggin stinks.  *checks for pimples* jkjk! ahah.  And later on it hugged Pauline.  Then Tony who sat in front of me said “Ham Chee Sau” which brought about a similar meaning to pervert. 


After waiting for quite sometime our food finally arrived (when the restaurant was half-emptied).  But I was pleasantly surprised with the serving.  The steak had improved from burn to not burn and from a small cut to a larger one!


WenY’s Byron Bay Prime Chili Steak.  Removed the salad and replaced it with a double carb as my sides.  Added an extra Byron sauce for a dollar ninety-five.  The steak was well cooked and when I reached the middle.  OH GAWDDD.  There was this little slice which was so juicy @@. I find the steak to be well worth it $31 price tag although I would not come here anytime soon again. *check wallet only to find a hole*



This was Polly’s steak with calamari which she shared with Alethia.  Looks pretty good I must say.   It filled two girls up, I’m amazed ahah.  It cost them $36.


Later on as there weren’t enough cars, we took the bus home. But we stopped for awhile to hang around James St. to see some performances.  But I missed Van She because they took forever to finalise their setup.  Guess they were experiencing some technical glitches.  But before Van She, there were three very vocal girls took the stage and blew me of my feet.  I was impressed by their energy on stage. Prawnnnnnnnnnnn danceeeeeeeeeee.



Great night!



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