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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bites: Wing Bo, Maylands

Went around a bit to get some food to fill up the stomach for dinner.  Snooped around the internet and I found Wing Bo to be quite famous among diners @ Maylands area.  So we decided to give it a try.  When we reached we were shocked to see the crowd being mostly Caucasians.  We’d though it’ll be you know, more Asians.  Nonetheless we decide to give it a go.  We waited for about 30 minutes before getting a place for 5.  The lady there was quite helpful but the staff did not look too friendly overall. Maybe they were just overloaded for the day, but Kelvin said they have no excuse being in the hospitality business.  But I must say they’re just students trying to make that extra buck.


The food we ordered are:


Seasonal Vegetable in Black Bean Sauce! I have always expected black bean sauce to taste like that, so I was fine but the fish would not consume those vegetable he claim lack salt! rwarrr! In fact they thought it was pricey, but it is ok @ $12 bucks.  Normal stir fry would cost $11 @ good fortune while kangkung belacan is $14 @ Tak Chee house. 



Curry Prawn @ $19.  Reasonable cheaper than other places that would normally charge $22.  The taste was very well below my NORMAL standard.  Kinda failed.  Sister said they used the A1 packet but the lack of oil in the dish did not seem at all like A1 curry paste.



We also ordered Yam Duck which I found quite delish.  It’s hard to see much difference without proper attention.  But at closer inspection, the crust is not soaked in oil and had a nice flaky finish to it.  This duck came with a winner sauce.  Some places would give a sauce that was so diluted it was sad.  Other places gives barbecue sauce.  I kinda like as it is with tomato sauce.



Our final dish was the Wing Bo Special Bean Curd.  This dish was fairly big and priced @ $13.50 it was quite cheap.  It was quite nice as well.  Reminds me of home when mom would deep fry Japanese Bean curd and top it with her onion-carrot-mince meat sauce which tasted lovely!



Overall I found this restaurant to fare pretty well.  But fish did not like it.  The internet ratings were pretty high and with 8 records to prove on its walls, how bad can it be?  Nonetheless the reviews given were a mixture of true and false.  For example, the serve is not as big as some diners claim it to be.  It was OK only.  What was true is the price.  With everything we ordered, the total bill came out to be roughly $15.6 per head.  Pretty decent.  Perhaps in the next try, it will be more suitable to try what people actually recommend!



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