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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Perth Royal Show: Smoke-Free

This is the time of the year again where Perth Kids get to sleep later than 9pm.  Like seriously, they always sleep at 9 =.=”!  The Royal Show seems to be a place I return every year without fail (so far at least!).  This year was no exception but I did not take too many pictures as the events were more or less the same ahah.  My pictures revolved mainly around guinea pigs which I so crazily rushed my friends through lunch to make sure I got to see my guinea pigs which were going to race @ 2.  But before the race there was some other competition which judged the cavies for beauty and posture.



Kids love their cavies!



Kids cheering on during the race!  Guinea pigs are better than the AFL I’d suppose.



A guinea pig and its master. This guy won the first round of the race! Although it barely finished the race! The other guinea pigs ran halfway and then they started running back because they thought their owners cheers are actually orders for them to come back ahaha!


There were other animals such as the emu which was at the exhibition.  The adult emu is freaking scary I tell you!  Take a look for yourself:



After that we sat around chilling and seeing man chopping wood! I know it sounds boring but it is not all that boring when you see a guy chopping only 30 chops after the first dude starts choppin and still wins.



A friendly message from the loggers!:



9Rides were abundant but I wasn’t gutsy enough to do any of them.  I think I’m old already @@!  I used to go on all the rides without considering the consequences.  Now I take a look at the ride and say nah! That thing might snap any moment or ohh the safety belts might just unlock and flyyyyyy awayyyyyyy I will go! @@  Vil and Yh say the Nitro which I sat last year.  The picture is on the left.  Vil said he almost passed out! Good man he is for pushing his fear for heights lol!



After the rides sister came and joined us for dinner there.  Had the ribs mmm! But some of the ribs were a bit overcooked so it was tough!  But it was OK overall! We sat around the large field and saw motocross which was absolutely aweeeesome!  Horse show followed soon after with the rodeos covered in neon tubes! Kickass!  After their rounds, they trotted along the arena perimeter and let the kids pat the horses! So nice of them ahah.  Lastly was the fireworks display which was very nice as well! The kids in front of me kept going on and on about “I luv it! I luv it”! Great night out for the kids in Perth I guess ahah.