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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bites: Choux Café @ Swanbourne

While I have lived in Nedlands for 4 years, I have never quite strayed from Hampden Road and Broadway.   Missing out on so many hidden gems in the Western Suburbs really did leave me with a little regret.  Especially when my colleagues and friends tell me of all the yummy food in the area.  Better late then never, I managed to try out the offerings of a popular patisseries in the area.  If you are looking for a brunch places with great cakes and pastries, look no further!  At Choux Café in Swanbourne, they only use pure butter and not those sub-par margarines.  Without a doubt, the use of quality ingredient is reflected in their products.

Fotor1123181852We had a few things including chocolate cakes, sandwich and drinks! Absolutely fabulous!  Delicious ganache with a layer of caramel at the top.  Super decadent especially if you are a chocolate fan.  In between its layers is a crisp one which gave it a Ferrero Rocher bite.  Great praline flavors! With the chocolate coated cake, there was more balance with a mild bitterness keeping the sweetness at bay.  All in all,  everything at the Choux Café was pretty good.  Not to mention if you opt for a mug of hot choc at $5.20, you get a super large one! Probably the largest cup I have seen in a long while.


If you live in the area, it would almost be impossible that you would not know Choux Café.  Apparently its something like La Galette de France.  A household name.  So if you are ever in the suburb and looking around for a hangout spot, definitely try out Choux Café. 



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