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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday: Buddy Meet Up @ Ciao Italia :)




So busy for the past few days! Had so many assignments to hand in and so much other stuff to do as well! My blog has not been updated for like err?? 3 weeks? SO sad ahah. Not like my work load has decreased in any way but oh well at least most of them are half done or more than half done. After a busy week, Yobi asked me out for dinner at a place well known among Perth-lings for its ridiculous queue as well as pretty good Italian food. ahah The place is Ciao Italia located just at the very end of Mill Pt road in South Perth which I would regard as the most superb suburb in Perth ahahah. The foreshore is totally awesome and nice! Ok!! Enough about South Perth and more about my outing!  We were supposed to go and pick up Amanda along with Yobi at 6 but we were about 15 minutes late because we kinda got stuck in a jam earlier on when we went to a warehouse sale in Osborne Park. As a result we reached Ciao Italia only at 6.30p.m. Pretty early truth to be said. However the queue was not very kind to us. We waited outside for 1 and a half hours before they could make space for 5 people. I also met other friends from uni there haha. It’s pretty popular as I’ve said before.



This was us cramped in between a column and the side wall =.=!!  Wah I can see my chipmunk cheeks so clearly! Oh dammmmnnn!! We chit chatted for awhile and thank god our food did not take too long to reach! The long queue outside was probably due to the way some people eat!! While I waiting outside I saw this couple wtf. Eat pizza with fork and knife cut small piece one by one! YES VERY CONSIDERATE YEA? Bloody asians!! Hoho! An Asian calling another Asian! Truly Malaysian ~


The waiter told us that he would serve us the pizza first because the pasta chefs very overly busy with both the takeaway and the eat in orders so first up was the Calzone a.k.a the folded pizza! I first learnt what it was when I went to Michelangelo @ Pavilion with my parents and sister for “fine dining” couple years ago.


Calzone @ 20 bucks!




My slice of Calzone! The pizza was really big and could easily fill up 2 people! For 20 bucks that is a steal! Loved the tomato salad that came with it. It’s like eating a bruschetta without the bread haha. Slurps!

After the pizza came it was another 20 minutes wait for our pasta to arrive :D


The Fettucini Ciao Italia was the highlight of the night @ $25.50. The serving was pretty ok in my opinion. Something that can be shared with other food ordered.  Loved the cream sauce which reminds me of the Tagliatelle el Prosciutto from Il Padrino. Kelvin however though that the sauce at Il Padrino was nicer! Nonetheless, this pasta is a must try or must have if anyone goes there. Sun dried tomatoes, grilled chicken, chives and parsley in cream sauce! Yumm!



Also in the house was the Spaghetti Marinara @ $28.50! One of the most expensive Marinara’s around aha! This one had fish slices, prawns, mussels, and I think there was a scallop or two? I found the Marinara here pretty ok as it was not an overkill of seafood which would make me go “I can FEEL the SEA in my MOUTH”.  Fishman however commented that the prawn was not of sufficient quality :( EMOoooo! But oh well it was not frozen for sure hehe.


After eating all three of the main, the five of us were not full enough. Kinda expected once I saw the pasta size hehe. But it was ok, the night was not to end just yet. One of the highlights at Ciao Italia frequenters mention often is the Tiramisu dessert @ $8.50 each. And because we were still hungry we each ordered ONE!


I’m not sure how most of you would comment on the size of the cake but if you think it’s pretty small then I’m sorry that my picture is a misrepresentation but HELL! SERIOUSLY it was LARGE, definitely enough for 2-3 ppl. I had a quarter left after downing as much as I could! But I must insist that I enjoyed the Tiramisu! Looks so pretty! Amanda was so funny! She said she did not like the cream and started spooning the Mascarpone cheese away. Yobi the told her that she should just eat sponge cake or something I think HAhahahaah.


Great outing, manage to  catch up with my friends! Should do it more when holidays comes!The food in Ciao Italia is something to shout about if it was not for the wait. Since it’s my first time here I guess, without taking the horrendous queue into consideration, the food here is quite nice. Perhaps next time we’ll drop by at 5.30 for early dinner :)!


That’s all for now! Need to go comb my sister’s dog’s hair! Her pup is under my care because she went back to M’sia for holidays!



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