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Monday, September 27, 2010

Bites: Alfred’s Kitchen @ Guildford

The night is cold and the day has been busy.  Not to mention, one of your best mates are leaving on an airplane soon.  With no destination in mind and lots of frustration.  Time to leave the routine business and find that special mug of “night warmer”.  I picked Yobi from his concert yesterday before heading over to the Swan Valley to enjoy the best burger in Western Australia.  Even though the night was late, we were not alone when we arrived.  Loads of other hungry people were there to get a bite of Alfred’s. 



The night is never cold at Alfred’s.  In fact the heat from the fireplace kept me happy at the counter.  It was like a barbecue made for humans.


Back Camera

Since 1946?  My country did not achieve independence till 1957 mate. No wonder the burgers here are epic.


Back Camera

After waiting for quite awhile, it paid off.  A juicy patty between two classic sesame buns finished with crisp lettuce and spicy caramelised onions. Yumms!  I had the chilli burger while Yobi had the hamburger with bacon and cheese.  Yobi finished his burger in a flash. When he was done he had hesitation scribbled all over his face.  I gave him the WTF.  He was like “Wah! Does not enough!”.  He had a sudden dilemma but in the end chose a bag of fries with salt overload.  Just the way he likes it!! ahaha 


It took me 30 minutes of driving to get here but no regrets for all that driving.  The night didn’t feel so bad anymore after that burger in my tummy.  The quiet drive home felt peaceful with no worries.  I like it!



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