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Thursday, December 30, 2010

D3100: New Player in Town.

It’s 2.30am and I’m not really up to anything so I thought, “Why not come on?”. And so I did.  Here I am now, going to show to all of you, my new camera!! :P! A big gift from the little darling and my mates.  Much thanks and love to the little darling.  And my friends, arigato!!!! Since purchasing it, I have been using it quite a fair bit and boy its not simple.  I thought like my camera, all it does when I take a photo was one click.  But apparently not.  When I press the shutter, it does a double snap with a noise that goes like  *grr*  *grr*.  Sounds like its asking for some doggy treats but sorry.  Don’t see any mouth to feed treats into it.  Ok now I’m really talking rubbish! HAhahah!
D3100.  Bought it for RM1900 at Damansara Uptown on top of the bicycle shop next to Park Village Cafe.  Owner was super nice and friendly!

I have not been using it to its fullest potential just yet.  I have tinkered with the aperture, manual and shutter speed priority modes as of now.  Been having some problems with macro.  And I found that I get the best macros when I use the manual mode and with the auto-focus switched off.  Which means I need to focus the lens, zoom the lens and click the shutter after I set the ISO, the shutter speed and the aperture.  Oh god bless me.  But I LIKE IT.  I feel involved at every level of photography mechanics.  And fortunately, my favourite subject, food, has no problem staying still for me!:P

The camera also boasts one of the friendliest guide mode in its class. This mode is perfect for people who have absolutely no idea what the camera is capable of. It has features all packed into one mode.  It is pretty much an auto mode but lets you spin one of the dials hoping to make you feel like a professional.  But all you really do is just control the shutter speed/aperture.  HAhahahaha.

On a different note, the little darling is somewhere in Switzerland skiing and hitting kids with her ski rods.  Sounds fun!  And now, there are more reasons to like the IPhone4.  Free calls anywhere, so long as there is internet :)!!
The little darling.  Her hair seems a little bushy. hahahaha.  The frost probably got her Keratin all hardened at molecular level.
And that’s me, and the toy. 

Ok now, only 10 minutes have passed.  God the night is long.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cari Makan: Chan Meng Kee @ SS2

It was about 3 years ago that I wrote an entry about one of the tastiest and most well-made wanton noodles in the KL area.  Reminisce it here. Apparently, mid-way through 2009 he closed his stall in Mel’s Corner @ Section 17 and went incognito for awhile before going big in the SS2 area sometime this year.  This guy’s shop is located along the row of shop house behind Nasi Kandar Pelita.  I have not been a big fan of wanton noodles until my dad brought me to this one in my college days 2006/7.  But ever since, he decided to shift his restaurant to a better location in 2009/10,  the quality has been inconsistent.  Nevertheless, check out what this place still has to offer.

I liked the yummy noodles with well-made Char Siew pork (bbq pork).  The pork tries to maintain a 50-50 balance between fat and meat. (and it used to have a crisp skin).  Most wanton noodles in Malaysia do not use sesame oil which might be preferred by others Asians especially people from Hong Kong.  But this one uses pork lard with crispy bits of pork crackle to mix with the noodles.  A worrying cause of course for the health conscious, but no dramas.  The 50-50 balance and pork crackle has a magic to bring your worries away.  Unless it sucks that is ahahhaha.

And it is not called Wanton Noodles without Wantons is it not?
To accompany the meal, Chan Meng Kee also offers additional serves of meat such as soy chicken, pork roast, roasted duck and wild boar curry.  But I stuck to the classic and had one more serve of the barbecue pork!! ohhhhh yeah :P!  Ok, peeps, over and out.

I’ll try to get more goodies up when I find time to go out.  Spent three mornings with a report and now I’m pretty much free besides the pesky IELTS!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Solstice Festival: Just One

Last night, mom made me roll little balls of flour to prepare for today’s festival celebration.  Colourful they were in red and white, but they would normally come in green too.  Funnily enough, so much work had to be done for just three people.  It was only going to be mom, dad and I since most of the relatives are overseas.  Nevertheless, rolling the dough was fun, as it brought back childhood memories. The countless plate of dough that I have rolled up till this very day.
It also had me thinking of the random days in Perth where a sudden craving for dessert would drive me to the kitchen.  Get the stove ready, in goes the pandan leave to make the syrup before putting in the Tang Yuen hoho!  And today, mom made super a lot food for the three of us.  Roast pork, steamed chicken, fish, butter prawns, Tang Yuen and my new favourite, the arrowhead root cooked with minced meat with fermented bean curd and cilantro!! Ohhh yeah!  Below is a macro of it.

Just one problem aye?  There is only one picture. And omg, I actually took 20+ shots of it before picking this one from the lot.  It was hell difficult for god knows what reason. The lens won’t focus. In the end, I decided to not take the rest of the food! Oh, and apparently a good macro lens  for foodies like me will require a lens such as the Nikon 60mm AF-S Micro-Nikkor which costs 1500 bucks or the 105mm one, which would cost a whopping 3000 bucks.  NOooooooooooooo.   Ok still lots to learn, but first, time for supper :P!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Birthday Presents & Christmas Wishes.

The title is funny isn’t it?  Most of the time it would be birthday wishes and Christmas presents.  Not necessarily so, but more often than not; for me at very least.  But this birthday, I have received so much that it is really quite unnecessary to receive anymore in the coming festivity.  Some presents made me richer, some touched me emotionally and some in both ways. 
The little darling surprised me in the most unexpected ways.  Working hard for my brand new toys instead of spending it on herself during her Europe trip, preparing a lovely card, and even a set of homemade bear finished with our unofficial “couple tee”.
The birthday card.  Its not the outside, but the inside that melted my heart. Still does.

The homemade bear that her designer friend made for me.  It is quite shocking to know how much she does to surprise me @.@!  Will try to make up for that when she comes to visit me again in January!

Customised from top to sole.
I’m not exaggerating right?  WenY for me Ling for her.  Even the shirt matches the  exact colour of the ones we have. *faints from awesomeness*!

So what’s for my Christmas wish? Well, there is a certain song which I’ve chosen for this because they say if you tell your wish it might not come true.
“Do you remember what you wished for every Christmas?
Do you say a prayer and send it on a star?
Well maybe I'm just being over sentimental.
But now its Christmas and I miss us most of all..”
It’s only Christmas, Ronan Keating.
And it’s not even Christmas yet !!


Cari Makan: Plan B @ Bangsar Village.

Meeting up with friends during the weekends is an enjoyable routine back home in KL.  The good friends from high school make crapping sessions over a cheap drink impeccably perfect.  All meet ups are too common and almost routine until I realise, “WTF*ck?  Where is my homie #!”  But these concerns over the past week were diminished as we managed to rescue Justin from the depths of his hideous routine.  I’m not exaggerating this.  The level of secrecy of his activities and rejection from him is literally painful.  But no worries, we got him out to spend the noon with us today xD!  The lunch was at Plan B @ Bangsar Village after attending a session with Z at Zhan Sheng’s church.

IMG_7742‘Plan B's interior was modern with industrial fittings cluttered on to the ceilings.  Walls were finished racked with high school-days science lab solution bottles.  Remember those rusty brown semi-transparent bottles?  The crew of waiter and waitress were pretty stylish, ditching the collared tee-apron cliché for a tee + vest combination.  Not unusual as I have seen plenty of these but I still fall for it every single time.

THE Plan B.  At the end of this meal, I was actually glad that the people who started Delicious, actually did Plan B..  because they needed it. Badly.  Delicious literally sucked.  Much thanks to Yobi who introduced Plan B to me :)!!

Some thirst quenchers.
Clock wise from left to right: My Root Beer Float @  5 bucks,  Fat ass Yobi’s half drunk Chocolate Milkshake, Zi Yan’s Oreo Milkshake and Zhan Sheng's Ice Chocolate.  The drinks were pretty dope with the exception of the Iced Chocolate haha.

Oh, and DINERS. PUKE ALERT. BEWARE.  The glass used to serve sky juice is laced with saliva.  With a sample size of 6 cups, you have a 1in 2 chance of having such a  cup.  Smell before you drink.  Wipe before you make contact.  Absolute POTONG-STIM of the day.  Saliva laced cups. @.@!! <—Herpes

And for the mains, we helped ourselves to:
Josephine and I ordered the Asian Style Soft Shell Crab with Pasta @ Rm19 each serve.  Liked the way the sauce was a close imitation of  Wong Poh’s famous buttermilk crabs, minus the sweetness.  Had a good aroma, creamy sensation and pretty salty.  But that is ok for me.  Food without enough salt is like having no food at all. You get my drift right?  The feeling of having eaten but not satisfied? This dish used lots of curry leaves giving it a delicious aroma unlike the frozen ones back in Australia. And despite the small bits of cut chilli and sprinkles of chilli flakes, the pasta was not spicy at all.

Yobi went heavy on meat and decided to go for the double cheeseburger @ Rm21.
Thick slab of burger patty made from premium mince I’m assuming.  He said you cannot compare this to Alfred’s but I can see his face.  I easily read off his face that the burgers from down under still rule. HAhahahahaha.  I liked the shoestring chips though.  Like Meccas minus the proven rule of Mecca’s chips immortality.

Justin’s Carbonara  @ RM15.
Described as light and creamy without the feeling that you’ve had enough even before finishing half of the pasta, I think Justin liked it.  I had a taste of it, and true enough, it tasted good.  But I have tasted better ones at Tiamo Nedlands where all the ingredients a chopped so finely it sticks so very nicely on each strand of pasta making it an instant pleasure to the taste buds.  I can make it too HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Zi Yan’s meatball pasta.
Comments?  None.  It was quietly eaten from the corner of the table. Hahaha.

Zhan Sheng’s Sandwich.  He got rejected twice while ordering, and settled for this.  Looks pretty damn awesome. And I liked the way the chips appeared, but not so much for the taste unfortunately.  The sandwich looked humungous and I think it was super filling too!
Plan B reviewers also raved about the variety of cakes offered at the counter.  So we decided to try some of it despite having overeaten already.   The best pastries for me were the Orange Peel & Poppy Seed Muffin while the  Red Velvet cake was a good change from the typical carrot cake.  The Red Velvet had red berry sponge? with thin chocolate layers finished with a coating of cream cheese!  Delightful!

By the end of the meal, I was 33 bucks poorer but heaps happier.  While we still meet up quite often, a missing member makes it incomplete.  Disregard the laughter, disregard the joy, a missing one is a missing 1.  Oh, and this was actually meant to be my overdue “birthday” lunch ahaha.  Enjoyed it pretty damn much!!

If the quality and standard is maintained, this is definitely a place to revisit in the future.  Fairly priced, I think Malaysians would not mind coming to these up market places for some gastronomy pleasures.  Will definitely try the much hyped Gruyere Muffin the next time around.  Oh and please do not forget about the cups.  You partner would definitely want to know where you got your Herpes from.  Jkjk.

Till then. ;-)


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dad’s Birthday: Kam Lun Tai @ Sri Petaling.

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday.  And ditching a bragging fact that Petaling Jaya has pretty good food on its own, my mom decided to try a restaurant which has long been known for their famous moon cakes; the Kam Lun Tai Restaurant.  So we started our journey at 6.15pm hoping that 45 minutes would be enough to reach the place, but we were wrong.  The traffic jam on the highway leading to the place was insanity.  We were locked in the car under slight drizzle for almost an hour.  When we reached, we were pretty much the only customer.  *freezes in fear* <---- Normal Asian Reaction.


Fortunately, the Kam Lun Tai brand held its name well as a food establishment in the country.  Overall, the quality of the food was plausible but a little expensive!!  The first dish we had that night was the Hot Four Seasons.


Om nom nom nom!  Comparing this to a one I had recently, this was heaps better.  I realise that the combination of Boxing Chicken/Meat Rolls/Chicken Stir-fry/Mushroom Tempura  might seem a bit too childish for an adults birthday dinner, but this was seriously yummy!  The mushroom tempura even tricked us to think it was yam or squid. 


After the four seasons, the next Chinese dish you would normally see is the…


Sharks Fin Soup!! Ok, the thing about me is that I do not enjoy pricey Chinese delicacies with the exception of scallops.  No Abalone, no shark fin, no sea cucumber.  But my parents thought that the soup was OK only.  I guess it is ok too?


Next up was one of the best dishes of the night.  The Deep Fried Sea Grouper with a Thai Style Onion Salad!


Haha, this fish looks like a ship that has just capsized. 



Served on my plate :)!  Because my mom told them to let us use the sauce to our own liking, the fish slices were still crispy and not soggy in anyway. That was until I put the sauce on mine ;)


And part of a ongoing tradition, the long life noodles!


I have to say, this noodles did not taste good at all @.@!  The taste was soooo lacking of something.  It is as if the chefs decided to be stingy on something.  Did not work out for me at all =X.  Maybe I like salty food?  More taste would have been lovely! 


We also had a vegetable dish and a prawn dish which was OK only I think.  I can cook those two better I think ahah.  The availability of instant cereal prawn sachets makes it possible :P!  And the dessert of the night was swapped for something more conservative hoho!


The bun in a bun?  No idea what this is called in Chinese but inside that big bun was heaps of other smaller buns.  Its my first time having this after so many years @.@!


After eating all these yummy stuff I decided that I should put up some family pictures since I KNOW that all my family members click on my bloggy all the time ahahah.  Time for some introduction.  But there is only 30% or them here I think.  The rest are in Australia and Singapore.  Even my nigga sister is missing. ZzzzZ!


Dad and Mom.  Dad is now 1 year young of 60 years old hehe!



My cousin and Sam Ku who gave me so much ang pau money this time @.@!  The picture quality here is deplorable!!! Took this three times on manual, and it still did not look good! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!



My 2 cousins and their parents.  I was besties with Zen (top left) every since I was a midget.  Still am.  And ahah, her hairstyle has NEVER changed. And the budding men of the family, little Cyrus.  And yes, my aunty Chris and Sei Suk gave me a big ang pau too.  Pai seh >.<!



The small family that celebrated my dad’s birthday.  And DAMN DAWG>!!! Why are my people pictures so blur!! *emo-fied*!!


Ok peeps, it is time for me to sleep hohoho!



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kuala Lumpur: Morning on the Older Side of Town.

Just yesterday, I slept at 5 in the morning and after merely sleeping for 4 hours, my dad woke me up… *yawns*! It was time to get ready and head of to the big city.  KL is massive and although I have been there quite a fair bit, I have absolutely no idea how to get around in town.  @.@!  Such a noob but oh well, life goes on.

The first stop was for breakfast.  We went to a place called Selayang, which I assume is an older part of KL.  Some pictures I took using my Iphone when we crossed through the market from the car park.
photo (1)
Does not look very different from a typically wet market on a Saturday morning. Oh, but the air is a little dirtier I realise. 

After walking through the market along Jalan Tiong Nam, we sat by a large tree to have our meal.  The lady does her business on a mobile stall.  From the picture above, we sat at the big tree which should be quite obvious ahah.  And she sells…
Yummy fish ball noodles soup :).  I liked the fried fish ball in particular.  Very yummy.  I was starving and did not bother much about the dodgy surrounding.  It really did not matter with my stomach growling so loudly.  The price was good, the taste was good.  What else was there to complain about?  This lady only works in the morning and charges 4 bucks for a hearty bowl of noodle soup only.  It is really cheap.  And GOOD.

Once we were done, dad, aunty and my cousin visited an old apartment which my grandfather used to own.  Now that his time has passed, its been left to his “kids” to manage.  It is really old I must insist.  With only 2 lifts servicing the whole place, things can get pretty tiring when it breaks down.  Not to mention, this place has drug pushers and sort =X!  God damned scary.  Back in those days, living here was a luxury.  Not so much of a luxury now huh?  But it has served its time I’d suppose.  Plus is has views too.  No sight of the KL tower or the twin tower, KLCC but a bit of the skyline of this ever growing city of chaos.
photo (2)
The newer side of the city from the old building!

That is it for my morning.  Time to get some sleep :P and oh, I have decided to bring my camera out for real.  No more forgetting :P!  Hoping to get some nice pictures up ahaha!


Monday, December 13, 2010

The Sundays: 12/12/2010

It has been a super family weekend.  Being a Lee, one thing we do better than others  are gathering frequently and constant eating.  Like a cow really.  I remember back in the days when I was younger, everyone will come back to KL to celebrate Chinese New Year.  We will munch from the morning vegetarian meal to the meaty night meal. And that was before the crazy reunion dinner.  Probably 10 meals a day?  Or just constant eating ahha.

Today was not so different.  I woke up to a yoghurt drink before heading to Ampang for brunch.  We were at the ever so popular Fong Fong Yong Tau Foo.  I got a bit worried when the place seemed a bit empty before noon.  But I need not worry long because once the clock struck 10 past noon.  It was filled and the “stare and wait” game begun.  The food was as yummy as usual, but the broth for the soupy Yong Tau Foo was a bit too peppery!  We ordered 40 pieces for 5 people but I had 10 or more.  Loved every bit of it in spite of the horrible heat that was constantly blowing on me.

After that mom went to the club house to pick up some Rendang Chicken.  But we were in for some afternoon snacks while we waited for the Rendang to be packed!

Summer salvation:
None other than the Malaysian delight, the Ice Kacang. 

My mom’s pick to go along with her cup of freshly stirred Nescafe lol.  Unfortunately we do not do fancy coffee in Malaysia.  Or more like, not for the price of 5 bucks.  Anyways. she chose a homemade Brownie which was absolutely delish.  No joke.  Moist chocolate with chewy bits top with a melted chocolate top and vanilla ice cream!
This was tonnes better compared to the one served at Delicious.  Sorry to everyone who has heard me rant about that horrible place.  I said it before and I am still saying it!  But it is horrible!

And for myself, I ordered the same thing I would normally order for tea in the club house.  The steak sandwich,

Oooo yeah!  And Happy Birthday to me :D!  Hoho too lazy to type already!  But I had a good dinner at my aunt’s place just a moment ago ahaha.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cari Makan: Breakfast stall @ Pasar Pagi Taman Megah

The food scene in Malaysia is immense. While there is no Michelin ranted hype nor the fancy pansy hatted awards in Australia, the yummiest bites in Malaysia can come from the simplest and most unglamorous places.  This simplest place is no further than the local morning market (pasar pagi).  Cleanliness might be a concern for most.  But for me, I’m a true local.  I could not care less. 
However, a few steps have been taken by the local authority to improve the cleanliness of these places and one such step is by setting up proper complexes to house the vendors.  A bit saddening because the “pasar” feel is now a distant memory.  But that is ok, the old Chinese couple operating the brekkie stall in the market is still there :).  My mom and dad gets food from them for me on the weekends ho!ho!  So, what are my breakfast picks from this stall?

The economy fried noodles.
There is practically nothing on there besides heaped carbs. But that is all I really need for a good start to my day.  The taste is unbeatable.  It might not be the typical Malay sambal but it looks down on every sambal/chilli paste in Australia.  And do not be fooled by the word economy.  The old couple charge a premium for it but that is probably the privilege they earn from the ever growing crowd!

My next pick is the Nasi Lemak Biasa.  Yes, the serve is small in Malaysia and 2 is just about nice for me!
Small little nibble sized crispy anchovies are the secret addition to this packed little goodness.  And I always complain about how cafes serve half an egg.  Look at this.  Probably one tenth of an egg. WTF. =.=!  Nonetheless, it was every bit as enjoyable as the fried noodles. 
On a separate note, this rice dish and I go a long time back to primary school where my usual routine is guy punching and girl fighting.  Waking up at 6.45am to eggs and milk did not fill me up.  So my dad used to bring my lunch box to this couple to be filled with the exact same dish with added curry chicken :)!  And how long ago was that?  I’d say 15 years.  Yes folks!  15 years and they are still serving.  They’d probably be driving Mercs and Beemers by now.

That is all I shall talk about today.  Lovely morning breakfast packed by mom and dad.  Awesome possum thanks parents!


Cari Makan: Shihlin Taiwanese Delights @ 1Utama

I have been to 1Utama quite a fair bit since I was a kid.  But never once was I tempted to try the little snack places scattered all over the complex.  It was normally O’Brien Sandwiches, Sushi, Pasta, Chinese Hawker or American.   That was until my housemates back in Perth started talking about all the delicious food offered by small Taiwanese snack stalls.  I was dubious about the yumminess of these snacks because if it was yummy, I would have known.  Apparently not ahah.  I only noticed this place a few days ago.  The fact that two of this similar snack stalls are located in this complex only throws me into deeper embarrassment when I consider myself a local. 
But let bygones be bygones.  I finally made up for it by doing a double dose in my recent visit to 1Utama.  I decided to try two things.  One was the XXL Chicken which was super damn big and only cost 6 bucks.  The other was the sweet potato fries which was delicious!  I enjoyed both :)!
The chicken was super big.  Could have fed two people and I enjoyed the garlicky powder they used to season the chicken after it has been fried.  My sister said the one in Taiwan was tastier, and it was done differently.  Not sure how different it is, but this one was already pretty damn good!  But there was just one problem, and it was the sogginess of the skin when you try to walk around enjoying each bite slowly!! BOOOOo!! Lastly, the fries were yummy and the pepper-salty powder in which the snacks were tossed in was good!   However, not all the potatoes were ripe so some were a bit harder than others heeh!

So if anyone visits 1Utama, I would recommend  you to have this snack.  Definitely a preferred option over those fancy cafes that are nothing more than wannabes.  Do not be deceived by the pretentious decor of the fancy cafes.  You would be better off with these snacks rather than those offered by the fancy restaurants :P!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Bites: Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ Kuala Lumpur

It has been a splendid holiday so far.  Mom and dad spent a few days last week to bring my sis and I around town.  One of the places we ate at, was Levain Boulangerie Patisserie.  It is the talk of the town  and is still pretty hot from what I observed.  The place is packed even before lunch time and I believe, even crazier during lunch time itself.  We went there at 11 for brunch as advised by the baker.  This was because most of the stuff comes out fresh from the oven at that time.  Mom, dad and sis went there once for evening tea, and there was hardly anything left :’-(. 

IMG_0299One of the photos with the effect from Instagram.  I love that logo of theirs next to the name.  The girl with a bike which has a trolley attached to it, filled with French loaves.  It adds class to an already fancy name.  Or maybe it only applies to me who is illiterate in French. xD!   “Boulangerie” Okkkkkkkkkkk!  As if I know what that means, but it does not matter.  In the end, it is the money and taste that tells me whether I should be back here for a second time.


On the food, I do not have individual pictures, but I do have a bunch of stacked up pastries :)!


On the top right is a pastry with macadamia and pistachios.  It has a sweetish crust with nuts and seed sin it.  Really delicious and simple.  But, nothing gets simpler than the donut twist in the middle, my sister loves it.  But truth be said, she would fall for any similar doughnut sold at any other bakeries!  The Mango cheese tart is the first one I’m having in my trip back to Malaysia, and I love it.  I love pretty much everything which cheese.  Not sure what a picky eater would say.  And on the bottom left, we have the curry chicken doughnut.  It was yummy as well.  And not on picture was the turkey pizza.  I kinda liked it.  Very cheesy and generous on ingredients!  Verdict?  OMG.

Is this all so truthfully delicious or am I just psyched up from my holiday mood.  My mom frequents this place when she was placed in KL; bringing her friends and clients for business talk and sort, and she says its a nice place.  But I cannot really tell. Moreover,  I have never been a big fan of pastries.  I just love eating. Oh, and something happened here.  My mom’s coffee had lipstick stain. so she demanded a change and we got something for free, a Durian Cheesecake!! Uh-oh!!

IMG_0300The complementary Durian Cheesecake, or more like a compensation from going into a lawsuit.  What can I say about it? Cheesy, yummy, and oh, free!


The environment here is nice and pleasant.  Pretty quiet too!  Also, the prices for the pastries are decent.  About 3-5 ringgit each depending on what you pick.  But the killer for me were the drinks. Coffee starts at 8 a cup.  Iced Chocolate goes for 12 bucks.  That was all a bit crazy!  Nonetheless, what you pay, you get.  Its quality stuff here!!!Rwarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! More updates soon!!



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

@ : HOME.

It has almost been 1 week since I left Perth for Malaysia.  The remaining days in Perth were spent cleaning, packing and putting out all the unnecessary rubbish.  Hopefully, with the house in place, we can find a new one soon hohoho!  One of the main activity was laundry and because we were a bit short of time for a few clothing items, we went to the laundro-bar at Broadway.
One look at its number plate, and it is without a doubt a Chinese man’s car ahaha.

On the 1st of Dec, XL and I took a taxi to the airport. Had to talk to the taxi driver about how good Indian food is and everything to keep him awake!  Xin Ling thought I was weird for one moment but hey, he was driving half asleep at 130 km per hour!!  Better safe than sorry!!

After going through the crazy check-in queue, we headed right to the departure lounge and waited for our turn to board the plane!! This picture was taken on the plane just as it settled at a good altitude!
Welcome home WenY.  Time to paint the town red.