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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cari Makan: Chan Meng Kee @ SS2

It was about 3 years ago that I wrote an entry about one of the tastiest and most well-made wanton noodles in the KL area.  Reminisce it here. Apparently, mid-way through 2009 he closed his stall in Mel’s Corner @ Section 17 and went incognito for awhile before going big in the SS2 area sometime this year.  This guy’s shop is located along the row of shop house behind Nasi Kandar Pelita.  I have not been a big fan of wanton noodles until my dad brought me to this one in my college days 2006/7.  But ever since, he decided to shift his restaurant to a better location in 2009/10,  the quality has been inconsistent.  Nevertheless, check out what this place still has to offer.

I liked the yummy noodles with well-made Char Siew pork (bbq pork).  The pork tries to maintain a 50-50 balance between fat and meat. (and it used to have a crisp skin).  Most wanton noodles in Malaysia do not use sesame oil which might be preferred by others Asians especially people from Hong Kong.  But this one uses pork lard with crispy bits of pork crackle to mix with the noodles.  A worrying cause of course for the health conscious, but no dramas.  The 50-50 balance and pork crackle has a magic to bring your worries away.  Unless it sucks that is ahahhaha.

And it is not called Wanton Noodles without Wantons is it not?
To accompany the meal, Chan Meng Kee also offers additional serves of meat such as soy chicken, pork roast, roasted duck and wild boar curry.  But I stuck to the classic and had one more serve of the barbecue pork!! ohhhhh yeah :P!  Ok, peeps, over and out.

I’ll try to get more goodies up when I find time to go out.  Spent three mornings with a report and now I’m pretty much free besides the pesky IELTS!