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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Twos a pair: Nudie Jeans

Ever since I got my first pair two years ago, this jeans has always been my addiction.  Perhaps its because in M’sia there was this trend  for me to wear oose jeans which really didn’t feel fitting or stylish unlike slimmer straights or slims which always felt debonair.  Loose fitting jeans always felt sleazy if you don’t have to body to go with it.  The body to go with it?  The BECKHAM body does well in that really. ahah.  Not HK-Malaysian skinny chicken body definitely.

Oh I’ve  grown.. I guess? lol I remember dad commenting on the jeans the kids wear nowadays all being not trendy at all and I was like “oh no! Its cool! Its cool” ahah fckin hell @@!  Dad was happy with me rockin my nudies along with some nice Court Force or AM.  Even allowed me to get more new ones ahah. Yeaaahhh!
Side by side! 2 year old Average Joe along side the 1 day old Slim Jims.

The phenomenal Nudie orange stitching never fails to complement the ultra chic dye!  Can’t believe both of my jeans have the same colour! lol.  But its ok.  With one almost 700 days old and its 14.25 oz dye bleeding very so heavily before this, you wouldn’t even guess they were of the same colour. :)!

Now I’m on a lag anticipating to welcome more Nudie greenhorns.  Probably we’ll have Jasmine  & Jim poppin in soon ahaha.  Nudie has really lovely fits and can never have a cover.  Having Levis doing Nudie jeans would be like Vanilla Sky singing Under My Umbrella a Rihanna cover.  Bloody gay.