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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bites: Mela @ Northbridge

Another entry that has long been overdue thanks to a studying schedule went bonkers.  After our structural exams worth 40% last Friday, we were suddenly in the mood the go to the city to let ourselves loose again.  Nothing wild really.  Just hoping for some shopping time and perhaps a good meal.  Right after exam I got myself a change of clothes and we were off to Harbour Town for some shopping.
Shades.. liking them big.  Meet Vil and my housemate Xin Ling.  Oh and I so cannot wait to get more car back! :(!!

Shopping in Harbour Town was a fail attempt for me.  Did not see anything interesting and shopping at Nike has begin to suck quite bad lately! :(!  We were there till 7 before we left for dinner.  Oh gosh. the traffic was horrible!  Took us more than half an hour to move like err? 2km? @@!  But when we got to Mela’s for dinner, our appetite was godly and the pain of the traffic was long forgotten.  Mela is located along William St. Northbridge next to Sparrow Indonesian Restaurant.

William’s staple food here was the Byriani and it was pretty good to most of us with the exception of my sister ahah.  I liked it quite a fair bit and Xin Ling was a dying person at the end of the meal because the Byriani was a tad too spicy for her tolerance.  Another thing about the Byriani is its price.  At $12.50 and a choice of either lamb or chicken, its definitely a steal.
Om nom nom nom.  Watch out for the green chilli.  These little guys taste like jalapenos but they sting like Habanero.  Xin Ling -----> X_X …  Oh and to be honest, I would do without the ginger bits on top of my rice.  Tastes like CRAP!!

My sister and I at the restaurant :):)!

Henry and Xin Ling at Mela’s.  Henry is William’s brother!

Ahhh I have come to a conclusion that the food at Mela’s is better suited to my taste buds compared to places like Maya Masala or Cinnamon at the Park and sort.  Even though my sister did not like the Byriani, she ordered something else called Goat Masala which went down very well with her stomach.  She was pleasantly surprised!  A place to revisit for an Indian meal next time.


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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bites: Ayami @ Northbridge.

Sorry to those who was expecting a little more of my dedication towards my blog.  But these recent weeks has been been filled with study efforts.  5% Accounting assignment, 7% reports, 5% computer assignments, geology test, steel design test, accounting quiz…. I guess you can see where I’m straying to already.  Seems like I have severely underestimated the business of a 4th year university student.  Should not have overloaded! DANG!

Lucky enough, my ordeal has finally ended.  Time to kick back and give my blog a new entry.  I’ll do a post on one of the new restaurant I visited a week ago for a close friend’s birthday.  My sister chose a Japanese restaurant called Ayami in Northbridge opposite Russell Square.  Ayami has taken over from another Jap-French fusion restaurant.  The service here is pretty good hoho.  The waitress has a good smile on her!  And as for the food, we ordered lots and lots of food!  But yummy or not that is something else..

Sashimi @ $35.50 .  The dish consisted of slices of tuna, salmon, yellow tail and god knows what other fish were there on the plate.  I think they also had sea urchin sashimi too.   Amanda and Kevin found this very yummy and fresh!  And its not without substance considering my findings on the web mentioned that the sashimi chef Kengo Omori @ Ayami is an award winning chef.

Tempura @ $15.00 ! I  find it hard to distinguish between good and bad tempura.  Or maybe all the ones I’ve eaten so far are really good.  But this really is just something you can get anywhere.  No hype. 

Tuna Croquets @ $9.50 was my pick for appetizer.   Well mashed tuna patty cover in potato, battered and fried! Yummmyyy! Mind you, the croquet was floating on one of the bests tartar sauce I’ve ever tasted!

Beef Tataki @ $X.XX.  Not sure how this dish is supposed but it was ok.  Personally my favourite beef tataki comes from Kanta where each sliced is firm in shape but melts in your mouth.

Diced steak teriyaki @ 21.50.  This was what my sister ordered which turn out to be a big BOO BOO.  Tasteless teriyaki was disappointing.   WHERE DID THE NICEST TERIYAKI in PERTH GO TO? COME BACK PLEASE SUN KATSUYAAAAAAAAAAA!

Tempura Udon @ $12.50.  I think this was fail job really.  It felt like errr boiled plain noodles topped with tempura, and oh the soup base is dashi with water maybe?  Didn’t like it a single bit.  Or maybe I’m just a Ramen kid FTW.

Overall the food here was OK-la, the bill wasn’t xD! The meal ended up upwards of $170 maybe?  And it was only for 4 people.  We were the last a bit to leave the place after eating.  We waited for Jason to pop by before lighting Kevin’s yummy green tea cake in which my sister bought.  Hehehe…

My smile here is not so fail.  Yays!!!  The cake was awesome I must insist once again.  Bought somewhere err canning bridge hmm err? Mt. Pleasant Highgate, Mt. Lawley or Applecross I am so unsure @.@!

Great night.  Enjoyed it hoho!  And oh must thank my sister as she treated us the meal! :)!


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Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday B@sh: Vil’s 23rd!

It’s was a very long day for William yesterday, but definitely something he will remember for times to come.   Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day which we spent at the beach with all of our friends.  The beach was awesome.  Icey cold water before noon was a definite morning wake up call.  One dive in and my eyes popped into its place immediately.  Edwin, Xin Ling and Cherry were all in the water and gosh we were freezing!  An hour later, all of the people arrived and we buried William in the sand hehe.  He almost died from suffocation @@!

We later finished the day with a greasy meal @ Cicerellos.  Yummy snapper with chips downed with good old seafood chowder!  But that was not all the food we had.  After fish and chips we headed over to Baskin Robbins where I shared a pint of ice cream with Xin Ling to halve the fatness with her hoho.  I was so tired that by the time we reached home, I could only think of a shower before having a short nap.

No pictures in the day time unfortunately :(! I smart-assed-ly forgot to bring my memory card!

Later in the night we headed to Utopia to cut Vil’s cake!
Birthday Boy!

There were 14 people yesterday. Hmm… or maybe more?
Ms Xin Ling, Chee Rong and Edwin!

Yee Sim & Yee Teng!


<- Smile Fail

Fishman & Me

Jas, Edwin, Cherry and Kelvin!

Karaoke People having fun!!

Unfortunately Utopia shut its doors earlier on weekdays(approx 1am).  So we were forced to leave earlier than desired!  We decided to not end our day there.. so we headed to China Town for supper.  Unable to decide which restaurant to go to, Xin Ling smartly talked to the boss and made sure we were to have a discount if we ate at any of the restaurants.  In the end we decided to try Mak’s Place The first restaurant on the Uncle Billy’s row.


We were the only people eating there and we took up 3 tables hehe!

This is Miss Cherry.  She looks very cute here @@!  Nice V-sign pose ahah.  Few things about this particular restaurant.  Firstly, the dishes are really cheap but the price of the rice and tea is costly.  It’s $3.50 for both.  Fortunately the dishes did not cost more than 13 bucks per dish.  We ordered a mixture of $10 dollar ones as well as a few $13 dollars ones.  Not sure how long will this promo be on though.  Next thing about this place is that it STINKS.  Yes read again, it stinks =X!  The stench was not one of fried food but more of the unhygienic smelly stinky smell @@!!  That was really quite a turn off for me.

Oh well,

Some of the food we ordered were:
Peking Spare Ribs

Sweet and Sour Pork

Sliced Fish with Corn Sauce

Sizzling Bean curd

Vegetable in Garlic and Chicken Broth

Crispy Chicken in Chilli and Vinegar sauce.

So, how did the food fare? Well, YH gives it a 3/10 ahah.  I though the chicken was quite ok hehe.  The pork dishes was also OK-lah.  But I probably would not come here again.  Oh yeah, I think the bean curd dish was horrible @.@!!


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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bites: Jade Restaurant @ Francis St, Northbridge.

Today was dim sum with housemates, sister and Yobi!  Yobi and his friends has been screwing me hard for not suggesting good yum cha places to him in Perth ahah.  I guess maybe its just hard to find the ones that are really yummy.  Or does it really even exist?  I’ve eaten loads of dim sum here in places such as Hoi’s Kitchen, Lok Fook, Joy Garden, Dragon Palace, Four Season, Jade, Gold Century and have not really been 100% satisfied.

Nonetheless Yobi asked me to pick the best bet for our lunch today and I suggested Jade over Dragon to skip the ridiculous queue that gives you shit service.  Yobi came and picked us up this time since both fishman’s and my car is busted!  He came in the rented Mitsubishi Lancer and I have to say, the interior is pretty crap @@!  The drive was energetic though.
nom nom nom nom!

The stuff we ordered were pretty regular.  All the prawn dumplings, shark fin dumplings, salted squid tentacles etc.  The squid was lovely, so was the siu mai!  But all the dumplings were over steamed :(!  So everytime you try pick one up, the skin just breaks :(!! boo boo!
I ♥ pork ribs!

Xin Ling the biggest noob can’t eat no seafood @@!  Her main meal consisted of rice rolls, egg tart, fish balls and Shanghai Dumplings!

Prawn Dumpling!

We were famished when all the food arrived.  Should have seen the look on all of our faces when we were waiting for the food!  Sooo hungry!
My sister xD! Mind the grainy pics! “Mind control… nami nami *kaboom*! Waiter’s head explodes”

Yobi! The YO boy! Hipster fail.  > than 2% body fat!  He said the food is… “Only 40% full”

Xin Ling –> stoner.  Don’t know seeing what.  She say .. the food is “ok-LAH”

Kelvin!  The bread guy looked like he was pretty happy with the food!

I pledge that it is my hobby to eat.   I like to eat.  But I have no car so it is really hard to do anything!  Hopefully I can a new replacement asap!  Today I went to Subiaco and I saw another Mazda 3! I miss my car!!!

I find the food @ Jade to be pretty good.  But then again. Every place has its ups and downs.  I loved the siu mai, the squid leg was fantastic but the prawn dumplings was over steamed and the egg tart was a bit cold.  In the end it’s how you perceive things facing you that decides the outcome.  Thus sometimes it better to have a wider range of acceptance, hence the criticism from Xin Ling and other friends regarding the credibility of my “OKs” in things such as:

1) Girls
2) Girls
3) Girls


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