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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bites: Jade Restaurant @ Francis St, Northbridge.

Today was dim sum with housemates, sister and Yobi!  Yobi and his friends has been screwing me hard for not suggesting good yum cha places to him in Perth ahah.  I guess maybe its just hard to find the ones that are really yummy.  Or does it really even exist?  I’ve eaten loads of dim sum here in places such as Hoi’s Kitchen, Lok Fook, Joy Garden, Dragon Palace, Four Season, Jade, Gold Century and have not really been 100% satisfied.

Nonetheless Yobi asked me to pick the best bet for our lunch today and I suggested Jade over Dragon to skip the ridiculous queue that gives you shit service.  Yobi came and picked us up this time since both fishman’s and my car is busted!  He came in the rented Mitsubishi Lancer and I have to say, the interior is pretty crap @@!  The drive was energetic though.
nom nom nom nom!

The stuff we ordered were pretty regular.  All the prawn dumplings, shark fin dumplings, salted squid tentacles etc.  The squid was lovely, so was the siu mai!  But all the dumplings were over steamed :(!  So everytime you try pick one up, the skin just breaks :(!! boo boo!
I ♥ pork ribs!

Xin Ling the biggest noob can’t eat no seafood @@!  Her main meal consisted of rice rolls, egg tart, fish balls and Shanghai Dumplings!

Prawn Dumpling!

We were famished when all the food arrived.  Should have seen the look on all of our faces when we were waiting for the food!  Sooo hungry!
My sister xD! Mind the grainy pics! “Mind control… nami nami *kaboom*! Waiter’s head explodes”

Yobi! The YO boy! Hipster fail.  > than 2% body fat!  He said the food is… “Only 40% full”

Xin Ling –> stoner.  Don’t know seeing what.  She say .. the food is “ok-LAH”

Kelvin!  The bread guy looked like he was pretty happy with the food!

I pledge that it is my hobby to eat.   I like to eat.  But I have no car so it is really hard to do anything!  Hopefully I can a new replacement asap!  Today I went to Subiaco and I saw another Mazda 3! I miss my car!!!

I find the food @ Jade to be pretty good.  But then again. Every place has its ups and downs.  I loved the siu mai, the squid leg was fantastic but the prawn dumplings was over steamed and the egg tart was a bit cold.  In the end it’s how you perceive things facing you that decides the outcome.  Thus sometimes it better to have a wider range of acceptance, hence the criticism from Xin Ling and other friends regarding the credibility of my “OKs” in things such as:

1) Girls
2) Girls
3) Girls


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