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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bites: Eureka Chinese Restaurant, Wilson

Good Chinese food is simply irresistible.  I come from a background of extremely good Chinese cuisine and back home, most of it has been taken for granted. This makes me treasure the little gems I find in Perth even more.  Last week, my meal at Eureka Chinese in Wilson was a recommendation of my friend Bel.  Her mom knows the chef whom hails from Malaysia and without a doubt I was keen to try.  With a host of regular dishes found off  the main menu, it pays to order a few dishes in advance to avoid disappointment.  This includes the cold shredded chicken with spring onions, finely chopped shallots and fragrant ginger soy as well the Eureka’s famous Roasted Duck.


The shredded chicken is a cold appetizer.  But unlike the usual suspects like the cold pig trotter, marinated jellyfish or drunken chicken, this was heaps more delectable.  In fact, this could double up as a main dish as the sauce was just sensational when eaten with rice.  All the finely sliced herbs were an amazing condiment for the tender shredded chicken.  Top with some of the soy sauce and it was literally home run.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACold appetizer: tender shredded chicken, soy, ginger and shallots.


Next up was the Kangkung Belacan and Sizzling Bean curd which I do not have a photo of!  My dear friends could not help digging in!  Hmmph!  The Kangkung was yummy and extremely tasty despite having minimal lashings of sambal Belacan.  It makes me wonder how it became so tasty!  Nonetheless, it tasted very Malaysian.  With the bean curd, it was very TYPICAL.  Thankfully, it was typical good.  Much to rave about it?  Probably not, but definitely no problems either :P!


One of Bel and D’s favorites which they order every time they visit is the fish two style.  One was a deep fried salt pepper fillet while the other was a stir fry with vegetables.  As simple as they might turn out, it was actually worth the price and tasty too!  This 2 kg monster was only $68.  But this dish was not without its flaws.  The big turn off?  Beware! Not all fillet are equal without bones.  There were some nasty little bits which might catch you by surprise.  So, definitely be careful :)!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Last but not least was Eureka’s signature Roast Duck ($30) which needs to be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.  Tender, crispy skinned duck in its full glory this one was.    Its seasoning was spot on with all the herbs rubbed into the ribs and such.  The meat was flavorful and seriously good.  Definitely up there with some of the best places in town.  But if I had one request, it would be for a thicker sauce.  Or perhaps more of the sauce!  Having spoons of sauce and roast duck with rice is easily a Chinese meal that keeps most happy  :)!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn a nut shell, Eureka Chinese Restaurant falls under my description of an honest home style restaurant which we do not get very often in Perth.  The cooking is authentically Malaysian and its price was extremely reasonable.  Sittings are extremely limited with the venue fitting little more than 30 people at any one time.  Put 3 large tables in the equation and you are only left with small tables for 10 people? Nevertheless, get a booking a few days before and you will be easily sorted! Do not forget the roast duck per-order :)!  My only wishes are that the dishes come out consistent.  Various places I have been to tend to be inconsistent.  But the good ones like Hawkers and HK BBQ in Northbridge never fail to keep my buds happy! Hope this place keeps doing the same thing too.



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