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Friday, February 20, 2009

Bangkok’s Walking: Traveling, Day 3 and 4!

On day 3, homie and I were starting to feel really lazy to wake up for breakfast. The night before, we stayed up talking bout childhood stories till half past four. Real nutty we were! Nonetheless Yobi woke us up at about 9 before we had our breakfast. The hotel’s breakfast food was only mediocre. There were many dishes around but my favorites were the omelet bar, fried rice, sausages, steamed egg and juice. There was once they had this stir fried chicken which was nice, but I only had it once because they stopped cooking it subsequently!!

After breakfast homie and I would go back to hotel and start rolling on our beds, much to Yobi’s agitation we stopped and left to go for lunch ahah. We hopped on the taxi and told the taxi driver we wanted to go to China Town for sharks fin. But damn that bastard talked us to going to another place where mere French fries would set us back 200 baht. Total rip off! One thing funny was he asked us whether we’ve done massage before. He then showed Justin a pamphlet showing “body to body” massage. A Caucasian was featured with 6 Thai bikini girls! @.@!! He tried persuading us in the taxi but we said no.

Feeling very cheated by the jerk, we decided to skip China Town and opted to try back lane food stalls by ourselves! We walked 30 to 45 minutes until we reach near the river area before stopping and we started FEASTING ahah.

I started off with 25 baht steamed chicken rice with Justin!
They used a mixture of glutinous rice and fragrant rice I think. The rice did not taste like normal! Loved it but Justin say his favorite stall in Jalan Gasing still serves better chicken rice. Another thing that was awesome about this side stall was the chili sauce. Had a special taste to it! Yummiest to the max!

This is Yobi’s pork leg rice! He said his meal was nice  as well! Later we both ordered Thai Milk Tea large size for 15 baht each. The size was the same as Starbucks “tall”. The Thai Milk tea is very rich and extremely smooth thanks to the high contents of milk in the drink which makes it extra special!! WTH mann RM1.50 lol

Our first meal did not fill us enough so we ordered different food again ahah.
The above was my duck rice and Yobi’s roasted pork rice is featured bellow

I will have to promise you that Yobi and I will NEVER eat the roast duck or roast pork on that street anymore! Mine was totally crap. The sauce was like the doomsday of duck. While Yobi’s pork roast had lots of peanut sauce poured over it. Totally fail. It’s from the same shop some more! What a lost we suffered. Limited stomach space wasted :(!!

Later we went to hang around a little before going back to the hotel. And the way Justin sleeps is insane! Take a look for yourself;

Don’t worry it is not a ghost haha. It’s just Justin sleeping!

Time passed us quickly and before we know it, we were off to Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

We tried looking for disco balls the entire night because Ziyan and Rosanne wanted some. Rwarrrr this mission was total failure! We did not find a single disco ball on the streets. After walking for 30 minutes I told the guys to take a chill pill and so we had our dinner nearby.

Yobi guided us somewhere to the middle of the bazaar to a restaurant set on top of a wooden platform under a large tree . We had our usual fried eggs with Oysters and fried rice lol. Justin and I had orange juice haha Yobi had a coke I think.

After today’s roast pork failure we decided to give it another go. So we ordered one “small” serve which was definitely not small. The pork roast itself tasted good but the sauce sucked to the max. Next time must tell them not to pour sauce on top! Totally spoils the thing!!

And prawn cakes. My sense of taste does not allow this dish to be praised in any manner. Was OKlah I would say haha. Fish cakes own the shrimps 100 times.
We walked the entire bazaar that night. Justin got a couple of socks, shirts while I got myself a pair of shorts and Yobi got himself shirts and shorts! It was quiet weekday night with fewer people and stalls than usual so it did not take us long to walk through the place.

After that we went SOMEWHERE as you can see from the picture above. My eyes had the same view except some neon bulbs were not working that night! Not that fun I can confirm with you. Some 50 year old tranny flashing torch light inviting you in? WTF?? How disgusting can things get? Jeez! Justin and I felt our hopes on Thai girls were lowered significantly. It was saddening. Thai girls are pretty but if they do such things for a living, what does beauty actually mean then? An asset for wrongful use? There are many other ways like in Plat Num mall there were equivalently pretty girls who were entrepreneurs selling stylish clothes which would drive a girls wallet broke. Terms like “We are humans too” is definitely overstated by the girls there. Humans need not such thing. Japanese businessman was a common sight that night in Patpong. Even in a land where moral standards are high, such lowly humans exist in abundance!! You’ve got a ring on your finger dickheads! Go satisfy your wives dammit!@!!!!!

Haihhhhh nonetheless even after a disappointing experience in PATPONG, there was always a sweet treat for broken heart :D
You will get 2 well cut mangoes and 2 serves of sticky rice in Thailand for 80 baht. So awesomely NICE! I had this the first night and my last night! So yummy!

After feasting on the yummy dessert we all slept soundly~!

The sun raised over the horizon the next day waking us up with it! We went through the entire morning routine over again wake up–> wash up –> breakfast. We packed our clothing and did some last minute shopping down at Baiyoke Sky. After that we left to the airport! buhuhu! Suvarnabhumi airport was Bangkok’s new airport! Like Malaysia’s airport… it is large but.. EMPTY lol.

We took a couple of picture while waiting for the airplane:

Wah! 5 dishes a meal, a couple times a day and you can see, DAMN I’ve got back the weight I lost from swimming!!
Our ONE and ONLY group picture haha!
WenY (Me), Justin and Yobi

So sad. Bye Bye Bangkok! Sister you’re going there soon!! I’m pretty damn sure you’ll enjoy HAHA!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bangkok’s Walking: Traveling, Day 2!

After an entire day of walking, we retired into our rooms watching ftv which is our nominated best free channel that Thailand has. Catwalk 24/7 from Milan to Paris to Sao Paulo. In the morning they serve Fbreakfast and at night they serve Midnight HOT. After that we would sit on the bed having a few rounds of card games before falling asleep. Waking up at 8 we got ready for breakfast before going to Chatuchak Market. Chatuchak is a weekend market that sells everything a market does! It is also claimed to be the worlds largest market!!

Justin tries to be Harry Potter to complement his drunk attitude of reciting movie lines from various movies he watches repeatedly every off and on~!

Lol!! Sorry Yobi but must post this picture hahHA! Yobi tries a skirt and the Thai lady is impressed lol. Ok just joking! They did not have a dressing room so the big sarong is just a makeshift changing room! On a side note, your face is gay!

Justin posing @ Chatuchak Market :)

The market was really fun. I liked the clean feel it had throughout. It is difficult to find such cleanliness in an Asian country unfortunately. Most of the time it is wet and smelly. Also this market sells pets! Omigosh! So cute la wei the pets. They have Pomeranians, Shih Tzu, Westie, Miniature Pinscher and many more! They also have many decorative furniture and Buddhist ornaments for sale! Awesomeeee! After walking through the maze of Chatuchak, (Yes! It is a crazy big maze!!) we decided to get creative with our food!
Not sure what all the inscriptions mean lol. Maybe Jim or Eric can help me translate? haha

We ordered some noodles soup which seems to be popular among the locals. It looked a little scary and I’m really not quite sure what is inside it! The soup was reddish and felt a little powdery! So I’m suggesting that they might have used some kind of animal blood in it. Oh but the taste of spices was so wonderful that I’m not bothered even if blood was used to make it! Slurpssss!!

Guys and noodles! lol


The noodles were really super duper cheap! We paid 116 baht for 3 bowls of noodles and one large bottle of mineral water with ice! And the quality of the ingredients is so good! Better than Malaysia x10! On the downside, the serving was miserably small! So we proceeded to the store next to it!
Master chef doing his thing!

The stall’s main chef is called J-Eung? :S No idea! But his food is divine!

50 baht fishcakes? I can start rolling all over the floor thinking about it. These fishcakes tasted better than the one at The Side Walk and are loads cheaper for the amount we get which is either similar or more!

His seafood tom yam is the BEST I’ve had during my entire trip there. He asked “Spicy ok?” I said “ Spicy? No problem”! OOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK it did not take long before Justin and Yobi had their buttholes on fire! But ooo~ The glory of tom yam in full heat. His soup was superbly flavorful. The soup felt rich making other tom yam around feel stingy! His ingredients were plentiful and his price is INSANELY CHEAP!

We also ordered the dish above called Grilled Pork “SALAD”! laugh out loud in this case. I’ll definitely eat salad every single day if that is called salad! With 80% of the plate filled with tender grilled pork in thai sauce, this is my “salad”! If only Australia has this available from the cafe instead of the lame Caesar or garden salad! I will be so “healthy”!  The meal only cost us 190 baht! TAKE THAT MAN! RWARRRRRRRRRRRR!! it is 20 ringgit or 8AUD. And 8AUD only buy me 1 lousy plate of Pad Thai back in Broadyway :(!!

To cool of the spiciness of the soup, we walked a meter or two before reaching our next destination which changed my perception of GOOD juice for LIFE. Read it again people, FOR LIFE! So what is the deal of those normal looking juice? Well, it is 100% pure MANDARIN Orange juice. And this man is smart not to use lousy large oranges! Instead he insists on using small tangerines. Oh the concentration @.@!! This drink put in me in difficulty choosing between coconuts or juice! Each bottle costs us 13 baht each @.@! Double kill I tell you!

My day in Chatuchak ended with some Coconut Ice-cream! It came served in a shell with coconut flesh and a cup of coconut juice! Yummy max! We then took a taxi to the mall and got myself a pair of Jack Purcell’s and chilled in the hotel till it was about 6 before we get ready to go from ragss to RICHES!!

All of us got dressed up only to realize we did not take a group picture at the end of the day as the battery had died lol. Lameeeeee!! We got ready and went to Baiyoke Sky for dinner. We’ve book ourselves for a buffet dinner on the 79th floor of Baiyoke Sky! The place was simply overwhelming! I enjoy being in high areas! Feels so on top of the world! Especially when all the other buildings around you is so much lower allowing you to get the clear view of the city! It feels legendary to be higher up than other people for some reason. Some kind of weird sense of satisfaction!

Day Time! (Not my pics!)
At night (not my pic)

After that comes the dining part! The food is not the best I’ve tasted but generally when the food blends with the atmosphere, it simply tastes better than it should! The variety was satisfying and I was satisfied. The price we paid? 47 bucks! It would have been 100 if we were not hotel guests! Glad we stayed in Baiyoke!!

Time to check out the food! They had Spanish, French, Italian, American, Indian, Thai and Japanese! I think I missed something out, but not quite sure what :(!

Jap food first


Justin’s food


My food


Some prawns
With all the food pictures I’ve posted, I can still say that is barely half the food we ate! They had sashimi, sushi , roast beef and many other food I did not get to try as I had already over-eaten by then! Not to mention pasta and soups were available. They also had murtabak @,@! A full array of fresh vegetables were available as well. Fruits were plentiful! And OMG! I just realized I did not eat ice cream ~.~

We had some picture taking around the area after finishing our meal.
Justin and I

Yobi and Justin!

Yobi and his apprentice Justin doing some old school calculation on abacus!


The meal was definitely enjoyable! In fact I would not mind going 2 floors up to sample the other buffet called Crystal Grill which costs 50 baht more only! And after that go up 2 more floors to have a little alcohol on the 83rd :) Anyone up for Bangkok round 2?

To finish up : The seat no filled! A picture to show that our friends ffk us on this trip! Evil Zhan Sheng and Ziyan!!

Day 3 should be soon!


Bangkok’s Walking: Traveling Day 1 End!

After the meal we headed back to the hotel, not before a couple of shots of the surrounding though :P!

This is one of Thailand’s main attraction for tourists! The “tut tut” they call it. But with them charging about 150 baht one way, it really is a “tuuuuut tuuuuut”! Who would pay that much money for such a poor ride? A ride in an air conditioned Toyota Altis would not even cost half as expensive in some circumstances!
This is a random picture of a Thai kid playing along the road while his parents handles the clothing store! He somewhat reminds of me when I was young @.@ I kind of look like him man! OMG lol!
After a good shower in the hotel we checked out some of the shopping places in town. The shops really impressed with their designs and quality. Most of them would put the t-shirts on a large display wall making it look real cool too!

After buying some shirts we were out to discover the uncharted.  Uncharted for us at least ahah!Walking through a side alley filled with stall selling products ranging from clothes to dvds to food.
Quiz : Can you spot the tranny? lol! :D

leave answers in the chat box on the right!! ehehe!

More busy streets along the adventure. And wow! I was amazed by the buses which were super old! You will only find mini buses in M’sia in that kind of state.

And then I decided I needed a refuel. So we stopped by one of the shops. And automatically, the lady started talking Thai to me! YEAAAAAA! WenY looks like a THAI lol. Let me tell you what the board says ok?
Drummets – 10 baht, Wings – 6 baht, Wings & Rice – 6 baht, Additional Rice – 5 baht!

Chicken fryer in action! The chicken was hot and tasted beyond superb! And the drummets were as big as drumsticks! I definitely enjoyed my bite into the chicken. The batter was done with simple marinade if you’d ask my superb tongue. But being charged only a dollar for a large piece of tasty meat is definitely a steal.

I definitely don’t look like a stationary car when I’m refueling! :D

Later on we walked, walked and walked. I think we walked like 40 kms that day. Maybe even more :S! Thailand’s main religion would be Buddhism! Every where I walked I saw lots and lots of little prayer places like these. And almost every single time there would be people doing their prayers!
We were definitely knocked out after walking for such a long time. Justin bought a corn and we just chilled in front of Siam Central. One of the larger malls you would find in Bangkok. We also Plat-num Mall that day. And also went to Siam Paragon. And hmm I think we went to other places as well. Just that I cannot recall!
Yobi and Justin @ Siam Central!!

At night we went back and diner at Side Walk cafe because we got lost after walking for about 2 hours along Thong Lom road @.@ We totally died already!! Paying 100 baht got us from there to the hotel. We were stuck for about an hour in the car though. But okla! 10 ringgit is damn cheap.

The main difference for the dinner was the Thai Fishcake! A 100% thai styled delicacy! Tastes like heaven! Never be fooled by it’s looks! This was definitely the food for the well tongued! Lemon grass flavor that wasn’t to heavy neither was it too weak! Killerrr!

Day 2 should be up soon!