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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Buddy Meetup!: Cari Makan @ Bumbu Bali, Puchong

Wahhh I really should be sleeping now :S!! But after having more than 12 hours of sleep earlier today, my body still feels so hyper! I guess I’ll just watch the Liverpool match at 4 and probably catch some sleep after that at about 6! So sien got dental appointment at 10 later :(!


Today the guys decided to go for dinner after not seeing each other for less than a week lol. Wohoo gays united!! Met up with the usual peeps for dinner @ Bumbu Bali in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. This unfamiliar eatery among the PJ crowd is fast becoming a popular dining place. Occupying two floors which are usually packed during dinner, this place serves good food in a Indonesian environment at a price I would deem fairly expensive.  Most meals here are priced between $20 to $40. Nonetheless the quality of the food is uncompromised although there were instances where they would serve you uncooked chicken according to Pauline! @.@ Nonetheless they would make up for it by replacing the dish as well as a complementary dessert on the house!!



My drink :D, Bumbu Bali’s house specialty the Barley Lime drink. Sounds common but the taste isn’t!



Two fat boys & two fat meals! Yobi and I! And ohh the beer! Corona @ 16 bucks wtf? It only costs 2 bucks back in Aus!@! Only Zs and Ziyan so generous to pay for such expensive beverages.



Justin a.k.a Homie still hiding under his cap even at night.  Why man Justin? Whyyy!?



Speaking of gay united , the three of us ordered Nasi Campur Bumbu Bali which cost us $30 each hoho! This dish is served with squid, prawns, fish, “kangkung belacan”, some awesome satay and also your choice of Chicken Rendang or Beef Rendang. Justin and I had chicken while Yobi had beef. The Chicken Rendang is soo delicious! Next time I might request for a switch. More Chicken Rendang and no squid!



Also joining us that night was Zi Yan and this girl whose name I still don’t know despite going to Zouk and the same high school with her!! haha.



Unknown girl’s burger! Who orders a burger in Bali mannnnn! Really so ang moh kia! But don’t pray pray wei! She says the burger is nice! Even Yobi and ZS agreed!



Burger Meal @ 20 bucks? I think this is more worth it than Carl’s Junior! But the burger got no bacon on it making it look less tempting compared to Chiliz.



This was Ziyan’s meal. Half a serving of grilled chicken with rice. He said he loved the chicken at the start haha not sure about the end. Despite only having one choice of meat, he was bloated by the time he finished his meal. He did complain though that his chicken was a little overcooked!



This is noob Zhan Sheng hahaa! No good picture of you la ZS! Sorry man! The rest all so grainy or too dark or blur :(  ZS ordered Kambing Bumbu Bali but alamak! Eh zs no comment on your food ke? I did remember him saying “Damn big man!” Nothing more nothing less. But I tasted some of his mutton. Tasted like the Hong Kong salt and pepper style in which I had at China Bar the last time I went Melbourne!


At the end of the day, the bill amounted to $200+ for the 6 of us. Felt very very satisfied!!!My lunch was of frankfurters and a hardboiled egg onlyyy haha. After dinner we went over to ZS house :) Played Risk but I was much more interested in ZS’s Maldoodle or Maltese crossbred with  Poodle puppy called Terry! Super duper cute wei!


But ZS is a bad master. Feed the poor puppy like 3 tablespoons of dog food only! And say he doubled it after getting some advice from Dr Lee yesterday! What in the world ZS!!@#! Give him  at least half a cup please! If not later I report you to SPCA! hehe jkjk! But really, Terry is all bones!


PS: And I know the reason why I still do not know the girl’s name!!! It’s because every time I ask, you all will forget to tell me her name because you were all too busy telling me “what the hell wei! how can you not know her name”  aahaha.