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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cari Makan: Hor Fun @ Lee Tong Kee & Dim Sum @ Marco Polo

My cravings for food never dies and this seems to have taken a toll on my “diet” haha. Oh well, shedding another 1 or 2 kilos to achieve ideal weight shouldn’t be too hard :P After lapsing an impressive self measured performance in the pool I was feeling hungrier than ever! Dad and I decided to go pass the city centre to see whether we can get any good eats. After driving awhile, we passed by a half-century old eatery called Lee Tong Kee which was and still is famous till this day for its decent pricing and good noodles! Even Malaysian Newspaper The Star cannot resist putting it up on the newspapers! Take a look HERE.

Old as it is, the noodles still taste good and original according to my dad. He’s been patronizing this place for ages since the current boss’s father was in charge! Now her dad has gone with her sister to open one shop in Singapore! ^^

Significantly lower in MSG compared to most places in KL, the Prawn and Shredded Chicken noodles is a good eat! Especially to people sensitive to MSG. For me on the other hand, I think I would not mind a pinch of MSG in my noodles to give me the extra kick :D Also we ordered another dish to complement to noodles as there were no wantons to go with it because the supplier has not delivered the wanton skin yet. We had:

While steamed chicken skin is a put off due to the soft slimy feel of it (not to mention tasteless), the tender chicken meat served the classic way with oyster sauce dressing was really lovely.  The chicken meat was really nice! Smooth and not overcooked yet not traces of bleeding which is often evident at chicken rice stalls that can’t cook chicken properly!@#!


Also another good eat in which I had today was Marco Polo restaurant located in Wisma Lim Foo Yong. This place is really good! Unfortunately I did not take any pictures for this meal :( The roast pork there is really one of the best I’ve had ahaah! At 16 bucks a serve of two long strips, this crispy and tasty skinned dish is heavenly! The dim sum there was quite nice as well, they had this scallop dim sum which was very tasty! Oh and their steamed pork ribs dim sum is definitely one of a kind! Steamed with a variety of Chinese herbs and yam, the amazing way in which the flavors fuse made it really delectable!

This picture ain’t mine but it is the best representation for the roast pork I had @ Marco Polo today!

Marco Polo when I looked it up over the net, is one of the better eats in KL nowadays. Despite being overshadowed by other famous franchise like Overseas, this place still lives through all the competition. A worthy try which does not cost too much in my opinion. The pricing is considered normal these days and the peaceful atmosphere will definitely give you a peace of mind while enjoying dim sum, a meal once considered a Chinese fine dining in the older days.

On my recent chinese eats!~

Overseas Restaurant @ Jaya One sucked real bad in service and the roast baby pig/ suckling pig or Yue Chue had a porky taste which spoils the taste.  Chinese New Year over population? Or poor management? On the contrary, I really liked the Lap Mei Fun!

Damansara Palace @ Mutiara Damansara was total ownage on the suckling pig on the other hand. Also, the awesome fish dish engaged me to into my second serve! Personalized service by the restaurant staff made the meal extra special too! Probably because my aunt knows the people there.

Canton I @ One Utama, the baby of Dragon I was not bad, the price as acceptable and the egg tarts were quite a treat! However, the havoc during lunch hours was quite a put off.