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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kuala Lumpur: Morning on the Older Side of Town.

Just yesterday, I slept at 5 in the morning and after merely sleeping for 4 hours, my dad woke me up… *yawns*! It was time to get ready and head of to the big city.  KL is massive and although I have been there quite a fair bit, I have absolutely no idea how to get around in town.  @.@!  Such a noob but oh well, life goes on.

The first stop was for breakfast.  We went to a place called Selayang, which I assume is an older part of KL.  Some pictures I took using my Iphone when we crossed through the market from the car park.
photo (1)
Does not look very different from a typically wet market on a Saturday morning. Oh, but the air is a little dirtier I realise. 

After walking through the market along Jalan Tiong Nam, we sat by a large tree to have our meal.  The lady does her business on a mobile stall.  From the picture above, we sat at the big tree which should be quite obvious ahah.  And she sells…
Yummy fish ball noodles soup :).  I liked the fried fish ball in particular.  Very yummy.  I was starving and did not bother much about the dodgy surrounding.  It really did not matter with my stomach growling so loudly.  The price was good, the taste was good.  What else was there to complain about?  This lady only works in the morning and charges 4 bucks for a hearty bowl of noodle soup only.  It is really cheap.  And GOOD.

Once we were done, dad, aunty and my cousin visited an old apartment which my grandfather used to own.  Now that his time has passed, its been left to his “kids” to manage.  It is really old I must insist.  With only 2 lifts servicing the whole place, things can get pretty tiring when it breaks down.  Not to mention, this place has drug pushers and sort =X!  God damned scary.  Back in those days, living here was a luxury.  Not so much of a luxury now huh?  But it has served its time I’d suppose.  Plus is has views too.  No sight of the KL tower or the twin tower, KLCC but a bit of the skyline of this ever growing city of chaos.
photo (2)
The newer side of the city from the old building!

That is it for my morning.  Time to get some sleep :P and oh, I have decided to bring my camera out for real.  No more forgetting :P!  Hoping to get some nice pictures up ahaha!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Bites: Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ Kuala Lumpur

It has been a splendid holiday so far.  Mom and dad spent a few days last week to bring my sis and I around town.  One of the places we ate at, was Levain Boulangerie Patisserie.  It is the talk of the town  and is still pretty hot from what I observed.  The place is packed even before lunch time and I believe, even crazier during lunch time itself.  We went there at 11 for brunch as advised by the baker.  This was because most of the stuff comes out fresh from the oven at that time.  Mom, dad and sis went there once for evening tea, and there was hardly anything left :’-(. 

IMG_0299One of the photos with the effect from Instagram.  I love that logo of theirs next to the name.  The girl with a bike which has a trolley attached to it, filled with French loaves.  It adds class to an already fancy name.  Or maybe it only applies to me who is illiterate in French. xD!   “Boulangerie” Okkkkkkkkkkk!  As if I know what that means, but it does not matter.  In the end, it is the money and taste that tells me whether I should be back here for a second time.


On the food, I do not have individual pictures, but I do have a bunch of stacked up pastries :)!


On the top right is a pastry with macadamia and pistachios.  It has a sweetish crust with nuts and seed sin it.  Really delicious and simple.  But, nothing gets simpler than the donut twist in the middle, my sister loves it.  But truth be said, she would fall for any similar doughnut sold at any other bakeries!  The Mango cheese tart is the first one I’m having in my trip back to Malaysia, and I love it.  I love pretty much everything which cheese.  Not sure what a picky eater would say.  And on the bottom left, we have the curry chicken doughnut.  It was yummy as well.  And not on picture was the turkey pizza.  I kinda liked it.  Very cheesy and generous on ingredients!  Verdict?  OMG.

Is this all so truthfully delicious or am I just psyched up from my holiday mood.  My mom frequents this place when she was placed in KL; bringing her friends and clients for business talk and sort, and she says its a nice place.  But I cannot really tell. Moreover,  I have never been a big fan of pastries.  I just love eating. Oh, and something happened here.  My mom’s coffee had lipstick stain. so she demanded a change and we got something for free, a Durian Cheesecake!! Uh-oh!!

IMG_0300The complementary Durian Cheesecake, or more like a compensation from going into a lawsuit.  What can I say about it? Cheesy, yummy, and oh, free!


The environment here is nice and pleasant.  Pretty quiet too!  Also, the prices for the pastries are decent.  About 3-5 ringgit each depending on what you pick.  But the killer for me were the drinks. Coffee starts at 8 a cup.  Iced Chocolate goes for 12 bucks.  That was all a bit crazy!  Nonetheless, what you pay, you get.  Its quality stuff here!!!Rwarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! More updates soon!!



Tuesday, December 7, 2010

@ : HOME.

It has almost been 1 week since I left Perth for Malaysia.  The remaining days in Perth were spent cleaning, packing and putting out all the unnecessary rubbish.  Hopefully, with the house in place, we can find a new one soon hohoho!  One of the main activity was laundry and because we were a bit short of time for a few clothing items, we went to the laundro-bar at Broadway.
One look at its number plate, and it is without a doubt a Chinese man’s car ahaha.

On the 1st of Dec, XL and I took a taxi to the airport. Had to talk to the taxi driver about how good Indian food is and everything to keep him awake!  Xin Ling thought I was weird for one moment but hey, he was driving half asleep at 130 km per hour!!  Better safe than sorry!!

After going through the crazy check-in queue, we headed right to the departure lounge and waited for our turn to board the plane!! This picture was taken on the plane just as it settled at a good altitude!
Welcome home WenY.  Time to paint the town red.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ripe Pickings: My Trip’s Jolly Trolley

Firstly, I have no idea what sort of name I have just decided for this post of mine.  Its some random thing which I made up.  Since coming back from my Albany trip, I have only written one blog entry on it.  After the laziness in me subdued, I have decided to wrap up the entire trip in one post.  But in a different way from how I would normally do it.  I will exclusively use my Iphone pictures crossed with creations from Instagram to rock this post ;-)!    Hope you people will enjoy the pictures ahah.

This was one of the photos I snapped while Fishman sped through the hilly asphalt roads of the South.  Goddammit! We made a pact to take it slow. So I travelled below 150 kmph at all times.  And that smarty-pants?  He was doing 160kmph.  Con people only!! Aaaaaaa.   Nonetheless, the drive was enjoyable at all times.  When I grow up with a nice ride.  Ho!Ho!Ho!  I’ll happily drive through these places again!  Oh god, and really, with the roads being so straight, it really makes me wonder why the other cars were crawling behind @.@!


One of the nicest towns to visit down South is Augusta.  The charm of this little town down South can be easily labelled as simple awesomeness.  Foreign travellers looking for migrating whales will be surprised with their other findings if the whales have not already surprised them.  Serendipity?  Maybe.  I took this picture on the way to Augusta and decided to give it a “Katy Perry – Teenage Dream” touch as the little darling calls it.  I used Instagram, the little program with magical tools.

The trip down South was fulfilling in many ways.  A subject of my fulfilment was disappointment.  Weird aye!? Who would find disappointment a good experience? I have seen plenty of it and experienced plenty of it.  The simplicity of having expectations is clearly an explanation. Adding on, who said chameleons and jelly fish are the only ones with changing colours?

For this, a friend educated me on selfishness.  The picture on the left is the patches of cloud and the fence leading to the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse.  A certain friend was left disappointed there.  It draws a scene which fits the song Despair in the Departure Lounge by the Arctic Monkeys.  But he comprehended it pretty damn well.  Awesome possum!  Like this picture, there was no lighthouse because he did not see any :(!

Ahh, the lovely house we stayed in at Margaret River.  This house surpassed our expectations in every aspect.  It’s plans were carefully laid out for maximum comfort. The owners meticulously decorated each room with unique themes such as safari, wasabi, ski lodge, Japanese and sort.  Class act!  This house was our host for two days of stay!!

On the last day, we toured around the Margaret River area. This picture was taken at the Berry Farm.  Bought a couple of jam jars home for my parents.  Strawberry Kirsch Jam and an Apricot flavoured was my pick after testing the many flavours offered :D!
Oh, something that I must bring to your attention is the bottle  inspired “chandelier” that was used to decorate the shop. I thought it looked pretty damn cool.  It is a nature loving act I’d suppose?

After touring around Margaret River, we were in a bit of a rush because the little darling decided to do a favour for the holiday home owner’s friend who needed to deliver 4 crates of wine to a restaurant which I frequent for dim sum.  I loved the idea and found it to be very thoughtful, but others could not comprehend the idea.  O well.  If everyone sees the same good, it would be insulted to be a trait of communism, otherwise, it is just the way humans are.  Divided, racist or unique. Good or bad, you decide :P!

The last stop of the trip was the famous jetty at Busselton.  Unfortunately it has been under repair works since 3 years ago or so.  Is this the result of bureaucracy and an organised government action?  Yes.  Probably an overrated one.
But that is alright.  The jetty is still a beauty and Iphone did capture it pretty damn well!  I have been here plenty of times but it is still very picturesque.

Right after this, we sped home and got the crates of wine delivered.  All 48 bottles.  But because we did not have enough space in the boot, so I had to sit like a Buddha in the car with my legs folded.  There were 12 bottles of wine in the front sit @.@!  Epic-ness.

Ok mates, this is probably the shortest blog entry I have done on my holiday before.  Might get a few more pictures up.  If I do, it will be proper ones from my camera.  But at the moment, all the pictures are up on facebook, so no hurry aye?!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Filling in the Gap: My Lady Luck!

Most people know my stories.  From the outside, it is pictured like a grasshopper, but inside, its really just incompatibility.  But when you find your very own charmer, it does not need a second thought.  It is simply just too obvious.  The riddles are self-explanatory and it all comes together.  The busy year slipped through like a breeze despite the entanglements involved.


She’s my 88.  Made by IPhone, Nursed by Instagram.


The no. 88 is a simple Chinese representation of prosperity.  Depicted above is mine.  But there are a few other ladies in my life.  My mom, sister, grandmother and a few others.  I must really thank them for all the ease and encouragement they have brought to my live.  For some, their presence alone makes a difference.