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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bites:Hoi Bo @ Bedford

Ask what constitutes a good chicken rice and you will get different answers from different Malaysians.  Some say it’s the rice, maybe the chicken, or the chili sauce and some might even say the beansprouts.  Despite it being a weekly affair for most back in Malaysia, there are few which I would eat frequently.  What more when I am a few thousand miles away from home now where quality Asian food is scarce.  Luckily enough, my cousin’s husband introduced me to Hoi Bo in Bedford.  Few have blogged or mentioned about it possibly due to its location, but this felt truly like a hidden gem for those living outside the vicinity.IMG_7184Buddha statue at the counter! Nom nom nom!


Preserved vegetable soup is complementary!IMG_7193I think this is easily one of the better tasting complimentary soups around town!


The Hainanese steamed chicken!IMG_7194Words are best kept simple when having such delicately cooked dish.  No-overcooking, smooth chicken meat and a tasty soy based sauce to  bring it all together!  My only complain would be that I hate steamed chicken skin because it has absolutely not taste.  I still my love KFC and roast chicken skin more:P!  However, most would beg to differ citing the smooth texture of the skin is a good enough reason to eat it! 


IMG_7190The other chicken we ordered was the Soy Chicken which tasted quite special.  The chicken has the same taste like the steamed one but packed a darker color and a much thicker soy sauce. Perhaps not exactly the same because the dark soy flavor/smell was definitely more apparent.  For me, I would definitely prefer the steamed one!


As for the rice, the one at Hoi Bo is pretty damn good.  Smells great, taste great and it even eats great.  Really hard to fault with the rice.  To me,  it even outshines some of the more popular chicken rice places back in Malaysia.   As for the chili sauce, it was the best I have ever tasted in Perth!  It was sweet, and salty with a hint of sourness all in the right proportions!  Noms!!


Finishing of the meal with beancurd pudding was the way we decided to go that afternoon!IMG_7205Sorry for the mess in the background haha. The beancurd came with a sweet syrup with a hint of ginger flavor.  Would not call it the best because it definitely lacked the textural smoothness.  Layers were cut too thick but it was OK! Definitely had worse ones in town before where the instant powder grittiness was still present when served!  Definitely wanna KO the restaurant owners who dare serve those!! *pukes*!


Overall, it is obvious enough that Hoi Bo is easily one of the places I would go to more often in the future.  With many other Malaysian delicacies on the menu, there is definitely more that could tempt us back to this humble eatery in the Bedford suburb in the future.  However, if I had to list my top  three chicken rice places, Hoi Bo definitely does not hold the crown alone!


My top 3:

1/2 Hoi Bo(Bedford) , Old Cathay (Vic Park)

3 Tak Chee (Northbridge)


In Hoi Bo, definitely the steamed chicken, at Old Cathay the roast chicken and at Tak Chee, the roast chicken.   Some merits of Old Cathay Chicken Rice is definitely its delicious rice, chicken and a really well-presented dish.  Parking there is really easy too!  But beware!!! It can be oily at times!  As for Tak Chee, this is the cheapest place for chicken rice when eating with friends.  For 8 bucks a head, this places packs enough bang per buck to make it to my top 3!




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