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Who is WenY?

I am a twenty-something year old blogger from Perth. Graduated from UWA in 2011, I started living a more foodie lifestyle with the surplus cash from being an engineer. But without a doubt, it was my enrolment in 2007 that sparked my passion for food blogging. Throughout these years I have been eating more and more interesting food. My passion for food blogging has led me to travel to various countries where I not only enjoyed the scenery and people, but the food as well!

Why WenY Wonders Why?

When I first came to Perth, my friends wanted an update on my life. Back then, Facebook was still in its testing stage and my friends suggested blogging. Apparently, I was only given two choices. It was between WenY Wonders Why or WenYs Wonderful World. Needless to say, I chose the former.  

What is food to WenY?

While food can simply be nutrition, WenY believes that food is more than just nutrition. Food is culture. Easily comparable to art, its complexity is beyond comprehension due to the vast possibilities and combinations! Like different musical instruments harmoniously creating a beautiful melody, ingredients with different textures, colors, and flavors work to create an equally divine sustenance. This is food.

How does WenY rate a place?

While I will not develop a particular rating system made of numbers or stars, I often use words "OK" to mean an acceptable level of taste while words like "Memorable" or "Special"  signifies an appreciation for something great.  When it reaches terms like "Stellar",  "Amazing", "OMG" and other similar jargon, you know that we are up to something special ;)!  I rarely give restaurants the "Horrendous" tag but love leaving hints that things can be improved.  Then again, all restaurants can improve, no?

Is WenY's taste reliable?

I will be honest, all bloggers would wishes that their taste buds are awesome enough to be represent the general public but it is simply impossible.  Over time, my taste and palate will grow such that when I look back at WenY Wonders Why a few years back, I will be like "I do not remember it being that great!"!  Such is the story of maturing.

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