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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sydney 2013: The Sydney Fish Market @ Pyrmont

After 24 hours of eating frenzy, we were finally on our way to Sydney’s iconic Sydney Fish Market.   Famed for being one of the freshest seafood destinations in Australia, the market sells many thousands of kilograms of fish that feed the ever growing city of Sydney.  But for tourists like me, this is a seafood Mecca. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATo prevent clashing with other tourist, we decided to be early and reached the market around 10am.  Fortunately, it was early enough although I do not know when is late :P! 


After a short ride on the tram, our eyes feasted on the layer of freshness on offer.  Almost everything native to the ocean surrounding Australia is on display and it was just such an amazing seafood galore. For us, we were so tempted by its pricing which was really affordable.   While I cannot remember every detail, I can tell that we were in for a treat!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost people who know me will know that I do not just eat ANY fish. It has to be odorless and be of the best quality.  Freshness is key along with its origins which should be, preferably from the ocean.


Walking around, I was actually quite disappointed to find out that there were not many stalls in the market but instead it had a few really large ones.   Nonetheless, after making our rounds we decided to eat at Nicholas Seafood.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFresh Oysters!  I think they were slightly over a dollar each!  Bel, Jordan and Andrew tucked happily into these Sydney Rock oysters which are loved for their stronger flavor albeit being less meaty.  For me, I shall not… too scared haha.


For our breakfast, there was not holding back.  We had a sashimi galore which consisted of tuna, kingfish, salmon and sea urchin.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith over 600 grams of fresh seafood, it cost the four of us less than $40 bucks.  It was simply fantastic.  The salmon was top notch.  Fresh.  Very fresh.   The cutting of it all was a little tacky but hey, it was the taste that matters!  The kingfish was also of a restaurant standard!  But ultimately, it was the sea urchin and tuna that was less than desirable.  A bad lingering fishy aftertaste make it feel as if it was not as fresh as the salmon and kingfish! Even the most hardened fish veteran on the table struggled to gain momentum for the tuna and urchin flesh.  Naturally, tuna and sea urchin has to be top notch for it to be used as sashimi!  Unfortunately, this was not quite there.


But our meal did not end there, we finished of our brunch with a lobster noodle!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI guess this was really fancy for brekkie but for $100, we got a lobster that was at least 3 pounds!  So how is this cheap?  Well in Perth the typical price per pound of lobster is around $60 bucks.  So for the one we had, it would have cost $180 at the very least!


Cooked in a traditional ginger and shallot flavor, these noodles were pretty good.  But IMHO definitely not great.  Oozy gravy coating the noodles but there was a little disappointment in the lack of finesse in the cooking style.  I guess we were not in a proper restaurant anyways @@!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALobster noodles!


The famed Sydney Opera House.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So for this meal, the bill came up to slightly over $150 for brunch which was by Perth standards not expensive at all.  A normal brunch of bacon, eggs and its accompaniments with a coffee/juice typically sets one back by around $30 dollars easily.   The Sydney Fish Market for me was a nice place to visit.  Especially since it was my first time.  However, will I come back and spend the same amount of money here again?  I really wonder.  While I enjoyed the food here, I cannot say with enough certainty that it was really all that great.  The sashimi was  a bit of a hit and miss.   Meanwhile the lobster noodle was OK, but did not live up to our expectations.  In the end, what I will do though is buy the seafood fresh and bring it to my aunty to cook hehe! Apparently she lives just minutes away from the market!  That is if she would cook it for me haha.  This is the last entry for my Sydney trip :)!  A good holiday with massive eating all in 36 hours. 



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