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Friday, July 12, 2013

Bites: Koko Black @ Claremont (revisited)

Chocolates to me are like KFC and all those other sinful foods.  No, they (chocolates) are not as unhealthy as KFC, but they are cravings which needs to be cured.  Not by some lame alternatives of course.   One of the favourite places my friends go to is Koko Black.  Unlike other chocolatiers in town, it is still exclusively located in Claremont Quarters.  And guess what?  Prices are up.  Most drinks by 50 cents if I recall correctly ($5.95 to $6.50).  Not sure when though.  Putting prices aside, I  had one of the best chocolate tarts there. It was simply sublime.


The tart came with a beautifully short crust and a warm jug of Crème anglaise.  Imagine this.  Pouring warm Crème anglaise on the tart, the chocolate melts.  The chocolate starts to run when scooped.   Best of all, Koko Black does what it do best.  Create good quality chocolate which is rich, creamy and out of this world. Then we have the silkiness of the Crème anglaise along with a whiff of vanilla.  My god.  It was just fantastic.  I have been a sucker for chocolate tarts recently.  Be it mousse, baked or ganache.  There is just so much to eat!!!


While I am only semi-partial to Koko Black’s hot drinks, their rendition of a chocolate tart with that touch of Crème anglaise showed finesse which to my tongue, was art.  Delicious.