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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bites: Taurus Hawkers @ Willeton

Water has been my best buddy for the past two days.  I went to the beach 2 days ago and yesterday after a good barbecue, the guys and I went over to Vil’s place to swim! Swooosh!! The swimming pool filled with cool water was definitely the best thing you can ask for on a warm summer’s day.  The beach on Wednesday was also awesome! We went to Cottesloe after lunch and stayed there till 5-ish! So black now xD.


Some pictures of my week!


Cottesloe beach @ Wednesday.



Hot Dawg the way I like it! Topped with onion, mustard and spicy chilli sauce!



Friends at Barbecue @ Kings Park



Yee Teng’s sister and Jasmine. Vil’s @ the background saying peace out mates!



Umbrella girl Vanessa and Fishman cooking food!  Poor Cr looking on. His gf covering fishman but not him xD



A worthy note, Adam’s yummy chocolate cake with sugar icing!



Calvin and Pat! :D


IMG_4756After the barbecue and swimming, we pondered on what to have for dinner.  We thought of having steamboat, then we think again and thought that steamboat would take too long.  Then we wanted to go to Jimbaran Bali, but the serve is small and quite expensive.  Then thought of going to Bamboo, then for some reason we did not go there @.@.  In the end someone mentioned going to Taurus, and the only thing I can recall there was this horrible sushi place ! I was ~.~! Luckily it wasn’t the Japanese restaurant that we were going to, it was the hawker food.


I was pleased to see the majority of the crowd there were Asians.  It gave me a better yardstick to measure the expected outcome of the meal!  We each ordered a hawker dish ranging from Combination Egg Hor Fun, Wanton Noodles, Curry Laksa, Rice with Roasted meat and such.  For starters we ordered these,



Fried meat rolls! Lobak! and oh I’m missing the squid picture @@.  I think everyone kinda liked it eheheh!



This was TK’s Curry Laksa! He ordered it super large @ $11.50 and boyy it was large.  So large I see also can faint! And TK could not finish it!



Van’s Asam Laksa.  I think she did not find the Laksa very favourable.  When it came she said it smelled of “rojak” xD! Can’t be helped.  It is caused by the prawn paste which is yucksssss! (at least for me, ahah!)



Chi Rong and Jia Hui both ordered 3 meat combination with rice.  It was quite nice and SUPER LARGE.  Quite cheap as Taurus only charged $11.50.



Anthony’s Wanton soup with Noodle.  Not sure how it tasted but he did not complain! Should be quite nice I guess because Yh, Vil and Liz ordered the dry version of this and found it very nice.



Jimmy boy and I ordered the Combination Hor Fun.  This is 9 bucks and the size is freaking large!  Definitely more than enough for 1 person.  The taste was ok but the frying did not taste quite right ahah.


This place was quite nice overall!  I think this place trashes Broadway 100-0.  If only it was in Nedlands and not Willeton!  Also this places provides UNLIMITED free condiments such as cut chilli, pickled green chilli, chilli sauce, and sambal (chilli paste). Mmmmmmmmm!  Super value for money.  Can order 3 dishes large to be shared by 4-5 people! Depending on appetite that is!  The place was much cleaner than expected of a hawkers!



Taurus Hawker Foods on Urbanspoon